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XMPro Agent for Microsoft Digital Twins

Azure Digital Twins is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that lets you create digital representations of connected environments like buildings, factories, farms, energy networks, railways, stadiums and cities.

Gain actionable insights from modeled environments using powerful query APIs and integrate them with Azure data analytics. ScaleOut’s in-memory computing technology enables you to process messages, perform real-time analytics and update digital twin properties.

XMPro Agent

XMPro Agent was designed to make it simpler for companies to utilize Microsoft digital twins. It offers a streamlined and efficient way of using the platform, so companies can focus on their business issues instead of technical details.

Furthermore, it provides centralized model management and a single, unified view of your digital twins. This makes it simpler for companies to maintain and update their digital twins as needed. Furthermore, companies can connect their digital twins with physical devices and systems, as well as analyze and visualize the data generated by these digital twins.

One of the key advantages of a digital twin is its capacity to store crucial records. These can range from birth-to-retirement data for physical assets, to information regarding their condition and health.

Companies will benefit from having a digital twin that stores these records, providing them with an overview of their assets. This allows them to make better decisions and optimize operations.

Another crucial advantage of a digital twin is its capacity for real-time intelligence. This can enable companies to monitor the health of their assets and guarantee they operate optimally.

The XMPro Agent offers real-time telemetry capabilities that give companies insight into the performance of their devices and systems over time. This gives them insight into how those systems have been functioning and how they may be affected by future events.

This provides them with a comprehensive view of their assets and systems, enabling them to make informed decisions about devices and systems. This is especially helpful for companies in industries requiring real-time monitoring such as oil & gas or mining.

A digital twin that logs telemetry data into a cloud historian provides companies with insight into how their devices and systems have performed over time. This allows them to make smarter decisions about maintenance needs, boost operational efficiency, save money on repairs or downtime costs, and optimize overall productivity.

XMPro license

XMPro is a digital twin composition platform that makes it possible for non-technical users to design and manage digital twin models without the need for coding. Additionally, it enables them to automate processes and make decisions based on data from the model.

XMPro platform enables you to integrate different data sources and gain a comprehensive view of your environment, which allows for smarter decisions and increased scalability. Furthermore, the software streamlines operations while enabling manufacturers to adjust quickly according to changes in demand.

The XMPro Agent connects to physical assets and systems in real-time, updating them accordingly. This guarantees that the digital twin always accurately reflects the current state of its physical environment. Furthermore, companies can automate processes such as controlling equipment or setting alarms/notifications accordingly.

To take advantage of the XMPro platform, you need an XMPro license which can be acquired through an XMPro subscription manager. Companies typically need one subscription per XMPro product they plan on utilizing.

A license for XMPro includes access to the XMPro App Designer and Data Stream Designer products, which let you design applications and workflows. It also includes the iTwin Platform which enables data integration from different infrastructure assets.

Utilizing the combined power of the XMPro Platform and Azure Digital Twins, you can automate processes, enhance decision-making, create a holistic view, streamline operations and boost scalability. Doing so helps save time and resources while optimizing production for increased profits.

With an XMPro license, you can build a digital twin solution on Microsoft Azure – an ideal deployment platform for AI-driven applications. It offers various cloud services and an easy-to-use unified management interface to quickly deploy digital twins in the cloud.

XMPro is a SAP Partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program, giving you access to all relevant SAP technologies under one convenient framework and support services for developing and marketing your software applications. This enables you to construct high-quality, disruptive applications tailored towards specific business requirements.

XMPro billing

XMPro is a leading No-Code Digital Twin Composable Platform that enables engineers and subject matter experts to build advanced real-time applications without needing to code. It has been designed to deliver data driven insights in industries such as mining, oil & gas, energy, and utilities.

Microsoft Azure powers this solution, making it simple to connect your digital twin model with physical devices and systems as well as analyze and visualize data collected from them. Plus, it has native integrations with other Azure services like Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, and Time Series Insights.

In the mining industry, companies can utilize digital twins to boost productivity and efficiency. For instance, deferring regulatory inspections on assets is one example; managing maintenance trucks more efficiently allows companies to make informed decisions with greater ease.

Another way it can help is by giving remote workers real-time data about their assets. This could include sensor data from equipment, weather web services, video surveillance data and other sources. Not only does this enable them to make data driven decisions but it also enhances safety levels.

It can also assist them in creating work tasks, ordering parts and planning maintenance on their assets. Furthermore, it allows them to monitor asset performance and correlate that with benchmark data from internal, manufacturer or external data sources.

Finally, companies can save time and money by making their factory operations more efficient. For instance, creating composable digital twins of their manufacturing operations and speeding up the adoption of advanced technologies through Dell Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge program are just two examples.

Machine learning can help manufacturers automate a wide range of production tasks and enhance product quality by anticipating when machines will break down. Furthermore, it assists them with integrating maintenance processes with AM and other business systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

XMPro licensing

Microsoft Digital Twins is a cloud-based service that enables companies to create and manage digital twin models of physical assets. It helps optimize processes, make decisions based on data, and automate operations. By connecting XMPro with Azure DT, companies can take advantage of these capabilities for enhanced decision-making, an holistic view of the environment, and smoother operations.

XMPro is a no-code digital twin composition platform that makes it simple for non-technical users to construct and manage digital twin models. The tool includes a visual page designer, drag-and-drop interface for designing Data Streams (a streaming data pipeline) and Connectors, as well as automation workflows.

The XMPro Product Suite includes both App Designer and Data Stream Designer products, licensed on a per user per month basis. Users are granted access to these tools based on their Company roles as defined in the Subscription Manager.

As a Microsoft Partner, XMPro offers integration with Azure Digital Twins that makes it simple to register your models and twin definitions on Azure with just one click. This centralized approach makes it simpler to update or alter your models over time.

You can utilize the XMPro Agent to quickly create and deploy Azure DT services without needing to learn about the Azure Portal, saving you time so that your business is up and running faster.

XMPro’s library of 100+ connectors supports a vast array of industrial and enterprise technologies, enabling you to integrate them into your digital twin models. These connectors bring in real-time data from numerous sources, add contextual information, apply analytics and take actions based on events in Data Streams.

XMPro is proud to be an ISV partner in Dell Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge, a validated end-to-end solution designed to accelerate adoption of advanced technologies and extract value from data at the manufacturing edge. This solution creates composable digital twins of factory operations which helps manufacturers save time and materials during production while also enabling reconfigurable production lines with Dell’s private 5G capability.

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