allarme epilessia
allarme epilessia

Empatica is an all-Italian start up. Born in Milan in 2011, since then the mission is to improve people’s lives. How? Through precise analysis of data collected daily through smart devices made by the development team. The main goal is to give an epilepsy alarm through a simple and discreet bracelet. That’s right, a smart bracelet that can detect sensitive data such as heartbeat, body temperature and skin conductivity. Thanks to the wearables developed by Empatica, it is possible to acquire physiological data and signals to do clinical research.

Improve daily life thanks to epilepsy alarm

Products designed and developed by Empatica are used throughout the world in the medical field. Universities, research centres and hospitals in America and Europe employ Empatica’s smart objects for studies and research aimed at improving everyday life. Embrance is one of Empatica’s flagship products. It is the first medical-quality wearable and allows you to give an epilepsy alarm saving the lives of those suffering from it.

The features of Embrance

The bracelet made by Empatica is simple and wearable at any time and occasion. Its surface is characterized by a ring that reports the time, the level of stress and any convulsive activity. A real smart object capable of alerting family or friends to imminent seizures in real time. Specifically, Embrance is able to record the electrical conductivity of the skin thanks to electrodes placed inside the band and coming into contact with the sweat glands. As soon as the bracelet, using a specific algorithm, detects abnormal activity, it starts to vibrate and warn the user. In the event that, the latter does not notify loved ones, it will be the bracelet itself that connects to the smartphone by sending messages and alert calls to the people on the family list or friends.

LIFE-Saving Epilepsy Alarm Thanks to Technological Innovation

Anxiety attacks, epileptic seizures and daily well-being. They are all health states that thanks to technological innovation allow them to be easily monitored. The world of the Internet of Things is constantly evolving. The leaps and bounds that are taken, especially in the medical field, represent real achievements. But also concrete evidence of how the technological world can be a valuable aid in different fields. Not exclusively about leisure, hobby and home, but also and above all heathy and homecare.
Embrance is one of the most valuable examples of how the IoT world can interact favorably with medicine in combating depression, panic attacks, giving the epilepsy alarm and keeping under control autism.

allarme epilessia

Empatica aims not only to public areas such as hospitals and universities, but also to private audiences, such as Research Centres and individual citizens. As opposed to what you might imagine, Embrance’s cost is low, similar to that of a smartwatch. Even the aesthetic is very well-groomed so that it does not appear as too obvious a mark on the wearer.

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Empatica is just one of the many companies that manufactures smart devices in the medical field, others you can find them HERE.


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