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Best Home Assistant in your Smart Home

As the recent coronavirus pandemic hits the world, 46% of American Businesses have shifted online. To make it further convenient, homeowners are turning towards a smart home assistant.  

Thus, if you’re a first-time telecommuter struggling to be productive from your couch at home, saving time and setting up a workspace is important. With that being said, Home Assistants are what you must be looking for to automate your daily life chores and save some time to smoothen the work-from-home situation. Having them installed, you can now turn on the TV, adjust the thermostat, turn ON/OFF lights and even control the security cameras, and that too with your voice commands only. Isn’t it a profitable deal to make? It is, for sure! 

On the other hand, many of you might be dreaming of your own technology-laden home but are unable to take the first step. Thus, to help you begin with your journey towards the smart home – a home where the curtain will move with your wake up alarm, lights will turn on automatically, and the thermostat will be adjusted as per outside weather- we’re here to help! It’s high time now to transition your classical lifestyle into the modern one. Not just adding style but comfort to your life will also save you much time and energy.

But with the smart home assistants comes a lot of choices, and so comes the confusion. Below is the list of best home assistants from reliable and trustworthy brands that you can buy to stock up your shopping cart with no worries of wasting your investment! Let’s find out how these best home assistants are going to put ease in your lives.

What is the smart home assistant?

Have you ever wondered what makes these home assistants actually ”smart”? It’s their ability to connect with Wi-Fi and bridge all the smart gadgets at your home for unified action. You don’t need to keep track of every device, i.e., lights, fans, heaters, cameras, thermostat, and more separately, which might consume much time. All you need to do is to centralize each and every peripheral with the Smart Home Assistants, creating a seamless environment that promotes functionality and digital zen.

We call it Home Automation! It’s pretty much the same as what it sounds like- an automated home that can control itself. All your home gadgets can send and receive information at one time, and even your voice commands are enough to make them do their job.

Setting a smart home might look interesting and fun. We bet the same! But choosing one can be a little daunting. There are plenty of world-famous brands who have jumped into the river and are trying their luck to win the race. You must choose a smart home assistant that works with all of your home gadgets. If it’s not going to work with one to two, your investment is not worth it. 

Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to go through some primary considerations in your mind about unifying all the gadgets and make them talk to each other.

How to choose the best home assistant? The tackle amongst the best!

Before we help you to consider some factors and considerations, it’s essential to get you familiar with the battle of all time. Don’t panic as it’s not much like Android vs. iOS, but pretty much similar. Thus, a perfect way to start the shop process to put the finger on your favorite one, i.e., Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit! All these home assistants will serve you differently, either in gelling your devices together or offering you a range of features.

Let’s get onto these biggest competitors of all time before running you through the list of our top 10 home assistants!

Amazon Alexa

Talking about the best and most experienced one in the field, i.e., Amazon Alexa, we’ve no doubt about its excellence. The first Amazon Alexa’s home assistant hit the market in 2014 with Amazon Echo’s name, and the rest is history. From asking a question about the weather to managing all home gadgets at once, Alexa is the one for you! Worry not if you find it hard to turn all the lights off at home; ask Alexa. Things don’t end here. Many Alexa devices come with a built-in thermostat like the Ecobee 4. Alexa has right now a range of products, some under the label of smart speakers while others with the “work with Alexa” tag.

Apple HomeKit

Coming towards the user’s 2nd choice in this category, i.e., Apple HomeKit! Apple is struggling hard to get to the top by hitting every year with some advanced technology. The background idea is pretty much straightforward- gelling together all the devices! Thus, no need to keep hands on multiple apps. And on top of that, they work with Siri as well. Therefore, you can either fire up the heater or turn the fan off by asking Siri! It’s simple and convenient. You might see some devices with the “work with HomeKit” tag in the market to work with Siri!

Pairing your devices with the Apple HomeKit hasn’t been a good experience for all. However, thanks to the multiple connectivity options, you can now use QR and NFC to connect.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been much braver in competing with Alexa devices always, and a similar situation occurred in 2017 when the Google Home Speakers launched! It’s then, and now there are a plethora of Google Home Assistants on sale. Not just the Google Own device like the Google Home Max, Nest Hub, and Nest Audio, but there are devices like JBL, SONY, and more coming with the Google Assistant support.

