Does the first aid kit at your home consist of bandages and medicines only? If so, you’re missing a vital gadget, i.e., we are talking about Smart Blood Pulse Oximeters. The figure you’ll get on the screen will reveal much about your health. But what is this device about, and how it works? Let’s find out in detail!

Smart Pulse Oximeters are an easy tool to get an insight into your health. It tells you the blood oxygen level and the saturation level (Spo2) in minutes. It then reveals the abnormalities that you’re unaware of in your daily life routine. Apart from the blood oxygen level, the device can monitor the blood pressure, heart rate, and real-time Pulse with ease. 

Most doctors and physicians recommend having the device at home, and there are plenty of reasons why! First of all, it gives you a brief overview of your overall health. Moreover, if you’re a patient with pulmonary or heart disease, this gadget will help you in home oxygen therapy

Similarly, a sleep specialist might recommend this device to an insomniac to measure the blood oxygen level at night. 

Thus, keeping in mind the benefits of a pulse oximeter, it is recommended to have this device at home, offices, or workplaces. You don’t need to physically attend a doctor as most of the smart blood pulse oximeters are compatible with smartphones. This way, you and your doctor can keep track of your current situation. What else can be more convenient?

Smart Pulse Oximeters – Types:

There are multiple types of smart blood pulse oximeters that’ll help you record blood oxygen and saturation level. But do you wonder what the ideal choice is for you? Let’s find out!

One of the most common pulse oximeters affix to the patient’s fingertip and do the work in seconds. There’s another type that has some additions to this setup. Those devices will have straps going around your wrist and can be worn even outside. That’s a lot of comfort and convenience! 

Mainly, there are two standard types of Oximetes as per the usage, i.e., pocket and standard versions. Their comparison showed that the pocket monitor has a chance of 2.21% of error while the standard one has a 1.8%. 

How Smart Blood Pulse Oximeters Work?

You don’t need any extra skill to run these smart blood pulse oximeters at home or office! All you need is to follow these simple steps given below to check the blood oxygen saturation level in seconds. 

Position the Probe:

First of all, make sure to place the device correctly on your hand, ear lobe, or toe. You need to firmly assure that the device fits perfectly on the body and there’s no involvement of force at all. The device must also be a perfect fit and not too loose or tight to have a precise reading. 

Know the Body Position:

Apart from the device’s position, body posture matters a lot! For example, if you’re continuously shaking or shivering, the readings might get disturbed. 

Remove the Hurdles:

Wearing any type of nail polish or having tattoos on your fingertips can also disturb the readings. Moreover, any sort of henna dye can also change the values of saturation a little bit.  

How To Choose The Best Smart Blood Pulse Oximeters For Saturation?

In the hassle of all this, things might get confused when buying the best one for you. While choosing the smart blood pulse oximeters, there are plenty of factors to understand and look for in the device. Let’s delve into further detail to make things clear!

Accuracy and Precision:

First things first, you don’t want to be betrayed by the false readings. Hence make sure to buy a trusted brand and a device with a reasonable accuracy rating. 

Size and Shape:

Next up, what matters a lot is the size and shape of this smart pulse oximeter. Mostly, these oximeters are designed as per the average-sized hand to measure the blood oxygen level. However, if your fingertip or earlobe is larger or smaller than the standard size, you must go for the size that fits you the best. 

Battery Life:

If you’re opting for a pulse oximeter to wear outside, then the battery life comes into the matter. Battery life, as well as durability, plays a vital role in the whole assessment procedure. 

The Best Smart Blood Pulse Oximeter For Saturation Monitor:

1. Wellue O2Ring Wearable Sleep Monitor:


Ring Shaped Sensor:

What unique in this Wellue O2Ring are its shape and compact size! It resembles the form of a ring and features the lightest material to make it much more stylish and convenient at the same time. You can wear it all day and night for continuous monitoring of blood oxygen supply for an overall health review.

Data Markers:

Blood oxygen supply and saturation level reveal any sort of abnormalities. That’s where this O2Ring comes into the situation! It can mark abnormal readings, especially when your Sp-O2 level falls under the threshold value. The same is true for the level higher than the critical value. This way, it’ll help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Unlimited Storage:

The device can connect to the smartphone application via Bluetooth, and you’ll have no worries in storing the statistics anymore. The data will be transferred automatically in real-time. Not only do you need the application storage, but the built-in memory can save up to 4 groups of 10 hours of data.

