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OWLET, the smart sock that controls your breath

It’s well known: the parent’s craft is the most challenging one in the world.

In everyday life punctuated by frenetic rhythms, between work commitments and management responsibilities, you have to take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the joys that give us the cheers. There is also little time to rest and in any case you have to always be alert, especially while the children sleep.
Fortunately, theInternet of Things also thought about parents and specifically about the health of the newborn, thanks to Owlet.

The smart sock that is able to detect the activity of the newborn.

The smart device charges on a wireless base and offers very accurate monitoring, its technological base is the same as exploited in hospitals.
This special IoTlifesaver, does not look like an invasive accessory, in fact it looks like a simple sock, but super technological, in fact it is connected to a handy sideboard of parent and represents a smart help that goes against a problem not at all negligible.

The device, constantly records the vital parameters of the child, and at the moment when these do not result in the norm the alarm is raised.

Owlet the smart sock, is equipped with sensors that measure baby’s heart rate, blood oxygenation levels, skin temperature, quality and quantity of sleep carried out by him.
In addition, thanks to the special accelerometer, the sock also registers the baby’s movements and triggers the alarm even if the baby rolls on the belly.
All these data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere conveniently, in fact, the Bluetooth plate, inserted inside, instantly sends the data to the smartphone application dedicated.
If you don’t have a next-generation phone, there’s no problem, because the smart sock also features a wireless monitoring station, with a diskette capable of report any anomalies while not connected to the Iphone.

Recently Owlet even won the award of Best Mobile Innovation for Health at the Glomo Awards.

This hi-tech gadget for early childhoodisnot a tool that can avoid SIDS, but is capable of alerting when the child has difficulties and thus preventing it.

Certainly the smart sock is one of the most useful IoT solutions designed for little ones, thanks to this mini tech garment mom and dad can finally sleep a little bit quieter. Of course inconsolable crying for “mammite” permitting.

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