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Best Smart IR and RF Controller for Air Conditioner and more

SAVE ENERGY, SAVE TIME, BE SMART! No matter if it’s summer or winter, leaving your cozy bed might be the most challenging thing for you. But wait! Gone are the days when you need to turn your AC ON/OFF physically from a switch. Technology has shifted everything onto your smartphone. How? Let’s find out in this detailed guide about the best smart air conditioner IR controller.

A smart AC controller will serve you in plenty of ways. Out of which, the most common is to use infrared signals to control the settings. You can set the fan speed, adjust the temperature, AC power, ON/OFF time, and more using the smart AC remote controller. You must be wondering what’s unique in it. An IR controller is elegant in its own way- shifting everything to your smartphone; you won’t even need the remote controller.

Thus, a Smart IR Remote Controller replaces the existing infrared controller in your home and serves you much ease in controlling the gadgets. Most of the time, these IR smart controllers have 360-degrees operation and voice-assistant compatibility. Apart from such comfort, these remote controls are protected by the International Standard Protocols, giving you peace of mind.  What else does one want from a controller?

The list of smart air conditioner IR controllers is not confined to a few products. Thus, having plenty of choices, it must be difficult for you to get the right deal. But worry not, we’re here as always. We brought to you the best smart IR controllers that’ll help uplift your smart home goals. Let’s start the guide without wasting much time.

Can Someone Manage To Control Ac Using Ir Repeater?

There might be some intelligent minds looking for a cheap solution. The answer to this question is yes! You can control your AC using the cheap IR repeater but not in the same way as the smart air conditioner IR controller. 

The limitations of IR repeater include the lack of program and time consumption. As with the Smart IR Controller, they are well-equipped and fully compatible with your AC to control the speed, temperature, modes, schedule, and much more. A simple IR repeater cannot manage to do that. Keep your hands on these smart AC IR controllers to enjoy the perks of smart technology! 

What About The Smart Home Integrations And Voice Commands?

Yes, the smart air conditioner IR controller is compatible with smart home automation! No need to physically turn on your AC, TV, and Oven when you have the voice commands in your arsenal. These smart IR controllers can be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to do some intelligent things! For example, a geofencing feature scans whether there is someone in the room or not! Based on that, it’ll turn the AC ON/OFF to save some electricity bills. Isn’t it convenient and life-saving?

On top of everything, your smart home system will schedule your routine in sync with these IR controllers and perform multiple things simultaneously, i.e., waking you up, turning off the alarm and AC.

How To Buy The Best Smart Air Conditioner Ir Controllers?

As already said, having multiple brands and choices in the tunnel, it’s hard to pick the right one. But we won’t let you ruin your investment. Here are some quick tips to follow that’ll help you make the right purchase for your smart home.

Quick tips to follow while buying the best smart air conditioner IR controllers:

Compatibility: First and foremost is to check the compatibility of the IR controller. The compatibility can be regarded in multiple ways here. You need to check whether the smart IR controller works with your desired AC model and also with the voice assistant or not.

Versatility: Next, up here, we have the versatility of the smart controller. Make sure the smart air conditioner IR controller works with most of the AC models. It’ll help you once you upgrade your air conditioner somewhere in the future.

Design: Convenient storage and outclass look matters in every smart device. So is right for these IR Controllers. Get a compact device with a modern look to fill the gaps in your smart home in style!

10 Best Smart Air Conditioner IR controllers:

1. Panamalar Smart IR Remote Control:


Smartphone Controls:

Your smartphone is the critical remote controller now! Panamalar has brought this ultimate IR controller, which is loved and accepted by all smart home enthusiasts worldwide due to being more user-friendly and advanced. Thus, this IR controller with a 38 kHz frequency range enables you to control everything over the wifi network. The only wifi network which is compatible is 2.4 GHz (not 5.0 GHz).  

Voice Commands:

Just speak what you want with your electrical appliances, including TV, AC, audio devices, fans, and voice assistants will listen to your needs! This Panamalar brings the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant’s integration with their IR controller so that you can control everything without even touching it with your hands.

Utmost Customizability:

Customizability ends with the Panamalar Smart IR Controller! It can be used universally as it automatically matches with more than 50,000 fixtures from the brands and still increases the compatibility database daily.