Apart from these three, there are plenty of others in the market including Sonos, JBL Bose, etc. right now doing well. We’ve compiled the top 10 home assistant list and tried to cover everything we can under a single piece of writing. Keep on reading to know our expert’s suggestions and quick tips to land at the perfect choice.

10 Best Home Assistants

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1. Sonos One (Gen 2) Smart Speaker


Powerful Smart Device

This Sonos One has got you the right power and brilliant sound within the same device. The built-in voice control system works in conjunction with Sonos Technology to yield an immersive and quality rich sound.

Compact Design

The compact design of this Sonos One fits all! That’s right; you can fit it anywhere inside your room, and tits super stylish appearance will merge itself with any theme on the walls. You can set it on your kitchen countertop to help your recipes while getting your questions answered from the living room. Its humidity-resistant design will also enable you to put it in the bathroom.

Stereo Sound:

One of the most noteworthy features for this Amazon Sonos is the availability of the pair option. You can set a multi-room music system by connecting the two Sonos One. Enjoy the sound just like the rear home theatre surrounds or have a bar-like feel at home.

Voice Control

Sonos One (Gen 2) is fully compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay2. Thus, whether you want to hear some news or check the weather outside, just ask Alexa from your bed and get answers within seconds.


  • Humidity resistant
  • Compact style
  • Pair two Sonos together
  • Crystal clear sound


  • No Bluetooth

2. All-new Echo (4rth Gen) Smart Home Hub


All Range Smart Speaker

This All-New Echo (4rth Gen) has brought immense options to bring versatility in music listening. Echo is proudly presenting you with the new shape and modest style that delivers clear highs, dynamic mids, and deep bass for a crystal clear sound.

Always for Help

All-New Echo smart home hub presents you with the multiple helping options that bring a perfect partner in a smart hub shape. You can ask Alexa to play music, answer your questions, play the news, check the weather, set the alarm, and help you in most daily life chores.

Protect Privacy

Do you wonder if smart home assistants are capable of protecting your privacy? Here you go! All-New Echo (4th Gen) has multiple layers of protection and also has a microphone turn-of button. This way, you don’t need to worry as if someone is listening to your home sounds and personal talks.

Connect Seamlessly

Apart from its own connectivity with other devices, this Echo 4trh generation makes sure that you get connected with your loved ones without any hassle. It can connect the calls hands-free or also can announce in other rooms that the dinner is ready! Isn’t it convenient and easy to communicate in the whole house?


  • Low power mode
  • 100% post-consumer recycled fabric
  • 1.6″ front speaker
  • Echo dot clock


  • Hard to mount on the wall

3. JBL Flip 4 Portable Speakers


Connect Wirelessly

This JBL Flip 4 presents you with the utmost wireless connectivity that allows the connection with two smartphones or tablets. Then, you can play the sound turn by turn without any hassle.

Long Battery Life

JBL has never compromised on the basic needs of users! That’s where this best home assistant fits the best. This Flip 4 comes with a 3000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that not supports the 12 hours of playtime but the standby time of more than two days.

Waterproof Home Device

Most of us would like to fit the device in the bathroom or near the kitchen shelf on the countertop. Worry not, as this JBL Flip 4 comes with an IPX7 waterproof technology, which can even withstand rain and water spills.


  • JBL Connect+ enabled
  • Dual external passive radiators
  • Longer battery life
  • IPX7 waterproof


  • Doesn’t float on water

4. Bose Home Speaker 500


Excellent Sound Performance

Who doesn’t like a smart home assistant that helps you in most of the daily life chores and soothes you with excellent sound quality as well? Thus, offering you the impressive wall-to-wall stereo sound and rich bass.

Built-in Alexa

No need to leave your bed until you don’t want to! This built-in Alexa brings you every piece of information in the coziness of the bed. A noise rejecting microphone system enables the device to listen to your voice from every direction.

Easy Controls

Bose Home Assistant device is made for all! It has three different ways to manage tasks. You can either speak yourself or control it with the Bose Music App. Apart from these, the six 1-touch presets on the device can help you manage the settings.


  • Bose SimpleSync technology
  • 1-touch presets 
  • Spotify Connect
  • Wide stereo sound 


  • Doesn’t support AppleMusic

5. Echo Studio High Fidelity Smart Assistant


Speaker Combination

Echo Studio has come up with five speakers overall to produce a robust and immersive sound overall. The dynamic midrange and crisp highs are capable enough to deal with the immense sound quality. The Dolby Atmos featured inside doubled the richness of sound and brought extra clarity.

