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RINGLY: the precious wearable in a smart ring

In recent years, the major brands in the luxury sector have turned their attention towards wearable technologies.

Many manufacturers of wearable devices have researched strengths in elegance and design as well as focusing on IoT capabilities. From this combination was born Ringly thesmart ring , unique in its project and oriented exclusively to an attentive female target and multitasking.

A beautiful idea especially for all those women who never hear the phone ring, scattered among the multitude of items in the bag, a clever example of wearable with simple and clear features for pink odds.
This precious jewellery, made in Brooklyn, fashion and elegant, is often mentioned among tech trends and innovative and successful wearable devices, Ringly is the smart ring that alerts you if you have received messages or other notifications on your smartphone, thanks to bluetooth technology.

Stylish, simple, interactive and smart, it wears like a precious ring, but it’s actually a wearable device that interacts with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Another goal of this IoT jewel is also to be able to achieve at certain times complete “liberation” from the smartphone without having to give up being able to receive messages or notifications by the people deemed most important.

The ring can inform you about receiving a text message, a call, an appointment marked in its calendar and upcoming, receiving an email or even reporting a notification of third-party applications, without necessarily pulling the mobile phone out of the bag.

The small LED on the side of the ring lights up in five different colors, so you can instantly identify whether it’s worth checking your mobile phone at that time or postpone. Through the dedicated application, available for iOS and Android devices, you can select the kind of notification we want to receive on our ring, from the tweet to the pin to the alarm clock, and assign to each a color and a type of vibration.

Ringly is a real jewellery accessory plated in 18K gold is available in different colored stones according to taste, there are four variants of black onyx, emerald, sapphire rose and rainbow moonstone.

Ringly is water-resistant, charging via USB or placing it in the original box, the battery has an average life of two days.
In short, the world of IoT continues to amaze us with products that are at the same time discreet, useful, beautiful, and make everyday life easier, smart jewelry that all women are proud to wear. For more details and purchase: Click Here or Contact Us

Federico Pacifici
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