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Best Sonoff Devices For Smart Home

Smart home integration is not a dream anymore. Today, people love how budget-friendly it has become to shift to a more stylish home. Do you imagine the despair while lying on the cozy bed on a winter night, but you forgot to turn off the garage light! On the flip side, you might not want to miss that sunrise look from your window while resting on your cozy bed just because you need to take the blinds off manually. You read it right. It’s no more fiction now! We call it the Internet of Things (IoT) – a way to smart home setup. Moving on, one brand that has introduced a multitude of smart home devices is Sonoff. So, we will be covering some of the Best Sonoff devices for Smart Home in the article ahead.

Recently, you might have considered voice assistants to start your journey towards smarter homes. Or you might have kept your hands on the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant powered-speakers, or Siri’s HomeKit for the smart home service. IoT technology has now come up with advanced and nifty gadgets that let everything at home connect with the internet. Imagine if all the devices in your home could have a stable connection to the internet, and you can control them remotely. This is what the “Home Automation looks like!”- having control over all the gadgets and devices with just a push of a button remotely.

SONOFF has launched multiple smart products, and all these launched with a sole motive- making life more comfortable, smarter, and better. Things are not confined to laptops and smartphones but clocks, light bulbs, cameras, windows, blinds, heaters, cooking utensils, and more. Name the device, and SONOFF will have a smart connectivity solution for it!

Why SONOFF Devices for Smart Home?

SONOFF is a Chinese-based company that launched smart home integration devices with the sole motive to add a touch of smartness and elegance into your lives. SONOFF devices’ list includes the WiFi DIY Smart Switch, WiFi Smart Wall Switch, WiFi Smart Plugs, WiFi Smart Lightning, and Zigbee devices. Thus, equipped with this wide range of products, SONOFF has been fulfilling the ambition of simple, smart and affordable living. Are you looking for a budget-friendly intelligent home setup or making the first baby step? Best SONOFF devices for smart homes will be the ideal choice for you!

SONOFF Recent Advancements- Modes in the Smart Switches:

Recently, the SONOFF has launched the trigger modes, and many users were confused about what’s coming their way after the Edge mode SONOFF has come up with new Trigger modes, including the Following mode and Pulse mode.

Among the smart external switches, the edge mode is applicable for the SPDT switches, while the pulse mode works with the push-buttons. There is a trigger edge technology designated in the “Following-mode” switch and lets the output triggered in such. For example, it’ll follow the 120-degree trigger proximity; any person/living object in that proximity area will complete the circuit, and the light will be turned on! The Pulse mode is a new addition in already released Edge mode enabling the external smart switch to work as a pulse.

Best SONOFF devices for Smart Home:

Among the wide range of products, SONOFF has covered plenty of customers’ needs and wants in solving their daily life problems and making their life smarter. We’ve compiled a list of the Best SONOFF devices for Smart Home, which lets you control hundreds of nifty gadgets at your home. Here are the detailed features for the SONOFF products.

1. Sonoff TX T2 Smart Light Switch:

Why do we like it?

Smart light switching has made life easier for the ones who have a busy schedule. There is no need to leave your cozy bed when you can control the electronics, mostly light bulbs, with your voice commands. Let’s have a detailed overview of the SONOFF TX T2 smart light switch to help you get the right deal.

Features in Details:

Exclusive Design:

Are you in need of a unique yet stylish light switch that keeps things simplified? Worry not, as the SONOFF TX T2 light switch is featured with high-tech advancement features and a crystal panel to hold the better functionalities onboard. Not just style but simplicity and elegance is what you get in this SONOFF TX T2!

Unique Structural Outlook:

This TX T2 Smart Light Switch has the exclusive and sole outlook, matching with no smart switch in the market. The white outlook with blue squares on the top and a SONOFF logo in the bottom corner looks extraordinarily elegant while on the walls.

