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ALIVECOR | Heart Rate Monitor And EKG On Your Smartphone

Medicine is moving into the modern age. Thanks to Alivecor, a medical device company that has created a smartphone attachment that turns your iPhone or Android phone into a medical grade EKG, you can now monitor your heart rate and electrocardiogram from the convenience of your own pocket!

The AliveCor EKG reader for smartphones is a simple, noninvasive way to track your heart activity from the comfort of your own home. This incredible device scans the electrical impulses in the heart and turns it into a picture for you to easily interpret!

Even though this medical grade tool seems like it belongs in a hospital, with just one touch of a button, you can now monitor your heart stats from the convenience of your own bedroom.

Keeping track of pulse and EKG levels is extremely useful to those with high blood pressure or other health concerns.

Straight from the world of the Internet of Things, Alivecor comes as heart monitor that can track heartbeats at all times of the day.

ALIVECOR is the world’s first mobile EKG device, with FDA approval for at-home use. It lets you monitor your heart rate with an app on your smartphone and EKG attachment, so you can detect arrhythmias or abnormal heartbeats in real time. It’s a great way to track your heart health and take control of it by measuring your resting heart rate, as well as monitoring during exercise via the app.

•          The mobile EKG device is now FDA-approved to detect cardiac arrhythmias in real time, and it can send an alert if needed

•          It’s great for athletes, those with heart conditions or diabetes, travelers – anyone who wants to track their heart health

•          ALIVECOR is the only home EKG monitor that also includes a built-in pulse oximeter. You can measure your blood oxygen levels 24/7 with ALIVECOR

•    The company has won accolades from top investors for its innovative thinking, including being named No. 4 on Forbes’ list of most exciting startups in 2015

•        People love the device – they say it’s easy to use and it gives them peace of mind.

We decided to write about ALIVECOR for all the people that suffer from cardiac arrhythmias, so I constantly worry about heart health as well as those I love. This device gives me a piece of mind, especially since everyone is so busy these days. Now, I’m not just a mom and wife – I am also a successful professional that is into sports, travels a lot and sometimes forgets to take care of herself. This device gives me the opportunity to check my heart rate anytime of the day. In addition, it’s great for athletes, people with heart conditions or diabetes and anyone who wants to track their heart health.

In fact, ALIVECOR comes with an app for your smartphone so you can monitor your heart rate on a daily basis while getting alerts if necessary. It has a built-in pulse oximeter which lets you measure blood oxygen level 24/7 as well as let you know how hard your heart is working when doing any activity such as running or just climbing stairs.

We’ve learned that ALIVECOR is useful for parents who want to monitor their kids’ heart rate during sports, but also for people like us who constantly worry about our health and know how important it is to check anything out of the ordinary.

How Alivecor works

AliveCor is the name of this smart accessory that can detect and alert the user in case of irregular heartbeats.
Simply lay your fingers on your smartphone and wait for the heart rate monitor to detect the frequency, providing a real on-screen track. AliveCor is compatible and fully functional with both iOS and Android devices.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor can record a minute-long ECG rhythm strip and the accompanying audio. The device then produces a summary report that cardiologists can read. This is an important medical tool for cardiologists because it provides them with the ability to facilitate faster diagnosis. The AliveCor can help doctors and patients better manage their cardiovascular health. The device is compact and easy to use, which makes it convenient for people with active lifestyles.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor has an adhesive back that sticks directly on the skin at the chest area. There are two metal pads located on the top of the monitor as well as a speaker so users don’t have to hold or wear anything! It’s quite amazing how much technology is integrated into such a small product. Moreover, it also provides heart rate information so you can analyze your heart rhythm in real time.

The Alivecor device records and stores up to 30 minutes worth of electrocardiograms (ECG). That sounds like a lot, but it isn’t nearly enough for an average doctor’s office visit. Additionally, the ECG data is stored in the device itself, or you can save it wirelessly to your phone or computer by using Alivecor’s free app. These recordings are time-stamped with the date and time of day so they can be easily shared if necessary.

Another great feature that the Alivecor Heart Monitor boasts is its ability to record heart sounds – This allows doctors to measure heart valves ejection fraction (EF). The device will play a series of low-pitched sounds made by one’s own heartbeat. One can then look at these heart sound signals on an ECG recording and determine what percentage of blood is being through one’s heart valves per beat. These sounds can be heard and seen by doctors, and they can then determine how healthy a person’s heart is over time with the device.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor provides cardiologists with tools that enable them to provide better care for their patients.

