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Smart Swimming Pool Monitoring and Control With IoT

Smart city applications offer value to several different vertices. Especially, IoT & remote monitoring can help numerous applications and use cases with the help of a few sensors and internet connectivity. Smart cities can build numerous applications to minimize human interventions. Managing swimming pools is one such area where implementation of IoT can create significant value. Swimming pools and clubs practice strict monitoring & control of pool water. It is to ensure that customers get to enjoy clean, harmless, and kinder water conditions. Any skin infection transmitted because of poor swimming pool hygiene can result in loss of customers and brand value. As such, smart swimming pool monitoring is the key to a healthier consumer experience, especially in the current conditions. Innovative swimming pools will eliminate any unfortunate occurrence from swimming pool experiences. 

Value Creation With Smart Swimming Pool Monitoring

Clean water and hygiene practices are a critical necessity for the use of swimming pools. Therefore, they require regular attention and best efforts from the pool management staff. For instance, bad hygiene of the pool or unchecked water characteristics can affect the health of visitors. Swimming pool water can be effected through physical, chemical, and biological contaminants. Here are some of the common health effects of poor pool hygiene:

  • Skin irritation with exposure to pool water
  • Causing allergic reaction to susceptible people
  • Irritation in eyes because of water pollution or chemical presence
  • Severe effects of swimming pool infections can contribute to respiratory diseases
  • Spread of diseases because of contaminated water

Amazingly, the growth of remote monitoring systems and the Internet of Things allows smart swimming pools to address these challenges efficiently. These challenges so far require significant human efforts to maintain the quality of smart swimming pools. Smart swimming pool monitoring aspires to sense the cleanliness of the water. To summarize, such a system would help face these challenges easily with the help of wireless sensor networks.

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Working Of Smart Swimming Pool Monitoring & Its Benefits:

Innovative swimming pools consist of water quality measurement as a primary tool. Therefore, swimming pools can ensure clean water availability by measuring the presence of chlorine, dissolved ions,  pH, lower ORP, and turbidity of pool water. Waterproof wireless devices consisting of these sensors can be installed in swimming pools to fetch the data and post it on the cloud. Moreover, these wireless sensor networks (WSN) may leverage long-range communication to publish their data on the cloud. Communication technologies like cellular communication, Zigbee, LoRa, and maybe Wi-Fi can support the exchange of data.

With the help of IoT and Edge devices, authorities can take the necessary actions as per the computation of data. These swimming pools can benefit from on-premise alert systems and staff notification interfaces. Therefore, implementation of technology can offer numerous advancements to smart swimming pools, including:

  • Assuring cleaner water against any type of water pollution
  • Accurate decision making on the basis of data collection
  • Predictive maintenance for the swimming pools based on insightful analysis
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts in case of sudden exposure to pollutants
  • Effective & quick response with IoT-based alert systems
  • Assured chemical balancing and harm-free experience for users
  • Monitoring the pattern of energy use for swimming pools.
  • A single web dashboard to access and manage smart swimming pools

Smart swimming pool monitoring offers a plethora of advantages for the users. However, complete device architecture would be dependent on the specific need of any pool. Those particular specifications will help decide system technical architecture. Some of the specs would include Ideal size, robustness, device cost, power consumptions, and necessary actuators to control the swimming pool management systems. 

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The Internet of Things introduces itself as a viable solution for many applications where human intervention is challenging. Thus, leading itself to become the best choice for the advancement of swimming pool monitoring. Technology is at a stage where merely monitoring and controlling the temperature of the swimming pool is primitive. Smart swimming pools can now eliminate all the harm of contaminated water out of the equation. Such an affordable system can allow the pool staff to work efficiently while creating a greater customer experience. These ultra-low-power devices can create a significant value by removing all the hassle out of swimming pool management. Therefore, in conclusion, smart cities can enable swimming pools to serve their purpose, creating a healthy, relaxing, and fun experience.

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