incentivi per industria
incentivi per industria

We have reached the third article on incentives for industry 4.0 made available by the Italian State. In the first two texts, we focused attention on opportunities to promote innovation in SMEs in Bel Paese. Today we analyze together 2 of the 4 main incentives envisaged to increase the competitiveness of our companies.

Guarantee fund. One of the incentives for industry that wants to expand credit opportunities.

Accessing bank credit is never simple. Especially during times of crisis and if there is no concrete and sufficient guarantees available. Businesses and professionals often experience many difficulties before obtaining even a single chance of credit. The Guarantee Fund is one of the incentives for industry 4.0 that targets micro enterprises and SMEs, including startups, and all professionals registered with professional orders and/or professional associations part of the relevant list of the Ministry of Economic Development. The Guarantee Fund allows you to receive a public guarantee of up to 80% of the required funding. It doesn’t matter if the request is for the short or medium long term. Just as there is no discriminatory reason for the end of financing: having liquidity for imminent expenses, or a capital for different investments.

Request Mode

In order to access the Guarantee Fund, you must present yourself with a banking institution or a financial intermediary and apply for financing at the same time as the expression of desire to be assisted by public guarantee. In a short space of time all requirements will be verified. In the event of a successful outcome, the resolution will be adopted. Once the choice is validated, in the event of a default of the applicant, the recourse will be made on the Guarantee Fund.

ACE — Economic Growth Aid

ACE is one of the incentives for industry 4.0 whose aim is to increase corporate capital. The objective of this economic measure is the capital strengthening of Italian companies. Thanks to the ACE it is possible to deduct the amount equal to the notional return on the new equity from the total business income. The latter is set at 2.3% for the current year 2017. As of 2018 it will instead be 2.7%.
There is no formal application to access Aid for Economic Growth. When drawing up the budget, it is accessed automatically.

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