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OSMO The interactive game between multi disciplinarity and fun

The world of the Internet of Things also caters to the audience of the little ones.

A worthy example is Osmo, the interactive and engaging game for iPad. Thanks to Osmo , children can explore all subjects, from mathematics to logic, from science to art, having fun without any risk. Osmo is a playful kit based on the principles of advanced technology andreflective artificial intelligence . Through Osmo, digital gaming is tangible and concrete on any support plan, allowing better interactionwith the child.

Osmo’s Starter Kit: A Complete Interactive Game

Included in the Osmo starter kit are 5 fun and stimulating games , which entertain children by increasing and developing their logic-cognitive abilities.
Tangram is the interactive game to create, with the wooden pieces of the puzzle, the drawings displayed on the iPad! Many shapes and colors involving children, developing curiosity, observation and logic. Having fun with numbers and operations is possible with Numbers. Ideal for experimenting and developing mathematical skills from an early age. To increase the language and enrich the vocabulary, the Osmo starter kit offers the activities of Words, the interactive game where the words to guess are the protagonists. For the most creative and artistic kids, there’s Masterpiece. Thanks to which you can reproduce and draw pictures and photos of the gallery! Ingeniousness and fantasy are put, instead, to the test in Newton‘s challenges. Children will need to find and draw creative solutions to direct the balls towards the ultimate goal.

Many other playful activities can be downloaded and purchased separately, ensuring the learning and enjoyment of young and old.

The benefits of Osmo, the interactive game enjoyed by schools

The quality and benefits of Osmo are recognized worldwide . Many schools have adopted this kit. The aim is to develop children’s learning skills and increase their desire for experimentation, knowledge and creativity.

From 2014 to present, Osmo has received numerous awards and awards from authoritative bodies and for several reasons. From the best invention to the innovative game of the year, from the best design to the best innovative company in the educational field.

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