Being coeliac means paying close attention to everything you eat, especially when you decide to attend restaurants and pizzerias.

To cope with coeliac disease, in fact, the only solution is to follow a gluten free food regime. And if at home the problem is solved since we are ourselves cooking and preparing lunches and dinners, when you go out, the matter becomes more problematic. Straight from the fantastic world of the Internet of Things comes Nima, the gluten detector that helps to understand whether a food can really be considered gluten free.

Fear-free eating thanks to gluten detector

Recommend yourself with waiters and cooks is often not enough, and you risk not being sure that you can enjoy a lunch or dinner without any problems and with peaceof mind. Why take the risk of feeling sick? Nima Sensor is the gluten detector designed to help people with coeliac disease in eating “out of home”.
A product is considered gluten free if it has less than 20 parts per million gluten, in case of larger quantities, foods in the dish cannot be taken by people with coeliac disease.
Thanks to Nima Sensor you can analyze any kind of food or drink to make sure it is suitable for people with coeliac disease. The procedure is very simple: simply insert a small amount of food into the disposable capsule of the gluten detector, wait about 2 minutes and see the result. A happy smile indicates gluten-free foods, a sad face means the dish contains more than 20 parts per million gluten.

Anytime, wherever you are, Nima is with you

Nima Sensor is a smart devicethat can be connected via Bluetooth to your smarphone or tablet; it is compatible with both iOS and Android system. With the app you will have the opportunity to store and consult all the tests you have performed in the near future. With the app, you can also interact with the community and share information about the tests performed in the various premises, so that you have a shared database on restaurants.  Safer pizzerias and bars for people with coeliac disease.

A bit of technical information

The Nima Sensor gluten detector can test both solid foods and liquid foods and test accuracy is 99.5% . The battery of the device has a duration of about twenty tests, the measurement time of which is around two minutes. The test capsules are disposable, some are in the purchase package, but you will need to purchase new ones to continue testing.

Amazing, isn’t it? A very useful intelligent object, ideal for those who do not want to give up the restaurant and for those who want safety in eating gluten free food!

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