Professional and Trusted:

You’ll get a better sleep and healthy life once you bring this O2Ring into action! This device generates professional and trusted reports that you can print or share in PDF/CSV format.


  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Store 4 sessions on memory
  • Automatically saves history
  • Marks abnormal values


  • Movement causes disruptions in sleep.

2. Masimo MightySat Oximeter:


Breakthrough Measurements:

Masimo MightySat has changed the way people perceive oximeter devices! These gadgets are providing you the ultimate solution to all the breathing related stats in no time. You can measure health, wellness, and fitness by having the Respiration Rate (RRp), Pleth Variability Index (PVi), and more apart from the basic Pulse and oxygen saturation rate.

Accurate All the Time:

Most of the gadgets come with the advantage of not being accurate during movements! Masimo MightySat has turned the tables with its premium build quality and advanced features. 

It provides you an accurate and stable reading even if you’re shaking or shivering. Moreover, it can measure the Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate during low blood flow and emergencies with a breeze.

Track and Share:

Telemedicine is improving day by day and taking the place of physical appointments. This gadget is a plus to have in such a scenario. It can record and send the readings/data via the Apple Health or Training Peaks using the compatible iOS and Android.


  • Also measures RRp and PVi
  • Works well in shakiness
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with all accessories


  • A little expensive

3. Owlet Smart Sock 2:


An Easy Design:

Looking after your newborn is quite a delicate task to accomplish! This Owlet Smart Sock 2 is featuring a bundle of six socks that can fit any newborn comfortably. These washable socks cannot only fit in but connect to the central station device even 100 feet away.

Baby Overall Health:

Know that your baby is okay or not with this Owlet Smart Sock 2 in a few seconds! This sock-based monitor can track the baby’s sleep and pulse rate using clinically proven technology. 

The device will inform you well in time for any abnormality and unusual behavior for quick action. This way, you can look at the baby’s oxygen saturation and heart rate. It’s a complete all-in-one package for your baby’s health monitoring.

Sleep Better:

You don’t need to worry about baby health anymore! The reason being a clear indication from this oximeter device that blinks green when everything is okay. The lights and sounds will give a clear indication if the oxygen level is too low or high.

Easy Access:

You can keep a record of the data and can access it easily via the smartphone application. Both the real-time analysis and the recorded ones can be seen using the Owlet’s cloud-connected application.


  • Suitable for 0-18 months
  • Light indication
  • 100 ft. connectivity
  • Cloud-based application


  • Supports only 2.4 GHz wireless network

4. iChoice Relaxation Coach Smart Oximeter:


Advanced technology:

Technology is making advancements in each sector! The same is true for the Oximeters. This iChoice Smart Oximeter device brings new high-tech features to measure stress, calm, and breathing. Using Bluetooth, you can easily connect with the iChoiceRelax app to run the whole process smoothly.

Meditation at its best:

iChoices equips the fingertip sensor, which then transmits the pulses way faster to the device. These readings are the raw data for the iChoiceRelax app, which helps you optimize the breathing to have a relaxing mind.

Therapy Effects:

You can learn to breathe at the best time! But how? This iChoice Smart Oximeter processes the breathing and respiration data to help you customize your breathing pattern. This way, you’ll achieve a more relaxed and natural breathing rate to enhance the oxygen level in your blood.

Easy Statistics:

Get yourself equipped with this iChoice Relaxation Coach and quickly view the statistics. You can have a glimpse of your stress and calm level, oxygen rate, heart rate, and more as per the day, week, month, or year.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Free iChoiceRelax app
  • Breathpod sensor for real-time stats
  • Daily, weekly or monthly data


  • Not suitable for overnight wearing

5. Wellue Fingertip Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor:


Accuracy and Precision:

Wellue Fingertip sensors are the epitome of precision and accuracy! The reason being their high-tech features and components. This Fingertip Smart Oximeter comes with the sensors to measure the Oxygen level, pulse rate, pulse strength, and more in just 8 seconds. 