Set the timer:

Are you always in a hurry to left your home? Worry not! Set a timer to turn the AC ON/OFF before leaving coming to the house. It is not only convenient but will save you some cost on the bill as well.


  • Quick and easy
  • Wide 8 meters range
  • ABD hard and sturdy plastic
  • Weighs only 28 grams


  • Complex setup before use 

Buy Now – Best Price


High Compatibility:

One of the noticeable features of this Bestcon Smart IR Controller is its utmost compatibility and universal operation. Thus, having this much versatility, it can work with all sorts of TV, STB, fans, lights, VCR, Air conditioners, and more. It has 50,000+ IR controlled devices’ database in the tunnel and is still upgrading with each passing day. 

That’s one reason RM4 always works even with the newly launched AC devices in the market. A manual option to customize the database of your model offers more ease.

Time Switches and Schedules:

No need to pay an extra bill if you forgot to turn off the AC on time! Bestcon smart air conditioner IR controller will take care of the controls. Just set the time to turn the device ON/OFF, and your AC device will follow the routine then. Moreover, you can also set the time and temperature in sync for a healthy sleep pattern the whole night.

Voice Control and IFTTT:

These smart air conditioner IR controllers are an addition to your smart home hub setup! Thus, the voice assistant compatibility is a must-have feature for this purpose. Bestcon RM4c offers service in sync with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and more.


  • Set up more than 50,000 devices
  • Works with newly launched AC
  • Multi-directional infrared
  • Broad link app compatibility


  • USB cable is of low quality

Buy Now – Best Price


Longest Wireless Range:

You might have seen the IR controller’s wireless ranges, which are confined to a few meters. Not in this case! This YoLink Smart IR remote is having the longest wireless range on-board, i.e., 0.25 miles. 

Not just this, along with the highest range in the world, the device uses much less power. This way, YoLink has removed the hurdles to use the device in challenging areas such as sheds, basements, and underground garages.

Low Power-Longer Battery:

YoLink Smart IR Controller has another feather in its cap, i.e., low power consumption! Thus, along with the low power consumption comes another convenience, i.e., the battery will last longer. Depending on the usage, the AA Alkaline batteries in the controller can last up to 2 years.

Compatibility at its peak:

YoLink will replace all your remote controls in your home. That’s right! The devices that are compatible with this smart IR controller has a long list. It works with 38k IR compatible devices, including TV, setup boxes, Air Conditioners, DVDs, audio devices, and more.  


  • 0.25 miles range
  • No lithium batteries needed
  • Covers 98% IR remote function
  • YoLink app works with iOS and Android


  • YoLink Hub Required 

Buy Now – Best Price

4. MOES Wifi Smart IR Remote Controller:


All-in-One Universal Remote:

Are you tired of spending pennies on various kinds of remote controls? Worry not; this MOES all-in-one remote is what you need to eliminate this problem. The IR controller works best for Air conditioners, TVs, fans, DVDs, STBs, TV BOX, and many other infrared active devices. 

However, keep in mind that unlike other remote controllers, this MOES remote only supports the IR at 38 kHz and is not compatible with RF. 

Hands-Free Control:

Isn’t it convenient to control your air conditioner and TV with your voice commands? That’s right. 

No need to leave your cozy bed in the middle of the night to turn your AC ON/OFF or adjust the temperature. Just ask Alexa and Google assistant to do that for you!

DIY Programming:

Are you finding it hard to locate your brand in the application? Don’t worry then! The MOES wifi controller has DIY Programming on-board by which you can copy the same functions from the original remote control. 


  • DIY Learning function 
  • Remotely control from anywhere. 
  • USB port as well as Socket 
  • UL Certified 


  • No RF support 

Buy Now – Best Price


Wide Application-Update Library:

BroadLink never compromises on customer’s needs and demands! This RM4 mini S is an accurate depiction of that fact. This smart IR controller never misses any of the IR-activated devices and is found compatible with all. 

Moreover, having 50,000+ fixtures and receiving daily updates will enable you to upgrade your AC or TV devices anytime as this remote controller will be found compatible with all.

