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10 Best Video Doorbell Review for Smart Home

There is only one thing bad about having a video doorbell; as soon as the door knocks, every surprise will fall apart as you’ll get to know who is outside! But, worry not. We will introduce the best video doorbell in this article. We know that your home’s safety and security is your utmost priority. Keeping this in mind, technological advancements have come up with a dream gadget that gives you some extra eyes to have a look at what’s going outside your house and who’s ringing the bell. And the fun part is these features work even when you’re away! Therefore, with these high-tech features and plenty of safety options on-board, it’s not just a “nice to have a thing” but became a must-have in recent years.

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10 Best Video Doorbell

Why a Video Doorbell? – Your Extra Eye for Home’s Safety

Video doorbells are even more in demand these days as compared to security cameras. The reason being their smart and intelligent approach along with a user-friendly safety system. Here are some key features that would serve as an extra eye of yours to ensure your family members’ safety.

Motion Detection

Did you wonder if only the security cameras had motion detection? No more now! Most of the video doorbells are also equipped with motion detection paired with the smartphone. These utilize the passive infrared sensors (PIR), which work via infrared light detection. Once the motion has been detected, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone. Isn’t it convenient and safe?

Auto-Theft Detection

Here is another safety feature employed in the best video doorbell. There are mainly two ways of installing the doorbells. Either these are battery operated or the one that fits in your existing bell wiring. Both ways, there is an anti-theft screw that hinders the tampering. Thus, no matter how easy it’d be to install the video doorbell, it’s not going to be an easy removal for the thieves.

Infrared Lights

Apart from the sensors, another best feature that secures your house is the night vision! Most of the video doorbells are equipped with infrared lights, which inform you of someone’s presence even at night and eradicate the second guess. Make sure to purchase the best video doorbell, all equipped with infrared lights to provide a clear view without relying on the porch light.

Weather Resistance

Weather can be harsh sometimes! But worry not! Video doorbells are not waterproof but sealed so that they can withstand heavy snow and windstorm. No matter how humid the environment gets or how much the temperature falls, the bells will never stop working. Double-check to ensure the working temperature of the video doorbell you’re buying to get the most out of your money.

Advantages of having the Best Video Doorbell at Entryway

Are you a fan of a peephole or a security camera- both of which give a bird’s eye view of what’s happening outside? But the best video doorbell would have a sole purpose- the safety of your home! Thus, having a video doorbell at the entryway of your home would present the following benefits:

Better Viewing

As discussed earlier, the video doorbells are well-equipped with infrared lights-giving a clear night vision! Thus, no more squinting through the peephole as the camera view will notify you who is knocking at the door.

Smart Home

Having a video doorbell at the entryway will be a step towards the smart home! Most of the video doorbells also come with compatibility options with the smart home assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant.

An Improved Security

Unlike peephole and security cameras, video doorbells are the most effective solution for your home’s safety. These have built-in microphones and cameras to keep you notified and respond to any abnormality right at the moment. With a few simple steps, you’ll get to know who is on the other side of the door and decide whether to respond or not!

10 Best Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell – Best Overall Video Doorbell


Excellent Video Quality

One of the top features that enables this Ring Doorbell to find the number one position in our list of best video doorbells is the immersive video quality. You can record the 1080P video with enhanced pixel quality and no grain visuals. Providing you a clear vision on the other side of the door, this doorbell lets you see, speak and hear from your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Motion detection

This Ring Doorbell is equipped with improved motion detection safety features, which notifies you of any abnormality on time. You’ll automatically receive the alert notifications on your smartphone when anyone triggers the sensors or presses the bell button.

Rechargeable Battery

This one of the best ring doorbells is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which keeps on working even during the power breakdown, ensuring extra safety. On the other hand, it also works with your existing doorbell wiring with little or no changes.

Works with Alexa

One smart feature that you all are waiting for is compatibility with Alexa! You can now control this nifty gadget by pairing it with the smart Alexa-enabled devices for a two-way talk and security monitoring at its best.