Smart Features

This Echo Studio has brought multiple smart home assistant features like streaming songs, asking for the weather, listening to the news, and more. The platform is compatible with Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music HD, and more.

Senses the Place

Echo High Fidelity has an automated option that senses the room’s acoustics to produce 3D quality sound. It’ll fine-tune the playback and offers the optimal sound experience to any music enthusiast.

Smart Hub

The built-in smart hub enables you to synch every device compatible with the Zig bee platform. Just ask Alexa to control the settings of each device. You can also keep the whole house in synchronization using the intercom option. Isn’t it convenient to talk to your family members now?


  • Protects the privacy
  • Adapts as per room
  • Built-in Dolby Atmos


  • Quite large

6. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL home assistant


Optical Cable  

Yamaha Audio makes the best home assistant with HDMI/ optical cable technology to provide a user with an enlightening experience. It feels great to have a home partner that works to fulfill your desire through audio command.

Subwoofers connection

 The automatic subwoofers are 7.5 x 16.5 x 16 inches in dimension, and they work phenomenally to provide excellent sound clarity. The home assistant is seamlessly designed to look sleek in any corner of your home. It has the most seamless, precise voice technology to help with dialogue clarity. A user can sit about 1 to 2 meters away from the sound assistant and pass explicit instruction. The Yamaha Audio home assistant picks up voice instructions.

In-built Alexa

Alexa is the hottest technology of the modern era; most people love to have it in their home assistant. Yamaha Audio pays special attention to the demand as it has in-built Alexa to fulfill all the user’s audio requests. A user can use in-built Alexa to simplify their lives as it follows instructions. It plays news, songs, sets alarms, streams YouTube videos, and controls smart devices around the house. A user can also request Amazon music, music from particular artists, and albums.

App connectivity options

Home assistant not only plays videos and audios from generic apps such as YouTube, but it also has the option for widespread app connectivity. A user can play their Spotify music, play podcasts, connect Bluetooth, and WIFI. People can also use Yamaha Audio to integrate meditative apps to have a peaceful and positive environment at home.


  • In-built Alexa
  • App connectivity
  • Sound dialogue clarity
  • HDMI technology


  • Takes longer to setup WIFI

7. Echo Show 8 HD smart home assistant


Fast response

The Echo Show 8 HD device is specifically designed to provide users with the leverage of having fast entertainment access. It has an 8-inch screen with a clear HD display to glance through the available options. The clear stereo sound and Alexa connectivity undoubtedly make it the best home assistant. It requires minimum effort to operate as Alexa does all your daily manual jobs for you.

Video calling option

One of the unique elements in the Echo Show 8 home assistant is the video calling options. A user can quickly leave a message to their family and friends that have access to the Alexa app or any Echo 8 HD smart device. The video call clarity is phenomenal, and with a steady internet connection, you can have smooth conversations with anyone. It is also great to control any other smart home devices and make them function as per your command instantly.

Quick access to entertainment

Do you find it hard to entertain yourself when you are alone? Echo Show 8 is the best home assistant to invest in to keep yourself entertained. You can play any movie, watch any show, play podcasts, video call people, play Amazon music, listen to audiobooks, or play the radio in a matter of seconds. A user can also play recipes and check weather forecasts using in-built Alexa.

Control smart home devices

Through Echo Show 8, a user can achieve the comfort of controlling a smart home without moving around. The home assistant can control security cameras, thermostats, and lights for the owner.

Maintains privacy

A person can easily disconnect the microphone and camera by clicking one control button. This way, your activities are not monitored by a home assistant.


  • Rapid entertainment access
  • Control smart home devices
  • Privacy options
  • Video call friends


  • Comparatively expensive

8. Sonos smart speaker with Alexa


Great sound system

A home assistant with an average sound system seems like a vague investment. On the other hand, Sonos smart speaker with Alexa has one of the best sound systems that will make you enjoy listening to music. It comes with prominent speakers that have proper coverage of at least two rooms.  

Alexa voice control

Sonos smart speaker is the ultimate customer choice as it has an excellent voice control system. The efficient sound system and dialogue clarity make Sonos the best home assistant. The Amazon Alexa plays music or any desired entertainment medium on immediate voice command.  

