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Troubleshoot hearing problems with OTICON, the IoT headset

Hearing is the only one of the 5 senses active night and day. It doesn’t matter if you’re working, playing, reading or sleeping. Human ears are always in operation. Unfortunately, with advancing age or due to accidents or prolonged exposure to noisy environments, hearing loss may occur. This lack adversely affects everyday life and the quality of our lives. Solving hearing problems is critical to living well. The world of the Internet of Things proposes a smart solution for those with hearing impairment. The multinational company Oticon offers smart solutions to help people with hearing difficulties use their potential in order to live their full lives.

A newly designed hearing aid to solve hearing problems

Oticon Opn is a smart hearing aid. It offers a constant 360-degree sound. What differentiates it from other tools, is the latest technology. As many as 50 times faster than previous versions and its competitors. Thanks to this sophisticated innovation, Oticon Opn scans the entire soundscape before reducing noise. What is the concrete difference? This hearing aid has faster processing times, as well as being able to recognize speech from the rest of the noises. Oticon Opn reproduces the natural environment 360 degrees, allowing you to listen to multiple interlocutors at once.

Customization to better accept the hearing aid

A foreign body is always badly seen. Sometimes it is a source of embarrassment. Oticon, always attentive to human sensitivity, offers a very varied range of colours. You will have the opportunity to even out your hearing aid to the nuance of your complexion and hair color. Or you can take advantage of the simple and harmonious design, combining bright colors, just like the earbuds were jewellery.

Solving Hearing Problems and Stay Connected to the World

Oticon Opn connects easily as well as its App, including TV, music player and smartphone. So you’ll have the ability to support calls and listen to music wherever you are, by adjusting the volume or changing plans to your liking. Thanks to its advanced technology, Oticon Opn is able to connect with other smart devices with internet access. You will have the option to receive alerts and notifications according to your chosen settings. You’ll know, for example, in real-time if someone rang the doorbell.

Thanks to Oticon Open you will live your life to the full without embarrassment or fear. You won’t lose any details and you won’t feel left out of any conversation.

The world of the internet of Things is pretty much infinite. Every day new and innovative smart products are produced and marketed. The common mission is to help people live their daily lives. If you want to discover other smart devices, you only have to read the category we dedicated to them!

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