  • Improved motion detection
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Ring power protect
  • Works with Alexa


  • Poor battery life

Ring Video Door Bell 3 – Runner-Up Best Video Doorbell


Upgrade to Predecessor

Ring Video Doorbell 3 is an upgrade to the previous version of Ring Doorbell 2 and is quite an advanced form! This safety gadget is not equipped with advanced motion detection and privacy zones, which not only offers you audio privacy while connected directly to the wifi. Moreover, a connectivity upgrade has stolen the show as well, and no one supports the dual-band wifi, i.e., 2.4 or 5.0 GHz. 

Live Notifications

Ring Video Doorbell is one of its kind in providing a real-time response to any intruding activity. It keeps you notified of the other side of the door. You can see, hear and speak whatever you want in response to the situation. The built-in motion sensors also keep track of any happenings outside or anyone who presses the doorbell. A two-way talk option makes things easier further. 

Easy Setup

Ring DoorBell 3 comes with a comfortable setup option on-board. You simply need to connect the bell with your existing doorbell wiring for the constant with no changes required. Moreover, it also works with battery power.


  • Improved motion detection
  • Easy installation
  • Removable battery
  • Works with Alexa
  • Two-way talk


  • Requires subscription for video storage

Ring Doorbell Pro – Best Video Doorbell with Easy Setup


Easy installation

Ring Doorbell Pro comes with an easy installation option that eases the security maintenance at the entryway of your home! This nifty gadget requires no changes in the existing doorbell wiring and needs no extra hub for connectivity. All you need to do is connect a continuous power supply and connect the video doorbell with wifi. The working conditions include the 40VA max. And 50/60Hz frequency.

Motion Zones

This ring doorbell Pro comes with the motion zones enabled by default. Now, you can check for the live notification anytime via the ring application. Whenever the motion is detected, you’ll receive real-time alerts; however, you can also customize your motion zones. A Live View makes sure you get the HD video of the other side of the door.

Home Security at its Best

You can see, hear and speak in response to the events happening on the other side of the door. The 1080P HD video quality keeps you aware, while the Ring Protect Plan will help you save the videos as well.

Voice Controlled

This best video doorbell comes with Alexa compatibility by which you can connect it with a smart home assistant, especially an Echo device.


  • Two-way talk
  • 2.4/5.0 GHz wifi connectivity 
  • Hands-free home monitoring
  • Faceplates included


  • A little pricier

Ring Peephole Cam – Best Video Doorbell with the 2-way talk


Replaces the Peephole

Are you a fan of the peephole of security cameras? If not, here’s a chance to replace your peephole with something amazing and smart! This Ring Peephole camera serves as a smart video doorbell that records and streams 1080P live HD video to your smartphone from another side of the door.

Extra Safe, Easy Installation

As it takes a peephole position, it’s much safer than an ordinary security camera or a video doorbell. The Peephole Cam is easy to install, and while fitting inside the hole, it never looks like a camera is looking at you from outside of the door. There is no wiring or drilling required, and it takes 5 minutes for the first-time setup.

Advanced Motion Detection

One of the noteworthy features of this best video doorbell is the advanced motion detection with built-in sensors inside. There are no chances that an intruder will break into your house as the smart alert system will always notify you.

Two-Way Talk

The reason for fame for this Peephole Cam, after being lightweight and smart, is two-way talk. You’ll end up having a communication with the person knocking at the door for a safer experience.


  • 1080P HD video quality
  • 5-minutes installation
  • Fits in peephole
  • Two-way talk


  •  Barrel distortion

Arlo AVD1001B Video Doorbell – Best Video Doorbell with Siren


1880-degrees Angle

Arlo AVD1001B has come up with a lot better features on-board, including the 180-degrees at the top of the list. Now, it’s much easier to view a person from head to toe from the other side of the door for a safer response. The 180-degree viewing angle will be at 1:1 aspect ratio while also presenting you with a reduced viewing angle. The aspect ratio will be 16:9 for the reduced view screen.