Get news updates

Sonos smart speaker is not only meant for entertainment but also practical updates as well. A user can easily use the home assistant to get sports, weather, and political updates.  


  • Great sound coverage
  • Get new updates
  • Alexa voice control


  • Buy speakers separately

9. Sonos move home assistant


Excellent Functionality

The Sonos move can prove to be the best home assistant for a user if they want to use it on the go. It has long-lasting batteries and has excellent functional options. A user can either use it for indoor or outdoor listening. The speaker can act as a great source of entertainment if you are an avid music listener.

Great connectivity options

The Sonos-move works phenomenally for users that like to have a variety of connectivity options. It does not only work with an Alexa voice command, but it also works with WIFI, Airplay 2, Bluetooth, and Sonos app. If you do not have a WIFI connection available, you can use Bluetooth instead to navigate through the home assistant.


The Sonos-move is not only weather-resistant, but it is also humidity, salt spray, dust, UV rays, and snow resistant. All its weather-resistant features make it one of the best entertainment units for harsh outdoor weather.

Concrete exterior

Do you always carry a charger worrying that your home assistant battery will run out? Sonos-move is here to solve your battery issues with its 11-hour battery life. Battery life undoubtedly makes it the best home assistant. It has a shock-resistant case, which protects it from getting damaged in case of an accidental fall.

High sound quality

The manufacturers of Sonos use highly intuitive technology to make the sound more prosperous and more apparent. The super high bass makes a user want to groove to the rhythm of the music. When playing music on the home assistant outdoors, it provides a clear and loud sound.


  • Weather-resistant
  • 11-hour battery life
  • Diverse connectivity options
  • Portable and durable


  • Heavy to carry around

10. Echo show 5 home assistant


Sleek outlook

Echo Show is a known brand, and its home assistant’s elegant outlook makes the brand stand out in the crowd. Echo Show 5 provides an excellent chance for every family member to connect with friends and other siblings. Its screen is sleek and compact, which allows excellent picture quality when video calling your loved ones.

Fits seamlessly in your lifestyle

 Apart from all being a source of entertainment, the Echo Show 5 is meant to fit in your lifestyle seamlessly. It has a lot of recipe options that a user can use to make yummy food. A user can also get weather, sports, and political updates through the home assistant.

Control smart home appliances

When a user gets bored, they can easily use Echo Show 5 to watch YouTube, movie trailer, stream music, and listen to their favorite artist. Apart from all the entertainment options, users can also control their home devices. A user can easily keep the home temperature, security, and lighting in control.

Revisit memories

A user can also use the sleek screens to display photos and videos from the best day. It is a great way to remember your golden memories and set a great tone to tackle the day.

Privacy protection

Echo Show 5 is the best home assistant if a user wants to feel secure without violating their privacy. It has a privacy button option through which a user can switch off the particular area’s security camera and microphone.


  • Controls smart home appliance
  • Privacy protection option
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive  
  • Small screen

11. Google Home mini



Google home mini can be easily termed as the best home assistant. It is one of the leading trendsetters for mini home techs to make customer lives more comfortable. As far as the weight is concerned, it weighs about 173 grams, and it is effortless to carry around. Moreover, it comes with a cable and power adapter for fast charging and lasting battery life. Overall, the product looks sleek and almost an invisible house helping device.

Wireless support

The Google Home mini aims to provide users with seamless and wireless technology for hassle-free functions. It has two connectivity options, WIFI and Bluetooth; if a user cannot access WIFI, they can use Bluetooth connectivity to avail limited entertainment options still.  

Simplify house chores

Google home mini is compatible with more than 30,000 smart devices. A user can also connect their intelligent cleaning robot with Google Home mini to easily tackle their house chores. You can also control security, the intensity of light, air conditioner, and heating system with Google Home mini.

Smart home school device

Google Home Mini is brilliant in helping children with home school as well. It has a variety of home activities that can help users keep their children busy. It also has an in-built calculator, which helps in solving math problems.


  • Great wireless support
  • Helps in homeschooling
  • Phenomenal house chores partner


  •  The sound could be louder.

12.  Google Home Max


Fantastic sound clarity

Google Home Max is the ultimate desire of a tech-savvy looking for a smart home appliance. The Google Home Max is specifically designed to provide high-fidelity. It has a clear acoustic fabric to enhance sound coverage and intensity. Also, it has 4.5-inches dual woofers to offer balanced and deep bass. Google Home max integrates custom tweeters to improve sound clarity and rigid housing for seamless audio composing and proper flow. The equalizer setting automatically synchronizes the tunes to make the songs more balanced for the user’s room.