The benefits of a mobile EKG device to detect cardiac arrhythmias in real time and alert a physician if needed

Mobile cardiogram devices are one of the next big advancements in the field of cardiac arrhythmias. The main goal of these devices is to provide real-time, continuous cardiac monitoring. These machines are not only portable but also cost effective. They are able to detect arrhythmias and report it back to an attending physician who can then take care of this issue as quickly as possible.

The heart’s rhythm is what determines how well it is functioning. Cardiac arrhythmias or irregularities can lead to congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and other cardiac conditions that may be fatal if left untreated for too long. The use of these mobile cardiogram devices can be significant in preventing these events from happening.

Mobile cardiogram devices are usually quite small, lightweight and compact so they can be easily carried around with you. Some of them can even be worn on the wrist like a watch. These mobile EKG machines look like ordinary mobile phones that have two electrodes that go into your fingers to detect electrical pulses in your heart’s rhythm (signals). The detection of these signals is then registered by the device and sent back to an attending physician who can decide what treatment should be given to the patient if necessary. Also, another important thing about mobile cardiograms is that since they are available 24/7 it allows medical professionals to get access to patients anytime they want – either during routine check-ups or emergencies when the patient suddenly experiences cardiac arrhythmias.

Another important thing about these types of devices is that they don’t require any kind of external power source to operate. They have internal batteries that can be charged through a USB port on a computer or wall charger and this allows for continuous use without having to charge them all the time. You simply start using it, record your data and then input the device back into its carrying case so it can recharge itself.

Now, mobile cardiograms are not without any limitations – they only monitor your heart rate throughout the day and don’t provide an accurate diagnosis of any cardiac conditions that may need attention. However, they are made specifically to record all of your daily activities so physicians know if there has been a change in your behavior that could indicate cardiovascular disease. The devices also come with pre-loaded questions regarding your history which you must answer before each use which physicians read and then compare to your heart’s waves.

Mobile cardiograms are probably the next big thing in the medical field when it comes to real-time monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias and conditions. These devices can significantly improve patient care and provide them with a better overall treatment plan – not only by providing diagnosis information but also preventive measures they may need to take in order to keep their heart healthy.

Who Alivecor is for – athletes, people with heart conditions or diabetes, travelers, etc.

Alivecor is for individuals who want to be able to track their heart health and activity levels. It is also for athletes who want to improve their performance, as well as people with heart conditions or diabetes who need to monitor their health. Alivecor can also be helpful for travelers who want to know their heart rate and blood pressure in different parts of the world.

AliveCor is suitable for everyone, from young people to older people, thanks to the simplicity of its use. It works in conjunction with an app, to which it sends an ultrasonic signal directly from the microphone. The algorithms behind the app, decode the signal allowing you to view the path of the electrocardiogram directly on the smartphone screen. Once the registration is finished, you can send your doctor all the data collected so that you can immediately establish an analysis of your health condition.

Why Alivecor can save your life

Approved by the FDA (the US Food and Medicines Agency), AliveCor is considered an intelligent heart rate monitor suitable for both professional and personal use. Thanks to this IoT solution, you can detect any atrial fibrillations in advance, reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. It’s enough 30 seconds to have a complete track to send to your doctor.

A smart and secure app

AliveCor is connected to a downloadable app on all smartphones. There are two types of subscription: the basic one, which merely detects heartbeats and the premium one. The latter offers a wide range of additional services to keep your health under control. In addition to the electrocardiogram, thanks to the premium option, you can monitor blood pressure and weight. It is also allowed to store all personal data and traces detected over time.

AliveCor, thanks to its functionality, is recommended and employed by many doctors around the world. Thanks to this intelligent object, doctors have the opportunity to assess in real time the health conditions of their patients even at a distance.

Through archived files, patient history is tracked and monitored constantly; all basic vital parameters are kept under control thanks to a simple application. Not only and exclusively the heartbeat, but also the pressure, weight and activities carried out, are recorded by a single device that processes the data creating profiles of each user and reporting any heart risks.

AliveCor is a demonstration of how the world of the Internet of Things can contribute in a positive way to improving the daily lives of all people.

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