Use from Anywhere:

SONOFF TX T2 can be regarded as the best SONOFF device for a smart home that controls electronics from anywhere. Controlled via the eWeLink application, this smart WiFi Switch is easy to maintain over a wireless network via your smartphone. Moreover, this SONOFF is featured with voice-enabled controls, which offer hand-free functionalities. You can control it via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Schedule as per Need:

Usually, many of us might forget or get no time to turn off the lights! Worry not; the SONOFF has got you covered. You can schedule to turn it ON/OFF even when you’re away from home. Isn’t this Smart Switch will serve as a protector of your home as the intruders will never know if someone is at home or not!


  • Unique yet straightforward structural design
  • Crystal Panel onboard
  • Voice-controlling enabled
  • Automatic Scheduling  


  • IFTTT requires a separate subscription

2. Sonoff Basic Smart Remote Control:

Why do we like it?

SONOFF Basic Smart Remote Control enabled you to control 97% of the household appliances over the remote control network. Look no further when you need a cloud platform-enabled device that outclasses all other products in the market.

Features in Detail:

Voice Controlled Device:

SONOFF Basic Remote Control features the voice-assistant technology that lets you control the devices remotely with your hands-free. No matter if you want to experience that lovely sunrise sight from your bed or usually forget to turn off the heaters- this SONOFF will let you save some cost and energy. It works with the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Google Home.

Countdown and Timer:

SONOFF lets you control the gadgets and electronic devices over the internet, but what if you still do not get time to check the application and, in turn, your appliance. Worry not, like this one of the Best Sonoff devices for Smart Home let you set the timer to a worry-free routine.

SONOFF Basic Smart Device has full access to the eWeLink application from the manufacturer. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play store for your Android or iOS device.

Easy to Install:

Smart WiFi Switches are not much more comfortable to install, but that’s not the case with SONOFF. It has two electricity source ports for Live and Neutral wire and hence no limitations for you to connect the wires in a particular port.


  • Timer and Schedule function
  • Two ports with easy installation
  • Remote control feature
  • Works with almost all voice commands


  • It only works with the 2.4 GHz network.

3. SONOFF Mini R2 10A Smart WiFi Wireless Light Switch:

Why do we like it?

SONOFF MINI devices have recently received an upgrade in Edge and Pulse mode. Thus this device’s fame surely justifies the worth. The eWeLink App support fulfills the rest of the gaps between you and your smart home integration. Therefore, you’re all set to take a new step towards the smart home journey with this SONOFF Mini R2.

Features in details:

More Range-Better Connectivity:

Many wireless smart WiFi switches suffer from a significant drawback, i.e., low range and poor connectivity. Let’s not that happen anymore! This SONOFF Mini R2 will have no such flaws. Equipped with the eWeLink application support and the voice-commands enabled controlling, there is no way that you’ll face some connection problems.

Rocker Switch:

You don’t need to open the application to switch on the light. Simply press the connected switch on your way to the garage, washroom, or kitchen, and the lights will turn on.

Smarter Connections:

Have you ever heard about the smart scene? It’s connecting multiple devices in a row to trigger them and gather them at a single point. You can simply tap some button in the application to connect the SONOFF devices all along and run them together in synch.

Voice Controlling:

A smart home setup will not be “smart” if it lets you use your hands. The same is true for this SONOFF Mini R2 Smart WiFi Switch. It is fully compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Thus, an entirely hands-free experience will be at your fingertips in no time.


  • No hub required
  • 10A power compatibility
  • Universal DIY module
  • Compatible with All Amazon devices


  • 5.0 GHz router is not compatible

4. SONOFF 4CH Pro R3 WiFi Smart Switch:

Why do we like it?

There can be plenty of smart WiFi switches in the market, but nothing can beat this 4-channel SONOFF 4CH Pro. It can connect multiple devices without any signal loss that helps you work remotely. All in all, this can be regarded as one of the best SONOFF devices for a smart home setup.

Features in detail:

4-Channel Technology:

Nothing can outclass the multiple connectivity options of this SONOFF 4CH Pro. It holds the ability to connect up to 4 devices simultaneously and turn them ON/OFF independently. All in all, this 4-channel technology will save much cost and energy and let you make the first smart home setup step in less than $50.

Multiple Working Modes:

This R3 Smart WiFi Switch holds the capability to handle multiple devices but that too in 3 modes simultaneously via the self-locking method. An inter-locking manner helps you turn one device ON while the rest of them will be turned off. A third mode, called inching mode, automatically turns the device off in 0.5-3600 seconds.

