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Ekster Smart Wallets | Review

Ekster is an innovative company that injects high-tech into traditional leather goods. They have become legendary for their smart wallets, which strike the perfect balance between design and functionality. 

Ekster Senate

If you’re looking for a stylish wallet that’s compact and reliable, the Ekster Senate is a good option. The slim, black plastic device is less than 1cm thick, which is smaller than a stack of cards. It also has a top loading form and is wrapped in Dutch/German premium leather. The Ekster Senate comes with a black fabric elastic band and a leather piece stitched to the base. The Ekster logo is stamped on the top of the pouch.

The Ekster Senate’s design is reminiscent of an opulent, luxurious purse. Its top-grain leather is complemented by aluminum. It also features a tracker card, which can help you find your wallet if you misplace it. This tracking feature is optional but comes in handy if you lose it.

This sleek wallet features a cash band and a credit card slot. It also has an elasticated cash strap and a button for releasing your cards. Its combination of leather and aluminium makes it incredibly slim. It measures 0.85 x 4.1 in (1.3 x 10.5) cm, and is crafted from top-grain leather that has been tanned using gold-rated environmental protocols. It is also made using DriTan technology, which ensures the leather will age gracefully, and it will also retain its shape and character as it wears in.

Moreover, the Ekster Senate also comes with a built-in GPS tracker and TrackR app. This can come in handy when traveling, as it can help you track your travels. The GPS tracker is hidden in the rear of the wallet, where it is not easily visible to the naked eye. Moreover, the tracker’s solar panel can charge itself in a matter of hours.

Ekster Parliament

Parliament is a slim RFID card reader that allows users to store their cards safely and easily. It also provides an added layer of security by protecting your cards from unauthorized RFID-scanning. This makes Parliament an excellent choice for all of your ID needs. Read on to discover the benefits of this unique product.

Ekster Parliament has been designed to work well with a variety of credit cards and other types of cards. This wallet has space for up to 10 cards. It also has room for a tracker card and is equipped with a quick access mechanism. Other features of this wallet include RFID blocking technology and premium European leather.

The Ekster Parliament wallet has a similar design to the Ekster Senate. Its slider system makes it possible to store up to four cards in comfortable alignment. It can even hold up to five cards if you push it hard enough. It is best to use it with at least four cards. This way, you can keep track of where your money is at all times.

The Ekster Parliament wallet comes in a nice package and features a simple, yet clever card slider system. It also has a back-side compartment where you can store extra cards and cash. It is also quite thin compared to traditional wallets, and it fits nicely in your pocket. The Ekster Parliament is made of top-grain leather, which is eco-friendly.

This wallet is made for people who want a wallet that will be easy to use and keep safe. Its slim design makes it easy to carry and store, and its design makes it easy to access stored cards. It also protects you from unauthorized RFID-scanning.

Ekster Key Tracker

The Ekster Key Tracker is a smart key finder. Not only does it give you peace of mind, it also saves you time. The device works on any type of key, even the ones that are hard to find. It works by monitoring the signal of your key and sending you a message when it is found.

The Ekster Key Tracker is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. You can also use it to take group selfies. The range of this key tracker is 200 feet. Its sleek design is another benefit. This product is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, with special early bird prices.

The Ekster Key Tracker is perfect for those who lose their keys frequently. It uses Bluetooth technology to pinpoint where you’ve placed your keys and will even let you know which key is yours. You can also attach it to a key clip or anything else that holds keys. It features voice-activation and two-way ringing. It also has a selfie mode and a built-in LED light.

The Ekster Key Tracker is available in a variety of colors. The pink option is beautiful and has room for nine cards. It syncs with your phone, and will notify you if your cards are missing. The Ekster Key Tracker comes with a free shipping offer for Black Friday, and it can be returned for 45 days.

Another feature that makes the Ekster Key Tracker stand out is its solar-powered tracker card. This is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and uses Bluetooth technology to track where your keys are. It also doubles as a wireless selfie stick.

Ekster Key

The company’s latest creation is the Ekster Key, a sleek, high-tech key holder that’s already overshot its Kickstarter funding goal.

The Ekster Key Holder is a slim, silent device that holds three to eight keys in one place. It allows you to easily retrieve your keys and keep them organised. The built-in magnetic ring makes it easy to find your keys, and the extension lever is useful for attaching keys. And because it’s silent, you won’t have to worry about your keys scratching your doors.

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