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GPS for dogs. The innovative and safe WHISTLE

Whistle is the perfect compact pet tracker for not losing Fido. But dogs aren’t the only smarts. Even cunning felines often stray from home. Whistle is a smart device suitable for both. That the dog is man’s best friend by now is a fact. That he is becoming a real family member is a typical trend for so many homes. To keep a lid on your faithful four-legged friend and not risk unpleasant accidents, a dog GPS is a better solution.

Compact and reliable GPS for cats and dogs

Sometimes our four-legged friends, in the throes of animal instincts or simple curiosity, move away from home, preferring an escapade to the family environment. Where they go is a mystery to everyone. The GPS for dogs and cats Whistle is the answer to the conundrum. A pet tracker designed, developed and manufactured by American Whistle Labs. A smart, compact, advanced and perfect device for every size, large, small, mini. With this GPS for dogs and cats, you can monitor the location of your pet wherever you are and at any time.

Small, but precious

The GPS for dogs and cats Whistle, latches on to collars, even less invasive ones. The technology behind this smart device is very advanced. Not only the classic 3G and GPS modules, but also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The tracker connects to your smartphone, allowing immediate and continuous monitoring. With a few touches, you can also set up advanced features, such as sending a notification in case of special conditions or delimiting a specific virtual area.

Not a simple GPS for cats and dogs

Whistle, in addition to extremely accurately locating your close four-legged friend, monitors his activities. The rides, binges and rests are all tracked by the device in order to make detailed, information-rich daily reports. Setting Whistle correctly, with all the data of your dog or cat, will help you understand and monitor your pet’s health.

Some technical details

The GPS for dogs and cats Whistle is compact and non-invasive. It connects easily to an app, which can be downloaded for both iOS and Android systems. It is waterproof and battery life is remarkable, although it depends on the functions in use. To preserve the operation and safety of the animal, when the battery is nearly discharged, the masters will receive a notification. Whistle isn’t the only device in the Internet of Things world that thinks about animals. There are others, with different functions, but always focused on the well-being of your trusted four-legged life partner. HERE a selection for you.

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