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Smart robots help humans in the kitchen

Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, Momentum Machines is a company formed by a group of engineer friends, united by a passion for food and smart robots.

The decades-long and deep knowledge of these men and women has enabled them over the years to solve numerous problems related to the production and engineering sector, especially in the food sector. Thanks to their inventions, they helped many companies find smart solutions to overcome difficulties. Momentum Machines team members are professionals with a high background and in-depth intellectual property. They are analytical and creative people at the same time, able to study, process and design smart solutions to perform typically human tasks, such as making a burger.

So many burgers for the first in a long line of smart robots 

One of the first smart robots developed by the Momentum Machines team was a machinery that could prepare a gourmet burger without any human aid. These were fresh burgers, grilled to order and topped with a wide variety of sauces, vegetables or cheeses depending on your chosen personalisation. A real revolution in this sector where labour is expensive and times are always tight and hectic! Momentum Machines offers smart solutions to replace hours and hours of human work with the use of intelligent robots. Dear humans, be careful, intelligent robots will get the better of it!

Smart robots in the kitchen 

Momentum Machines solutions are real examples of devices resulting from theevolution of the Internet of Things. These machines can accurately and quickly slice and cut tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and other vegetables, allowing you to prepare the burgers with fresh ingredients prepared at time of ordering. A system certainly advantageous in terms of saving time and reducing waste! The timing is truly impressive: these smart robots can make a burger every 10 seconds, without getting tired, having breaks, going to the bathroom, and ensuring constant hygiene and cleanliness. This is a real revolution in the fast food industry. If the big chains adopt Momentum Machine’s smart robots, space is unlikely to remain for human employees. In addition to preparation, intelligent robots are able to follow all the work phases of a typical fast food: from ordering to customization, from preparation to packaging.

A revolution driven by robotics 

For those who are against this evolution, the Momentum Machine team responds to carefully assess the benefits of introducing and employing smart robots. More employees hired for the production of robots, but also for the production of raw materials necessary for the preparation of dishes, lower service costs and the possibility of save and spend money in other sectors, favoring the overall economy.For more details Click Here

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