Isn’t it fast and convenient at the same time? Moreover, the device will automatically turn ON/OFF when needed.

In-Built Storage:

You won’t need to have a cloud-based application while having this Wellue Fingertip in your pocket. It comes with sufficient storage to store the 12 groups of data containing your oxygen level, pulse rate, and more. You can have a glimpse of these 12 groups with just a single click.

Notification Alerts:

Were you not paying attention? No problem! This Smart Oximeter has an intelligent notification sensor on-board! If your oxygen level falls below or goes higher than the critical value, the device will give both audible and visual alerts. A flash on the screen will let you know what is wrong with your body!


  • Measures pulse rate in 8 seconds
  • Store 12 groups of data
  • Audible and visual alerts
  • Wireless connectivity


  • The alarm sound is too low.

6. ViATOM Wrist Blood Oxygen Saturation:


Versatile Device:

ViATOM has brought you this wristband blood oxygen saturation monitor, and it’s an all-in-choice for everyone. You can wear it all day or night for a complete analysis regarding the blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and Pulse, even if you’re moving. That’s a whole lot of convenience to get the stats quickly. Moreover, as you can wear it overnight, it acts as a sleep aid as well.

Patented Silicone Ring:

The fingertip sensors were considered less comfortable as they can make your finger numb if used for longer times. ViATOM has brought the patented silicone ring into the arsenal now! It can fit perfectly on your finger, causing no numbness and discomfort. Moreover, your finger will remain intact, and there will be no slipperiness at all.

Vibration Alerts:

While sleeping, your blood oxygen level might fall below the critical value. ViATOM smart oximeter brings a vibration alert option that can wake you up in no time. It’ll remind you to change the location or posture to get back the desired oxygen level. It also acts as a sleep aid and helps you avoid snoring at night.


  • Real-time O2 analysis
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Patented silicone ring sensors
  • Adjustable vibration alerts


  • Not suitable for side sleeping

7. iHealth Air Wireless Pulse Oximeter:


Non-Invasive Device:

Invasion is not the solution to anything! This iHealth Air Wireless Pulse Oximeter brings in spot-checking and a complete analysis of oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart rate, and more. You can use this versatile and all-in-one device at home, offices, and clinics to measure breathing and related statistics for adults 16 years or more.


The device works perfectly to sow you the plethysmograph, which is a visual representation of the heartbeat. This plethysmograph is just like a waveform, which shows the blood flow and let you know what’s happening inside the body!

Perfusion Index:

Apart from the plethysmograph, the perfusion index is another statistic to have on-board! It displays the numerical values of Pulse per unit time to yield the pulse strength.

A Digital Logbook:

iHealth comes with the Myvitals Application, which lets you visualize the recorded data and visuals in no time. A logbook will be created with all your SpO2, pulse rate, and more to access at a single click.


  • Crisp and Clear display
  • 3.7V Li-ion battery
  • Bluetooth Sync
  • 100 measurement storage


  • No timed serial measurement during exercise

8. Beurer PO60 Bluetooth Fingertip Oximeter:


Smart Health Tracking:

The Beurer PO60 has a smart heath tracking option that records and keeps the statistics in storage for later use. You can measure the arterial oxygen saturation, SpO2 level, and pulse rate in no time. You can simply transfer all these recorded values to Beurer Health Coach Application, where these can be stored as well as evaluated.

Regular Monitoring:

Blood oxygen saturation needs to be measured regularly when you’re conscious about health. But you don’t need to go anywhere for this now! This Beurer PO60 helps you regulate and monitor the stats daily or even twice or thrice a day. Either you’re suffering from heart disease, pulmonary disease, asthma, or any breathing issue, this Bluetooth Fingertip Oximeter is the need for you.

Easy and Convenient:

This Beurer Pulse Oximeter is not just comfortable but practical to use! The device features sufficient memory storage to keep a record of 100 data readings on-board. Moreover, the ease of usability lies in its sizable colored display, adjustable brightness, and orientation.