More than 35 million sound options

The Google Home Max is a perfect fit for people who are music freaks. With 35 million music options, it has undoubtedly been successful in seizing the heart of thousands of people. People can use YouTube to stream music and Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon music.

Far-field voice control

Google Home Max has an unbelievable sensor that catches voice commands from afar. A person can be far away from the device and still use it. A user can pass orders to control smart home devices and play favorite music.

Multiple connectivity options

A user does not have to play music through WIFI only; there are multiple options available. Some connectivity options include Bluetooth and aux. Also, a user can plugin record players to play their favorite stereo music.

Best fit for any room

The sleek and compact design of the speaker gives an overall aesthetic look to any room. They can fit vertically or horizontally in any narrow space.


  • Far-field voice control
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Over 35 million music choices


  • Comparatively pricier

13. Google Nest Hub


Live photo display

Google Nest Hub is intuitively designed to provide users with an outclass experience and a seamless lifestyle. Nest Hub is not only a great smart home assistant, but it can also act as a phenomenal digital photo frame. A user does not have to manually upload pictures on the home assistant; it can connect with any iOS or Android device to deliver excellent photo transition.

Light adjustment technology

Google Nest Hub blends fantastically in a user’s routine to provide them great comfort. It has an automatic light adjustment technology through which the brightness adjusts according to the room’s light. If a user is sleeping and bedtime, the device dims the brightness itself for a peaceful sleep.

Far-field voice command sensors

The voice command sensors in the device are quite strong, and they work efficiently to provide seamless support. You can be anywhere in the house and still pass voice commands at the home assistant.

Set your routine

Google Nest Hub can be your great daily partner to keep your routine in check. You can schedule your daily tasks on it to keep yourself motivated. A user can also set the alarm to wake up on time and set reminders for each task.

Effective navigation and news updates

Google Nest Hub acts as a great assistant to help a user navigate through problematic locations. It is also highly efficient in providing daily weather and political updates. All-in-all it is a great device to own to maintain a healthy and well-balanced routine.


  • Maintain a good lifestyle
  • Light adjustment technology
  • Make-shift photo frame
  • Far-field voice command


  • No video camera

14. Google Nest Mini


Google Assistant

Google Nest Mini may seem like a non-functional and compact device but is more potent than it looks. The Google Assistant integration in the device makes it the best smart home assistant and user-friendly. A user can provide commands for music and manage a home device with it easily.

Respects privacy

A device like Google Nest Mini may seem daunting with a voice sensor and video camera. However, privacy technology aims to provide users with security and a sense of protection. The device may pick up personal information, but it is not sold to any third-party or misused by any means.

Set timers and reminder

A user can easily set timers on the Google home device by using the Google home assistant. It is also suitable to set daily reminders so that a user remains on top of their game. It is a handy device for busy people as they do not have to bear remembering everything.

Sustainable material

The Google Nest Mini is not only integrated with world-class technology, but it also is engineered considering the environmental factors. The speaker fabric is made with recycled plastic, which is best to ensure sustainability.

LED lights

 A user can easily mount the Google Nest Mini anywhere on the wall or keep it in a narrow space. The LED infused lighting is perfect to create a perfect and peaceful environment at night with soft music playing in the background.


  • Protects privacy
  • LED light
  • Sustainable material
  • Set timers/ reminder


  • Does not have a jack

15. Google Nest Hub Max


Monitor your house

Google Nest Hub Max is not only integrated with technological innovations, but it also works as a great security camera. When a user is out, they can synchronize their phone with a home assistant through an app. A user can watch their home and notice any suspicious activity while they are away.

Convertible to a photo frame

When a person is not using the Home assistant for other purposes, they can look aesthetic by displaying their favorite photos. It has an adjustable brightness technology that makes any photo blend in seamlessly with the background.

3-inch woofers

The 3-inch woofers at the back of the screen provide excellent sound quality. The woofers offer superb sound coverage. A user can also stream their favorite music, videos, or movie through voice command solely.

10-inch screen

The 10-inch screen with high resolution provides an excellent visual experience. The Google Nest Hub Max connects with YouTube and Netflix, allowing users to watch their favorite channels or shows.

