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Did You Know How Netflix Uses Artificial Intelligence?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms across the globe. Netflix has rapidly reached $25 Billion in revenue in 12 years. Furthermore, Netflix is the fan-favorite among all of its competitors. Such success of the consumer entertainment platform is due to the effortless flow. Using the best technology architecture allows Netflix to be the best in the business. In addition, Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence in order to create an out of box user experience. This article covers how Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role for Netflix. 

Here’s A List Of Ways Netflix Leverages AI:

Netflix leverages Artificial Intelligence for several objectives such as user experience, personalization, production, and even managing the streaming. Here are the different ways Artificial Intelligence helps Netflix:

Choosing the right streaming quality:

Streaming quality and experience is a critical element for a platform like Netflix. As such, they use Artificial Intelligence to make the most out of video streaming. For example, Netflix leverages the user’s past watch data to stream the good video quality based on the available bandwidth. It also allows Netflix to use suitable regional servers for load balancing as needed.

Recommending shows or movies:

Any particular user has a set of choices and genres they have preferred over time. Therefore, it is possible to predict a range of shows or movies that a user might like based on previous choices. Netflix can make such personal recommendations through Machine Learning and Data Science. This Artificial Intelligence application allows Netflix to engage users with the best offerings one after another.

The recommendation engine acts as a key to offering a personal experience to users. Artificial Intelligence-based recommendations ensure that the right audience can find the best suitable content. Often, users with similar choices are recommended the same shows as the usage pattern. Therefore, recommending content through Artificial Intelligence is one of the best tools to keep users captivated.

Quality checking for the content:

One of the most common experiences with streaming content is synchronization gaps. Synchronization gaps can occur in a few different ways. First, there can be a mismatch between audio playback and video on the scene. Also, there can be a mismatch between audio and subtitles. Either way, such an experience can be frustrating for viewers and create a negative image for the brand.

Netflix had to find a solution for this challenge as the top streaming platform. Artificial Intelligence allowed netflix to check hours of footage in an instant automatically. In addition, AI can alert manual QA checkers to focus on areas where there might be gaps. This way, the massive amount of production data is checked through Artificial Intelligence with ease and accuracy. Such provision allows Netflix to offer promising content quality.

Thumbnail personalization:

Netflix has more than one way to personalize every user experience it offers. Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence to understand which kind of thumbnail would appeal the most to an individual.  The key behind this functionality is Machine Learning, where the user’s previous interest patterns act as a reference. AI analyzes what kind of artwork would entice a particular user.

Based on this understanding, Artificial Intelligence allows Netflix to represent a show with the most suitable artwork. Generally, there would be a set of artworks out of which the platform can pick one. Such a level of sophistication makes Netflix an addictive streaming service to use. Users can easily find the next best show they would want to watch through Artificial Intelligence. 

Pre-production assistance:

Netflix has a huge set of data, and every passing day they are expanding their range. At this point, Netflix itself also has a production house where they produce the shows and movies themselves. The long list of crew members and particular requirements of a show can be quite the puzzle. Therefore, Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence here in order to help pre-production decision-making.

AI here helps the production house to decide the best situation amount a variety of constraints. It can take of constraints such as budget, location, weather, crew scheduling, and it can also help with the best accommodations of travel and stay. Such a tool allows Netflix to be ahead of the curve and deliver more and more quality shows with efficiency.

There’s more to Netflix and Artificial Intelligence.

Other applications of Artificial Intelligence on streaming platforms include presenting relevant trivia or the representing names of actors in a particular scene. These applications were focused on the user experience applications of AI in Netflix. Apart from that, AI can also play a role in analytics and marketing campaigns for Netflix. In summary, it is safe to say that the use of Artificial Intelligence in Netflix is not a science fiction concept but a well-executed model.

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