Clear Picture

Arlo AVD1001B will stream a detailed HD picture on your smartphone screen via the application connected directly to the video doorbell. The HDR mode ensures enough details even in low light situations and thus enabling night vision. No need to rely on the porch light anymore!

Two-Way Radio

Now you not only see but talk to persons on the other side of the door. Two-way radio ensures clear communication between you two. You can also respond to the visitors with some pre-recorded messages or quick-replies.

Motion Detection

Notified alerts will ring your smartphone by the time a motion is detected on your Arlo video doorbell. Arlo Foresight makes sure to record even the moments before the motion-triggered video gets captured.


  • 180-degrees viewing angle
  • Two-way radio
  • Quick response messages
  • HDR mode


  • No Google Assistant support

Conico Video Doorbell Camera – Best Video Doorbell with IR Night Vision


Advanced Motion Detection

Conico has come up with the Smart Motion Detection, which has a high range of detection for any abnormal movement. It can sense the motion from a 10-meter range and generate the notified alerts to your smartphone. Thus, you can make use of a smartphone app to talk to the person who knocked at the door- all in real-time!

1080P Full HD Video

Video Doorbells are taking the place of security cameras, and the Conico has a solid reason for this! It comes with a Full HD 1080P video quality with 166 degrees wide-angle view. Thus, no matter you’re at home or away, this wireless video doorbell is here for the security of your home.

IR Night Vision

The wifi video doorbell comes with real-time 24 hours protection, but the Infrared Night Vision works at its best. It can capture people’s movements even from a considerable distance in its FHD 1080P sharp vision.

Smart Options

Some other smart options for this Conico Video Doorbell include the IP65 waterproof ability and a large battery lifespan. The built-in 6700 mAh rechargeable battery will never let the security system shut down.


  • 1080P FHD vision
  • 166 degrees wide Angle
  • The battery lasts for 2-months


  • Poor motion detection as compared to others

HeimVision Wireless Video Doorbell – Best Video Doorbell with Chime


All-Glass HDR Lens

HeimVision has brought immense video capturing and distortion-free streaming to the real! A 1080P Full HD streaming via this Video Doorbell visualizes the other side of the door on your smartphone screen. Equipped with the All-glass HDR lens, this wireless video doorbell ensures security 24/7.

AI Human Detection

Are you afraid of opening the door at night? No worries! Now, the HeimVision has the AI detection on-board, which manages to respond to the PIR motion and any suspicious movement with a large range. Plus, you’ll get real-time alerts and notifications whenever someone comes in the proximity of your entryway. All the sensitivities are adjustable in this device.

Remote Controlled

An easier way to respond to the visitors is a two-way radio, which lets you speak and hear to the other side of the door in real-time. And what’s good about these smart features is that you can control them remotely from all over the world over wifi!


  • Two storage options
  • Weatherproof (IP65)
  • AI human detection
  • Instant message alerts  


  • The camera is not quite perfect  

Kunkin wifi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime – Best Video Doorbell with Cloud Storage


1080P Real-Time Footage

Kunkin Video doorbell comes with 1080P real-time footage that not only captures the clear visuals for improved security but can capture the images or videos at your commands anytime. With that 1080P visuals comes the IR night vision ensuring you a clearer view even at night with any porch light.

Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio ensures a quick and splendid response right when someone knocks at the door. If someone comes in proximity, the Kunkin wifi Doorbell sends instant alerts on the indoor chime and the phone, triggered even by the slightest motion.

Simple and Firm Installation

Another feature for Kunkin wifi Doorbell brings in the anchor-like firm installation- and that too in a few steps. The installation design depicts a modern yet safe look that prevents violent dissembling by the thieves. Moreover, an in-built dynamic detection offers the safety and security to ensure the video doorbell is in an intact position.