Set reminders

Google Nest Hub Max acts like a digital assistant as you can use it to set reminders for important events. A user can also set a timer on it when cooking or working out. It acts as a seamless partner that is sustainable and quick to provide service.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Great dialogue clarity
  •  3-inch woofer
  • 10-inch screen


  • No ring integration
  • Average sound quality

16. Apple HomePod Space Grey


High-Fidelity audio

Apple HomePod is the town’s talk with its unique features and, most importantly, its high-fidelity audio. Its audio is robust and works even more powerfully when two speakers are interconnected together. It has spatial awareness with breakthrough speakers, which is the best at automatically tunning in your desired audio.

In-built Siri

The feature that makes it the best home assistant is the fact that it has an in-built Siri. An individual can pass an audio command to tune in to their favorite music. Users can also synchronize all their smart devices with Apple HomePod to execute the daily task without any manual efforts.

Keeps data secure

Apple has a strict privacy policy that targets to make each customer feel secure. Apple HomePod catches personal data, but it remains safe, and it is not used further for organizational benefits.

More than 70 million songs

Apple HomePod is a great device to own if a user is a party-animal or a music lover. It has more than 70 million songs to choose from with extra app connectivity.


  • High-quality audio
  • In-built Siri
  • Solid privacy policy


  • Expensive

17. Google Nest Audio Smart


Crisp audio

A user with love for music will think of Google Nest Audio Smart as the best Home assistant. It has crisp and sharp audio due to two times more enhanced bass. It also has chrome-enable speakers with a compatible speaker that is simple to set up.

Broadcast messages

The in-built Google intercom is the best way to engage all family members. Any person in the house can broadcast any message to draw the attention of other members. All family members can have their voice command for a fantastic individual experience.

Intuitively designed

The Google Nest Audio Smart is intuitively designed to provide the best outlook with sustainability in mind. It does not take away any room’s aesthetic look; rather, it enhances the overall beauty.

Compatible with smart devices

Are you annoyed by all the daily house chores? Not anymore, The Google Nest Audio Smart works cohesively with every other smart home device. It is best to control the light intensity and also the thermostat.


  • Crisp audio quality
  • Thoughtful design
  • Control smart home devices
  • Broadcast messages


  • Potential privacy issues

18. JBL Smart Portable Home Assistant


Cylindrical design

JBL is the best smart home assistant for people who enjoy music immensely. Its cylindrical design is phenomenal to radiate sound in all directions for enhanced sound clarity.

Long-lasting battery

The device has a 4000 mAh battery, which is rechargeable and lasts up to 8-hours. A user can use a Bluetooth connectivity option to listen to music, and it is also WIFI-enabled for hours now. Never disturb or interfere within the fun parties now!


The JBL smart portable home assistant is child-friendly as it has IPX7 water-resistant technology. It is immune to any kind of mishap and water accidents. It can be connected to any charging port and takes less time to recharge.

Stream music and podcasts

The 20 RMS power, 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and up to 20 kHz frequency response make audio quality fantastic. Users can listen to their favorite music along with podcasts anytime.


  • Fast connectivity
  • Child-friendly
  • Cylindrical design
  • Stream music


  • Less powerful bass

19. Sonos Move Portable home assistant


Fantastic sound quality

The Sonos Move proves to be the best smart home assistant for many people as it has incredible sound quality. Its expansive soundscape, astonishing dep bass, and automatic accurate play best enhance sound quality. It also works wonderfully outdoors due to its efficient sound system. Sonos Move comes in handy for outdoor parties.

Thoughtfully engineered

The engineering aspect of the home assistant does not fail to surprise users. It has an 11-hour lasting battery-life that works great for any outdoor activity. It has an IP56 rating, which makes it weather –resistant. Its acoustic architecture with two digital class-D amplifiers provides excellent sound clarity. A user can use the Sonos app to control the home assistant and play any kind of music.

Intuitive controls

The Sonos Move has an excellent sound control system that helps in maintaining clear and crisp high-frequency sound. It has smooth touch controls for sound, pause, play, and microphone status, etc. The LED light technology helps in establishing an excellent and soothing atmosphere.


  • LED light technology
  • Smooth touch controls
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Acoustic architecture


  • Not portable

20. Apple HomePod Mini


Rich audio

The Apple HomePod Mini is termed as the best smart home assistant as it has a great sound. It has rich audio, which is supported by 360-degree audio coverage.  

