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The Best IoT Books at Amazon


Are you tired of the hype about IoT and want to get a real understanding of this technology? Then, continue reading.

Now with the Space race, the accelerating technologies, and the future of work, it is time to really start getting hands-on experience with IoT since it is expected to have a huge worldwide impact.


Title: Precision: Principles, Practices, and Solutions for the Internet of Things
Author: Ph.D. Timothy Chou
Link: Click Here
Comment: This is a very good book that helps enterprises transition into the IoT world. The author states “The best companies of the future will be those that are able to master the emerging world of connected machines, capture new sources of information from sensors and build deep learning capabilities, all of which helps gain insights and get the most out of physical infrastructure. We are entering a world where we have a greater level of precision to our decision making than ever before. We will drive new levels of productivity that will become the driving force for the world’s economy. “
The author also wrote the following books: “Precision Construction: Principles, Practices, and Solutions for the Internet of Things in Construction” and “The End of Software: Transforming Your Business for the On-Demand Future”.
This is a great asset for business leaders that want to stay ahead of the competition.

Title: IoT – Internet of Things for Beginners: An Easy-to-Understand Introduction to IoT
Author: Charles Crowell
Link: Click Here
Comment: If you are looking to learn about IoT from the ground up, this is the book you should read. It covers the following:

  • What the Internet of Things really is (and what it is not)
  • How The Internet of Things is going to affect our lives
  • How the IoT & Smart Homes will change our households
  • What IoT means for Corporations & Their Business Models
  • The Main Benefits if IoT (This Will Surprise You)
  • Current Shortcomings in IoT to watch out for

IoT will affect everybody since we will be communicating at a higher speed and the way we interact with our devices will be different, smoother, and more.

Title: IoT Inc.: How Your Company Can Use the Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy
Author: Bruce Sinclair
Link: Click Here
Comment: This is a bestseller book that was published some years ago. Bruce Sinclair is famous for this book and for the IoT Certification courses offered via his website. What is great about this book is, that you do not have to be an engineer to understand it. It is also good for business people looking to understand what IoT is and how you can use it in your company. He covers IoT strategy and offers videos and podcasts.

Title: The Internet of Things: How Smart TVs, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities Are Changing the World
Author: Michael Miller
Link: Click Here
Comment: The author is famous for his books explaining technical subjects to people that do not have a technical background. This is the perfect book to take with you if you are on vacation and want to dedicate some time to develop your skills on IoT. “Michael Miller shows how connected smart devices will help people do more, do it smarter,
do it faster
. He also reveals the potential risks—to your privacy, your freedom, and maybe your life.”

Designing, Developing, and Facilitating Smart Cities: Urban Design to IoT Solutions 1st ed. 2017 Edition

Author: Vangelis Angelakis (Editor), Elias Tragos (Editor), Henrich C. Pöhls (Editor), Adam Kapovits (Editor), Alessandro Bassi (Editor) 
Link: Click Here
Comment: This is a very complete book that covers everything you need to know about Smart Cities: IoT Communication Technologies, Security, IoT Architectures, and more.

Title: The Internet of Things – Digitize or Die: Transform your organization. Embrace the digital evolution. Rise above the competition
Author: Nicolas Windpassinger
Link: Click Here
Comment: This book has received top reviews at Amazon. The author has an impressive background. “Nicolas Windpassinger is the global vice president of Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert™ Partner Program, whose mission is to connect the technologies and expertise of the world’s leading technology providers, pioneering the future of intelligent buildings and the Internet of Things, and delivering smarter, integrated and more efficient services and solutions to customers. He has been recognized by The Channel Company as one of the 50 Top Midmarket IT Executives as well as one of the 100 People You Don’t Know But Should.”
You will learn about IoT but also about the acceleration of the technologies, innovation, and more.

Title: Internet of Things: What You Need to Know About IoT, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Our Future
Author: Neil Wilkins
Link: Click Here
Comment: This is a book that received top reviews. Mr. Neil Wilkins is also the author of:
Robotics: What Beginners Need to Know about Robotic Process Automation, Mobile Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Speech Recognition, Drones, and Our Future” and “Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide to AI, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Robotics, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, and Our Future“.

Title: The Amazon Way On IoT
Author: John Rossman
Link: Click Here
Comment: If you want to learn Amazon’s secret to their success, then this is the book for you. Rossman has years of experience and offers advise on strategy and has offered his expertise for 500 fortune companies.
You might also want to check his audiobook “The Amazon Way” at
Another of his books is “Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader 1st Edition“.

Title: Demystifying Smart Cities: Practical Perspectives on How Cities Can Leverage the Potential of New Technologies 1st ed. Edition
Author: Anders Lisdorf
Link: Click Here
Comment: This book gathers insights from different cities all around the world.
It covers:

  • Practical issues and challenges of managing thousands and millions of IoT devices in a city
  • The different types of city data and how to manage and secure it
  • The possibilities of utilizing AI into a city (and how it differs from working with the private sector)
  • Examples of how to make cities smarter with technology

Title: Build Your Own IoT Platform: Develop a Fully Flexible and Scalable Internet of Things Platform in 24 Hours 1st ed. Edition
Author: Anand Tamboli
Link: Click Here
Comment: If you want to save money and move fast with your project, this book can help you. Nevertheless, you have to have a background as a Developer.
The author has written other books like: “You 3.0”, “The Big Why of Influential Thought Leadership”, “Keeping your AI Under Control”, and “The Kepler Mission.


These books will give you a good understanding of the potential of IoT and how to use it. The list is comprised of books for different levels.

Whether you are a student or a professional looking for material for your work, this list will help you.

Written by Space Entrepreneur Veronica Chiaravalli – Emerging Technologies Sweden

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