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MOMO: the smart robot for the security of the child home of MORPHEOS

A close-knit and highly competent team, ICT professionals, engineers, technicians, designers, business managers and marketers. Or more simply, as they like to call themselves, people. Creative and ingenious men and women, with the common desire to accomplish something really useful. This is what the team of Morpheos, inventor of Momo, a smart home security device looks like. The first prototype of this smart robot was born in December 2015 and the development starts soon after, in January 2016. Some important steps are followed, including the realization of the industrial design, the beta version. Et dulcis in fundo, the first launch and subsequent presence on a crowfunding platform in May 2017.

Technology and innovation are the mainstays of Morpheos and his team

The mission of Morpheos, the Italian start up of home genius, is to bring people closer to technology and innovation. How? Simply applying robotics to the common objects of everyday life in the home. Momo is a concrete example of how close the world of the Internet of Things is evolving to everyday life. Designed and developed by the Morpheos team, Momo is a smart robot that exploits the potential of artificial intelligence. Technology and innovation have in this case merged into a smart home robot: a design lamp whose ultimate goal is the safety of the home and the protection of its inhabitants.

Momo, for the safety of your home and loved ones

From true enthusiasts of smart devices belonging to the world of the Internet of Things, we have been struck by the looks and functions of Momo. Let’s find out together.
Behind the apparent appearance of a designer lamp lies a real Home Genius. The buzzword for this smart device is “security.” But also respect for privacy. Thanks to the camera installed in it, you can secure your home and its inhabitants. Momo acts as a veritable overseer, able to detect a presence in the house should the inhabitants of the house all be outside. For the whole Morpheos team the motto is “security first”. Momo is able to perform rapid facial recognition, comparing data detected in real time with a private database. Security not exclusively of the house, but also of the information collected. In fact, Momo stores all data in an internal and private space. This smart device is able to understand if a stranger enters the house, how long he stays in the house and especially if he is or is not a trusted person and present on the list, before activating the alarm. Worth noting is the function of recognition of family faces to associate its role (father, mother, grandparents, cleaning woman,..). Momo also interacts with security systems already present in the home, so as to centralize control in one device.

Discovering Momo, the first specimen of Home Genius

Not just security against intruders. Let’s see together the other functions of this device. Momo is the first all-in-one specimen for the Smart Home. It learns the habits and demands of the owners, and then offers efficient solutions to everyday life. Why all-in-one?
Inside the lamp were inserted sensors for monitoring air quality, a thermostat, microphones, a chamber and motion sensors. Thanks to this sensoristics, Momo is able to independently monitor the environment in which it is located, offering a solution to improve the lives of the inhabitants of the house. No special setup and configuration actions are required to activate it. Simply plug it into the power outlet. Through the App or via simple voice commands and Telegram or Messenger chats you will be able to interact and manage the different features of Momo. Turning on the light, create a relaxing atmosphere or still activate a system to control any gas leaks in case of absence, represent activities that can be managed directly from Momo. On top of that, this incredible intelligent device designed by the Morpheos team, is able to learn the habits and behaviors of the inhabitants of the house, adapting accordingly.

Many benefits that improve the quality of life

Using smart devices from the fantastic world of the Internet of Things is certainly beneficial. Let’s see together how Momo improves the quality of everyday home life.

Tranquility and protection

Check for possible intrusion of strangers, detect gas leaks, floods or fires, protect privacy. These are the main functions that give serenity and protection to the inhabitants of the houses in which Momo is present.

Leisure time for yourself and home convenience

Optimize times and ways of handling and function of household appliances so that you have more time to yourself. Be sure to live in a comfortable and healthy environment, livable according to your individual needs and habits. Momo quickly learns what are individual family needs.

Savings and simplicity

Reduce spending on inefficiencies and inattentions. Momo notifies you if you leave a window open or an appliance on. Easy to install, convenient to use Its spearhead is certainly the all-in-one feature.

Practicality and style

Simple and linear design, it is well suited to all indoor environments. Made exclusively from top quality materials, it offers advanced and highly innovative multi-service options.

Design, efficiency, innovation. What Momo represents

Designed and created by an Italian start up, Momo is an exemplar of smart robot with a Made in Italy design. The Morpheos team has developed a smart lamp with a variety of potential, perfect in any environment, absolutely innovative and technological. Momo is aimed at all those who wish to live in a smart home, with safety, comfort and well-being.