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Monitor your health with artificial intelligence thanks to the LARK system

Attention and compassion. It is what a person with a chronic disease needs, forced to live with pathology and invest their money in care, medicines and visits to get better. Lark proposes in the market as smart support to bring down costs and optimize expenses. An interactive platform and smart devices to monitor health with intelligence and live with more serenity. Lark represents concrete support for the management of chronic diseases and sufferers.

Many specific lines to monitor health with intelligence

Thanks to Lark’s smart architecture, 3 macro areas of intervention can be identified:

– Wellness for perfect lifestyle coaching

– Diabetes for an excellent disease prevention and management program

– Hypertension for an accurate pathology management program

Support is strictly personal and customizable, with one-on-one assistance, based on scientific knowledge gained over the years and innovative and technological developments of devices to monitor the health with intelligence.

Constant and always available support

Lark ensures that you monitor your health with intelligence 24/7, fully in real time. In case of need, Lark operators prearrange the shipment of devices directly to the user’s home, which are already set up, programmed and connected to their Lark Coach. The latter are professionals in the field, with excellent preparation and a curriculum of excellence.
Thanks to Lark’s app, every person with specific chronic disease can be closely followed by experienced coaches through the smartphone. An immediate and convenient way to be followed with attention, respect, compassion and accuracy.

Accurate and in-depth data and analysis

The lark system is based on a platform that harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence. A safe and fast way to carefully and accurately monitor patients’ health status and their vital parameters. Pressure, heartbeats, lifestyle and breathing: In case of any suspicious data, users receive notifications and messages with directions to follow. You can also get in direct phone contact with your Coach Life, or receive emails. An innovative and smart system to monitor health with intelligence and reduce management costs by up to 80% of the total.

Lark is a concrete example of how the world of the Internet of Things can be a valuable ally not only of individuals, but also of the state and public and private health organizations.

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