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Fitness becomes ultra-smart with AMIGO

Technology applied to fitness continues to make progress every day more.

On the market there are many smart devices that allow us to monitor our physical activities, with more and more advanced features and increasingly sensitive technologies, so that we can recognize our movements.
So we want to talk to you about Amiigo, a system combined with a bracelet plus a matching sensor, which allows us to remotely control and share via app and acknowledges the exercise we are doing and records it.

That’s right, Amiigo is not just a pedometer, but a sophisticated technological device.

By combining the recording of movements made with the arm and with the ankle, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm it is able to understand, in total autonomy, the type of exercise we are performing.
The bracelet is worn on the wrist during the activity and the sensor is placed on the shoe so it keeps track of how much you move depending on the type of exercise we are performing.
The shoe sensor is fitted with clips and being very small fits well with all types of laces.

From this control, the calculation of the performance, that of the calories consumed, and also an evaluation of the mode of performance of the exercise is ensued.

All this data is retained in the memory of Amiigo, in this way the small IoT device, learns the user’s habits, always recognizing more quickly the exercises and activities common, think can recognize up to 100.
In addition, by connecting a pulse oximeter to the smart bracelet , we can record the pulsations and oxygenation of the blood and also know the body temperature under strain.

All data stored in the memory of the accessory, is sent to a specific application, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the app tracks the exercises made, progress made, and subsequently examines them in graphic format.

He also gives us advice for subsequent training sessions.

Like all connected objects, of course it allows us to share results, but also to purchase materials and products connected to the world of fitness. The device is water-repellent so it can be used in any situation, from running to gym, cycling and swimming pool.

Amiigo the smart bracelet is useful both for those who train constantly and for those who start physical activity from scratch.

Amiigo then does everything that should do a normal activity tracker but also allows us to have an advanced virtual personal trainer always with us.

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