Data and privacy

The data and privacy support makes Apple HomePod mini a secure device. It does pick up some private information that is not used by the company for any profitable activities.

Control home devices

A user can perform their professional activities quite nicely as Apple HomePod Mini handles all home chores. It is seamlessly synchronized with the smart home device; users can use in-built Siri to pass commands.


  • Rich audio
  • Control smart devices
  • User privacy
  • 360-degree audio coverage


  • No BBC radio or native Spotify  

Comparison Chart

ProductsBrandConnectionVoice-CommandWhat’s unique
1.Sonos One (Gen 2) Smart SpeakerSonosBluetoothAlexaVoice Controlled Smart Speaker 
2.All new Echo (4rth Gen) Smart Home HubAmazonZig bee, Bluetooth, WIFIAlexa3.0” (76.2 mm) neodymium woofer
3.JBL Flip 4 Portable SpeakersJBLBluetooth, WIFIAlexaDual external passive radiators
4.Bose Home Speaker 500BoseBluetooth, WIFIAlexa, Google AssistantBose SimpleSync technology
5.Echo Studio High Fidelity Smart AssistantEchoBluetooth, WIFIAlexaHigh-fidelity smart speaker with 3D audio 
6.Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL home assistantYamaha AudioBluetooth, WIFI, HDMIAlexaWireless Subwoofers
7.Echo Show 8 HD smart home assistantAmazonBluetooth, WIFIAlexaBuilt-in microphone and camera shutter
8.Sonos smart speaker with AlexaSonosBluetooth, Sonos app, WIFI, Airplay 2SignificantStereo sound with two speaker support
9.Sonos move home assistantSonosBluetooth, Sonos app, WIFI, AirPlay 2AlexaShock-wave resistant case
10. Echo show 5 home assistantAmazonBluetooth, Alexa app, WIFIAlexaUser privacy control
11. Google Home miniGoogleBluetooth, WIFIAlexaCaptive touch control
12. Google Home MaxGoogleBluetooth, WIFIAlexa4.5-inches dual woofers
13. Google Nest HubGoogleBluetooth, WIFIAlexaeco-friendly design, home security

14. Google Nest Mini
GoogleBluetooth, WIFIAlexaLED lights representing volume control

15. Google Nest Hub Max
GoogleBluetooth, WIFIAlexa10-inch screen with Ambient IQ technology
16. Apple HomePod Space GreyAppleBluetooth, WIFISiriOver 70 million songs
17. Google Nest Audio SmartGoogleBluetooth, WIFIAlexaIntuitively designed with sustainable material, broadcast messages
18. JBL Smart Portable Home AssistantJBLBluetooth, WIFIAlexaCylindrical design for 360-degree sound clarity
19. Sonos Move Portable home assistantSonosBluetooth, WIFI, Sonos appAlexaIP56 rating for weather resistance
20.Apple HomePod MiniAppleBluetooth, WIFISiriGreat data and privacy options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the benefits of the best home assistants?

A. There are plenty of automated features and convenient options controlled well by the smart home assistants. Some further benefits include:

  • Easy synchronization
  • Better controls of intelligent devices (in case of the hub)
  • Voice-enabled smart features
  • Easy managing of chores

Q. How do the best smart home assistants work?

A. All the smart home automation devices have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled, the option that brings ultimate and easy connectivity. You can connect them with Wi-Fi and control them with voice commands.

Q. Is it easy to maintain the smart home assistants?

A. It’s tempting to buy the smart home assistant due to being user-friendly and easy maintenance options. Update the software from the manufacturer’s side and follow the safety guides written on the manual.

Q. How to choose the best smart home assistant?

A. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider while buying the best smart home assistants. Some of the quick tips you can follow are:

  • Make sure to check the connectivity options i.e. Bluetooth, HDMI, Wifi and more.
  • Make sure to look at the battery life of the home assistant.
  • Check whether it has the multiple speaker connectivity option or not.
  • Make sure that the smart home assistant is compatible with voice commands


Whether you’re looking for interconnectivity options or save some energy cost on your electricity bills, it’s tempting to own the best home assistants. These devices will enable you to manage the other Zig bee enabled devices and some daily life chores with hands-free technology. Thus, transform your classic-styled home into the modern one using these smart home assistants!

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