Have you ever thought that a dog collar can also be a hi-tech item to monitor the health of your faithful four-legged friend?

Designed and built by an Italian engineer, FitBark is an intelligent device that thanks to its sensors, captains information and data about your dog. Whether during a walk to the park or a nap on the couch, Fido’s activities will be recorded and processed. Just like smart devices for humans, FitBark collects all kinds of data about your four-legged friend. Number of steps, time spent resting, time spent playing, calories consumed and number of heartbeats are some examples of data picked up by the smart dog collar.

The perfect combination of design and technology

FitBark is not a simple dog collar: in addition to its many technological functions, it presents itself with a modern aesthetic with simple lines and contemporary design . The shape is that characteristic of the bone, applicable with a simple gesture to the collar of your faithful companion. The data collected is processed thanks to the app, compatible on all smartphones, whether they are Android or iOSsystem. Thanks to this dog collar, you can get the full profile of your Fido’s health at any time of the day.

FitBark talks with veterinarian

Any health disorders, breathing problems or fatigue are easily detected thanks to FitBark. The app linked to this smart dog collar processes data collected 24/7. All information is easily shared with your trusted veterinarian at any time.

Another noteworthy feature is setting the device depending on your pet’s size and breed. Developed in collaboration with a team of veterinary experts, the software can provide useful adviceon activities for your four-legged friend. The app is also compatible with other fitness applications, so you can double monitor your health: yours and Fido’s.

With FitBark you can also take pictures, analyze charts, check performance data anytime, wherever you are.

For all dog lovers, FiiMark is an irreplaceable and indispensable smart item. This dog collar is a concrete example of how the world of the Internet of Things is also attentive to the Pet universe. The Internet of Things is increasingly close to everyday needs and is a good solution to managing daily tasks.

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