  • Four graphics display
  • 100 memory spaces
  • Auto-switch off
  • Free HealthCoach app


  • Doesn’t work well with iOS

9. Viatom Wrist Pulse Oximeter:


Smart Monitor:

Smart monitoring is never getting out of fashion soon now! People care for their health by monitoring different statistics about their health. This Viatom Wrist Pulse does the same by keeping an eye on your blood oxygen saturation, SpO2, oxygen level, Pulse, heart rate, and more all at one time. This way, you’ll also get rid of snoring and bad sleep at night.

Good Night’s Sleep:

A smart vibration alarm can wake you up at night if you’re starving for oxygen! The alarm will beep and force you until you change your position wholly or slightly to regulate your lungs’ airflow.

Comfort Ring Sensor:

Another plus feature for this Viatom Pulse Oximeter is the soft silicone sensor that perfectly matches your fingers and provides you with a soft and relaxed feel. It can continuously monitor oxygen saturation and SpO2 with accuracy.


  • Free PC report
  • Smart vibration alarm
  • Comfort ring sensor
  • Sleep coach


  • Requires active contact Bluetooth 

10. EMAY Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter:


In-built Storage:

With 40-hour built-in memory, this EMAY Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter is the choice for everyone out there who is concerned about its health. It allows you to monitor the pulse rate, breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation, and more all day and overnight. 

Moreover, on-board storage also makes sure that you don’t need an active connection with the application always.

Reliable and Accurate:

A sizable rotating display is a critical feature for this Pulse Oximeter! It shows all the statistics on the wide LCD screen with every second update without any gaps. Moreover, the device stores data continuously on its on-board storage for later use.

Free Application:

The manufacturer also provides you with a free android/iOS application in which you can review the stats later on. You can also use these stats to send a report to your doctors regarding telemedicine.


  • 40-hours stats storage
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Digital LCD
  • Ideal for sport use


  • Not for medical use

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandWeightDesignIdeal forBattery Type
1.Wellue O2Ring Wearable Sleep MonitorWellue Ring ShapedSP-O2, Pulse, Sleep monitoringRechargeable battery (14-16 hours)
2.Masimo MightySat OximeterMasimo2.4 ouncesFingertipOxygen saturation, Respiration rate, Pulse rate, PViNo rechargeable battery
3.Owlet Smart Sock 2Owlet6 ouncesSock-basedOxygen level, pulse rate, heart rateRechargeable battery (18 hours)  
4.iChoice Relaxation Coach Smart OximeteriChoice4.4 OuncesFingertipStress, Heart Rate and SPO2 (Oxygen Saturation)  
5.Wellue Fingertip Blood Oxygen Saturation MonitorWellue4.16 OuncesFingertipPR Range, SpO2, pulse strength, oxygen level2x AAA batteries
6.ViATOM Wrist Blood Oxygen SaturationViATOM0.63 OuncesFingertipBlood Oxygen, sleep tracking, PulseRechargeable battery
7.iHealth Air Wireless Pulse OximeteriHealth8.11 OuncesFingertipBlood oxygen, saturation, perfusion index, pulse rate390mAh Rechargeable battery
8.Beurer PO60 Bluetooth Fingertip OximeterBeurer6.21 OuncesFingertipSpO2, O2 in blood, heart rateNon- Rechargeable battery
9.Viatom Wrist Pulse OximeterViatom8.4 OuncesWrist-basedSleep Oxygen Saturation Monitor Rechargeable battery
10.EMAY Bluetooth Pulse OximeterEMAY0.3 ouncesFingertipSleep Oxygen Saturation Monitor Rechargeable battery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Can Pulse Oximeters detect heart attack?

A. A pulse oximeter can determine that your heart is pumping the blood correctly or not! However, the accuracy varies for home and hospital-based oximeters.

Q. Why do you need to wear the Smart Pulse Oximeter overnight?

A. It’s up to you to wear the device overnight or not! However, the pulse oximeter can record the Pulse, heart rate, breathing rate and tells you when you’re having low oxygen supply at night while sleeping.

Q. How accurate are Smart Blood Pulse Oximeters?

A. The accuracy varies as per the quality. Most of the time, there are about 1 to 2% chances of error in these devices.


Smart Blood Pulse Oximeters are bringing you much ease and comfort in recording the stats. These stats, including the pulse rate, heart rate, breathing efficiency, and saturation level, tells you about your health. We’re striving hard to let you keep your hands on the best devices in this regard.

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