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Smoke detector for the house we introduce you to LEEO

When we are not at home, a thought is addressed to our home, with the hope that nothing will happen and that on return everything will be as we left it. Sometimes, however, it happens that there is smoke, a loss of water, a small discomfort that can arise in something much more serious. Leeo Smart Alert is the multifunction smart home smoke detector that allows you to ward off anxieties and fears about the state of your home. A simple and discreet smart object that can send alerts and alerts if something doesn’t work the way it should.

Much more than a smoke detector for the home: a multi-function IoT device

Thanks to Leeo Smart Alert you can enjoy the time spent outside the house in peace, without thoughts and worries. The Leeo app will be like your ears when you’re not in the house. In case of an emergency, the Leeo app, available for both iOS and Android, sends push notifications to all accounts linked to the profile. In addition to being an excellent smoke detector, Leeo is able to pick up excess CO in the air and water spills. Once you receive the news, you will be the one to decide whether to contact police, a friend, or relative immediately. In addition to its main function, Leeo is available in several colourful variants. It, in fact, serves also knows the light of night. Dim and subdued for all moods.

How the smoke detector works for the Leeo home

Leeo is simple to install and easy to use. Connects to any wall socket and installs in a minute thanks to WiFi connection and a smartphone. Once installed and activated, Leeo will send alarm alerts in case of smoke, carbon monoxide and water. You will receive a call directly from your smart device. In the event that the call is not answered, Leeo will notify the contacts that you have reported as important when setting up. After receiving the call, you can check the condition of your home or ask for police and fire services. A real smart solution for fire and flooding prevention.

Products from the Internet of Things world are characterized by cutting-edge technologies and innovation. These are useful products for everyday life and safety, your home or office. There are many sectors in which smart objects are present, but particular attention is given to the Smart home.

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