Voice Commands + IFTTT:

Do you want to lower the temperature but never want to leave your bed at night? You don’t need to, now! Here comes the voice assistant compatibility option from the BroadLink RM4 mini S. You can not only turn the air conditioner ON/OFF but adjust the fan speed, temperature, and modes without even touching the remote control.

Simple, Easy, and Smart:

Apart from being technically advanced, the RM4 Mini S is simple and easier to control at the same time. It further supports the humidity and moisture detector from third-parties and responds to the mechanical stimulations as well.


  • Simple setup for all Echo devices
  • It can be synced with a moisture detector.
  • Support multiple timers
  • Works with IFTTT


  • Pretty old-styled user experience

Buy Now – Best Price

6. OWSOO Smart Wifi IR Remote Control:


Control from Anywhere:

This OWSOO smart IR controller comes equipped with the wireless technology to control it from anywhere! Keeping all the boundaries and limitations aside, OWSOO has brought you the Tuya ad Smart Life App compatibility to get a winning combination to your smart home.

Almost All IR Devices:

When it comes to compatibility, OWSOO brings another level of feasibility to your side. It supports a wide frequency range infrared between 38 to 56 kHz, enabling all IR activated devices to find their place. You can control AC, TV, set-top box, DVD, fans, LED lights, IR electric curtain, and more. 

Wireless Controls:

Not just wireless but voice-activated controls make your life smarter! Thus, OWSOO smart device is fully compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot, and Google Assistant to adjust the temperature and settings of your AC. 

All-in-One Controller:

OWSOO Smart IR controller will turn your simple remotes into fancier ones. It can be operated via the application and supports DIY programming of your ordinary remote functions as well. 


  • Supermini body
  • 38-56 kHz frequency
  • DIY Learning function


  • Hard to reset

Buy Now – Best Price

7. MoesGo Wifi IR Control hub:


Go Hands-Free:

MoesGo has listened to the customer’s demands and needs! Now, proudly presenting you with the smart IR controller by which you can completely go hands-free in adjusting your air conditioner’s settings. There are two ways to control the devices, including the Tuya/Smart Life app and voice commands, i.e., Google Home and Amazon Echo.

DIY Copy Function:

Is your brand not on the list of MoesGo IR Controller’s Application? No worry, instead leave it to the device’s DIY function. This DIY learning will copy and replicate the same parts from the original remote.

38 kHz IR Compatibility:

MoesGo has featured the IR controller with a frequency range of 38 kHz, which covers almost all the IR-activated devices. You can adjust different settings for air conditioners, TVs, fans, media players, set-top boxes, and more. 


  • USB 2.0 cable included 
  • Perfect for LED Fireplaces and heaters as well
  • Multi-directional control 


  • Poor quality

Buy Now – Best Price


Professional Grade Device:

As mentioned in the name, RM4 Pro is entirely on the professional side with its dual IR/RF controlling technology and a comprehensive supporting frequency. The RF range lies between 430 – 440 MHz, which covers all product ranges. 

The compatibility is now not confined to the air conditioners and TVs, but you can also access the curtains, motors, projectors, lights, ceiling fans, and many other small appliances. 

On the other hand, IR technology provides its services in controlling over 50,000 Infrared activated appliances under the frequency range of 305 – 335 MHz.

Multiple Timer and Customization:

You can create multiple timers and schedule the devices as per need! This smart home hub will take care of when you’re leaving or coming home for a more manageable schedule. This way, you’ll end up saving some electricity costs.

Easy Controls

No need to keep the remote always in hand when you just say what you want! The compatibility with Amazon Echo and Google Nest makes it possible for you to step into the future.


  • Support IFTTT
  • Dual compatibility, i.e., IR/RF
  • Manual learning available
  • Simple setup


  • Not compatible with rolling codes appliances 

Buy Now – Best Price

9. FRANKEVER Smart IR Controller Hub:


Connect Automatically:

No need to do a long-length setup before you start! The FRANKEVER Smart IR controller hub connects automatically with wifi over a 2.4 GHz connection type.