  • Wire-free installation
  • No SD card needed
  • Low power consumption
  • 2600mAh battery


  • It doesn’t support 5 GHz wifi

XTU Wifi Video Doorbell


Wireless and Cordless

Do you wonder that installing a video doorbell will depict a messy outlook? Not anymore! XTU wifi doorbell brings in the rechargeable battery and wifi connected operation, which not only gives an ease of usage but eradicates the mess of wires. The 6000 mAh battery will last for weeks and months, ensuring that the security needs are fulfilled even in the unusual power breakdown.

No tools needed

One of the major reasons for fame includes the tool-less installation! It needs only 5-minutes to do the installation process without having complicated tools in your sac.

1080P FHD with Night Vision

No need to worry whenever looking for the ultimate security solution with night vision! This XTU wireless video doorbell can monitor your entryway’s proximity within FHD 1080Pm vision with IR night mode.


  • Motion detection
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 32GB SD card included
  • 166 degrees wide angle


  • Not a great battery life

Eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell – Best Video Doorbell with 2K HD Vision


Sony 2K Sensor

Eufy has left its competitors far behind with tits ultimate sharp 2K Vision and a pro-grade lens! The built-in Sony lens allows you to have an outside view of your house, depicting all the entryway proximity activities with a clear view.

No Monthly Subscription

There is no need to have a monthly subscription for the Eufy to work or store any kind of footage. Moreover, Eufy is a modern security solution that requires no costly parts to be purchased.

Dual Power Operations

Eufy has dual power modes for its operation on-board. It not only works with a single charge for about six months, but you can have continuous power with the wired connections.


  • Extended field of view
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 2.5x better sharpness
  • 2K sensor


  • Lacks IFTTT support

Comparison Chart

ProductsBrandVideo QualityConnectivityWhat’s unique?
1.Ring Video Doorbell Ring1080P HD2.4 GHz wifiImproved motion detection, easy installation 
2.Ring Video Door Bell 3Ring1080P HD2.4 or 5.0 GHz Wifi Audio privacy, dual-band wifi 
3. Ring Doorbell ProRing1080P HD2.4 or 5.0 GHz Wifi Motion Activated Alerts, Easy Installation, faceplates 
4. Ring Peephole CamRing1080P HD2.4 GHz wifiHD video, 2-way talk, easy installation
5. Arlo AVD1001B Video DoorbellArlo1080P HD2.4 GHz wifiMotion Detection and Alerts, Built-in Siren, Night Vision 
6. Conico Video Doorbell CameraConico 1080P HD2.4 GHz wifi2-Way Audio/Night Vision/Wide Angle
7. HeimVision Wireless Video DoorbellHeimVision 1080P HD2.4 GHz wifi2-Way Audio, Remote Control, Night Vision, Weatherproof
8. Kunkin wifi Video Doorbell Camera with ChimeKunkin 1080P HD2.4 GHz wifiMotion Detection, Support Cloud Storage, Remote HD Call, Night Vision
9. XTU Wifi Video DoorbellXTU1080P HD2.4 GHz wifiMotion Detection, Support Cloud Storage, Remote HD Call, Night Vision
10. Eufy Security Wireless Video DoorbellEufy1080P HD2.4 GHz wifiRechargeable Battery, IP65 Waterproof, Motion Detection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do the video doorbells work with monthly subscriptions only?

A. Not all the video doorbells need a monthly subscription as it is an on-board feature for a few brands only. Video doorbells that support cloud storage usually come with a monthly subscription fee.

Q. What camera quality should the video doorbells must-have?

A. Best video doorbells must be equipped with at least 720P resolution with a 120-degree field of vision. However, video doorbells with 1080P resolution and an IR-supported night vision works best.

Q. Are video doorbells safe to use?

A. Video doorbells are usually encrypted and safe to use. Moreover, the 1080P FHD visuals help you view the entryway proximity, and improved motion detection will improve your home’s security.


Are you concerned about your home’s safety? No worries! Security cameras are out of fashion now when we have a modern solution to the security needs. Video Doorbells will not only provide you the 1080P FHD visuals but a two-way radio to hear and speak with the person knocking at the door!

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