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Smart kibble dispenser: here is PETCUBE BITES

Keeping company, playing, and rewarding your four-legged puppy even miles away: a need more felt by pet owners.

Don’t worry, there’s a smart device that suits you! It is a kibble dispenser that allows you to monitor, play and reward your dog or cat even when you are not at home. PetCube Bites is a device belonging to the world of the Internet of Things that will help you stay more peaceful and calm, and interact with your Pet during periods spent outside house.

Entertain and reward: with PetCube Bites you can!

So many functions in one smart device! PetCube Bites consists of a video camera with Wi-Fi connection to interact with your dog or cat: you can watch him, talk to him, play with him at a distance, via your smartphone. A perfect solution for all workers, forced to stay hours outside the home feeling the lack of their own puppies. In addition to the camera, PetCubes Bites is a kibble dispenser: you can reward or offer a small snack to your four-legged friends with a simple gesture on your smartphone! You will have no more worries, anxiety and curiosity to know how your faithful dog or your cute little boy is doing.

Technical features of Petcube Bites

A kibble dispenser with built-in camera, Wi-Fi system, connected to an easily downloadable app to install on your smartphone, be it with iOS or Android. This is the synthetic description of PetCube Bites, but let’s go into more detail. This smart object offers the ability to have a remote connection, even planning the task; it also features two audio inputs for interacting with your friend at four paws, one to talk, the other to listen to your puppy.

The camera is high definition and can be set with night vision, low and soft lights or without any light source. The smartest kibble dispenser on the market also allows video recordings to be stored for 10 or 30 days thanks to the interactivity between PetCube Bites and PetCube Play. The camera is equipped with a zoom, thus offering the possibility to have an overview or detail on your beloved dog or cheerful cat.

It will be like being at home in the company of your pet

Thanks to the technological Petcube Bites, it will be almost like being together with your four-legged friend. With the app you can easily pamper your dog and talk to your cat, offering them recreation and small rewards delivered directly from the kibble dispenser: PetCube can hold up to 100 biscuits!

The design of PetCube Bites is simple and modern, perfect for any type of environment and decor. What are you waiting for? Don’t leave your dear four-legged friends alone!

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