Smart and Customizable:

This smart air conditioner IR controller comes equipped with the 3 kHz frequency range for the analog IR remote and helps you adjust the settings for plenty of IR-activated devices. Apart from the branded ones, you can utilize the DIY Learning function for non-branded ones.

Application Control:

One of the significant ways to overcome its short IR range is to control the AC conditioner via an application. No matter how far you go, utilize the 2.4 GHz wifi, or you can also voice-control your AC in seconds.


  • DIY Function
  • Flash Indicator
  • Easy to install


  • Short-range 

Buy Now – Best Price


Large Device Library:

Broadlink RM mini 3 comes with a vast device library that helps you control more than 80,000 appliances in one go! No need to spend pennies on multiple remotes. RM Mini 3 is also compatible with the newly launched devices having 98% efficiency. There is also an option to program the device manually.

Broad link application supports ultimate connectivity anywhere, anytime! You can set the timers, schedule the ON/OFF, and adjust your air conditioner’s temperature, hence turning the simple home into the smarter one. However, make sure to download the latest version of the BroadLink app.

Ask what you want:

Voice commands have never been much more manageable as with this Boradlink RM Mini 3. Moreover, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to fully customize the schedule and control the appliances in your own definitive way.


  • 98% IR efficiency
  • Set timers and schedule
  • Come with Broadlink app
  • One year warranty


  • Difficult to connect sometimes   

Buy Now – Best Price

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandConnectorRangeCompatible with
1.Panamalar Smart IR Remote ControlPanamalarInfrared8 metersAmazon Alexa and Google Home to control your TV, STB, air conditioner, audio, fans, etc.
2.Bestcon Broadlink RM4c Smart IR ControllerBestConMulti-directional infrared8 meters or lessTVs, setup boxes and air conditioners
3. YoLink Smart IR RemoteYoLink38kHz Infrared0.25 milesApp Remote Control for Xbox, TV, DVD, Fan, Smart Box 
4. MOES Wifi Smart IR Remote ControllerMOESInfrared Universal(38kHz)15 metersair condition, FAN,TV, DVD, STB, TV BOX etc.
5. BroadLink RM4 Mini S Smart IR ControllerBroadLink38kHz Infrared8 metersTV Remote, Smart AC Controller, Alexa/Google Home, IFTTT
6. OWSOO Smart Wifi IR Remote ControlOWSOO38-56 kHz InfraredAir conditioner, TV, set-top box, DVD, fans, LED lights, IR electric curtain
7. MoesGo Wifi IR Control hubMoesGo38kHz Infrared16m² spaceAir conditioners, TVs, fans, media players, set top boxes, and more
8. BroadLink RM4 Pro IR/RF Smart Home Hub/ControllerBroadLink305 – 335 MHz/ 430 – 440 MHz8-10 metersTV, Air Conditioner, Set top box, Streaming player, Amplifier, Sound Bar
9. FRANKEVER Smart IR Controller HubFRANKEVER38kHz Infrared1 meterAir conditioners, TVs, set-top boxes, TV boxes, DVDs, projectors, fans
10. BroadLink RM Mini 3 IR Smart AutomationBroadLink38 kHz Infrared6-8 metersTV, Set-up Box, A/C, Personal Video Recorder, DVD, receiver and more

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the frequency range of smart IR Remote Controllers?

A. The frequency range may vary according to the app for which the remote is set up! Usually, the IR remotes’ modulation rate lies between 36-60 kHz for AC, TV, lights, Fans, and more.

Q. Is it worth buying the universal IR Remote for AC?

A. Yes, it is worth buying as you cannot spend money on plenty of remote devices in your home. Thus, keeping a universal IR home hub, you cannot only control plenty of apps but handle them with your voice.

Q. How to buy the best smart air conditioner IR controller?

A. There are plenty of factors that you need to take care of while making the purchase.

  • Compatibility with appliances
  • The IR frequency range
  • Versatility in usage
  • Design and size
  • Cost


After reading this detailed guide, we can now clearly say that you’ll be able to make the right purchase and choose the smart air conditioner IR controller that suits you. Once you’re into it, controlling the air conditioner’s fan speed, temperature and mode will be much more comfortable on cozy nights!

You can also check out these smart door locks if you wish to take your home’s security up a notch.

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