Have the right brightness, hue, intensity and direction. Create magical, romantic, relaxing and surreal atmospheres. Check everything directly from your smartphone. Be assured of the high quality of a product. If your thinking is aligned with these phrases, then the smart lamp Luke Roberts is what’s right for you. A smart device that gives home technology and innovation, but also emotions and well-being. An intelligent object that transforms home environments into places full of harmony and serenity. Let’s discover the characteristics of Luke Roberts together.

A smart lamp with many options

Luke Roberts boasts several advantages and strengths. First of all, the possibility to direct light according to your personal needs. You can choose whether to illuminate the entire room or just some areas, as well as point the light in each direction a few clicks on your smartphone. Direct or indirect light? The one you prefer. The Luke Roberts smart lamp allows you to opt for single or double function. In addition, thanks to advanced technology, you can change color and tone with just a few simple gestures.

An app to manage Luke Roberts

The smart lamp is connected with an app. After installing it and logging in, you will be able to set up all the required information and also remotely manage the activities of the Like Roberts. Turning the lighting system on and off will be a quick and easy action, executable wherever you are, no matter whether in your home, office or on the go. The app is compatible and available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Intelligence and quality

Thanks to its algorithm, the Luke Roberts smart lamp is able to store and assimilate the habits and behaviors of the hosts, thus offering warm environments and Cozy depending on the time of arrival at your home.
Luke Robert is an Austrian project and the production is only and exclusively designed and assembled to the strictest European standards.

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Technical characteristics

The Luke Roberts smart lamp boasts 330 LEDs and considerable lighting capacity for entire rooms, even very large. The temperature of the light is adjustable and variable, from 2700 to 4000 Kelvin. Luke Roberts is also equipped with an infrared system that detects the presence of human beings in the house and automatically switches the lights on and off. Power consumption is low thanks to the Bluetooth connection. To make your home smarter, discover the many smart objects of the Internet of Things world. We have dedicated awhole category to this type of product.


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