Easy to Install and Access:

This one of the best smart WiFi switches will have no worries during installation. It can be installed on the guide rail and more comfortable to access later on for any maintenance.

Works Effortlessly:

EWeLink application will do the rest of the job once you integrate this Smart WiFi Switch into the smart home setup. Not just this, but the voice-enabled programming aids in controlling the device over voice via Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and more.


  • Three powerful working modes
  • Easy to control four devices simultaneously
  • Supports IFTTT
  • Works with Amazon Alexa devices


  • No Timer function will work in case of poor internet.  

5. SONOFF 1080P HD Smart WiFi Security Camera:

SONOFF has no limits for smart devices. After fulfilling the Smart WiFi Switches category’s gaps, it has come up with the Security Cameras. The panoramic view with the FHD 1080P resolution holds the ability to detect anything unseal in wide proximity. Secure your smart home via this SONOFF 1080P HD Smart WiFi Security Camera.

Features in Detail:

Covers the Whole Area:

One primary reason for fame for this SONOFF Smart Camera is its wide proximity capturing technology. It has 1080P FHD resolution support along with a 360-degree panoramic view and a multi-directional rotation. You can rotate in 140-degrees horizontally while 120-degrees vertically. This way, the overall 36-degrees of panoramic viewing is no more a dream.

Real-Time Alerts:

Never worry about the intruders interfering with your privacy! This SONOFF 1080P Camera has the real-time motion alerts feature onboard, which alerts you of anything happening around you. Even if you’re away, this Camera will give live notifications via the app.

Built-in Audio System:

The SONOFF 1080P Camera has a dual-way audio system by which you can listen and respond to someone’s talks at the door. The built-in microphone, speaker, and integrated anti-noise technology will save you from the hassle.


  • IR Night vision enabled
  • Up to 15-meters of viewing
  • Perfect for low-light conditions
  • 360-degrees panoramic view


  • Short battery life

6. SONOFF TH16 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Smart Switch:

Why do we like it?

SONOFF TH16 has specialized sensors onboard that let you sense the humidity and temperature in real-time. Also, equipped with smart scenes, this SONOFF TH16 WiFi smart switch can set schedules and work with voice assistants.

Features in Details:

No Limits for the Distance:

SONOFF TH16 Temperature and humidity monitoring smart switch confines no boundaries for the connectivity. This smart switch is easy to control from anywhere, anytime with a single click from your application. All in all, there is no distance limit and connectivity barriers for you to manage your home devices.

Real-Time Sensor:

What this smart WiFi switch does is the pairing with your temperature monitoring home appliance! It is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to measure the live conditions and trigger the ON/OFF switch for the connected device.

Works with Voice Commands:

No need to open the application on your smartphone now and then! Now, you can ask Alexa and Google Assistant to ON/OFF the smart WiFi switch. You can link the Smart We Link app with Google Home or Alexa.


  • Easy to set schedules
  • Countdown feature onboard
  • Smart scene feature
  • Detects real-time temperature and humidity


  • eWeLink doesn’t work with the PCs

7. SONOFF L1 LED RGB Dimmable Smart Light Strip:

Why do we like it?

Only a few brands in the market offer dimmable and adjustable DIY RGB lights with timer, and SONOFF is one of them. The strip holds 16.4 feet of length along with the IP65 waterproof capacity to use it anywhere, anytime.

Features in Detail:

Control in Many Ways:

eWeLink application is not the only way by which you can keep your hands on the SONOFF devices. This smart light strip is more comfortable to control via voice commands as well. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, you can quickly turn the light strip ON/OFF and change the color accordingly. Another method includes the 24-key IR remote control to change the color or turn the strip ON/OFF.

Flexible as You Like:

This flexible DIY RGB light strip from SONOFF holds the flexibility to mould it in any shape or size. You can cut it after every 100mm and wrap it around your favorite objects in your home.

Synch with Music:

SONOFF L1 LED lights can be synced with the music. Thus, no matter if you like the aesthetic view in your room at night or a party freak who loves partying at night, these RGB lights will create a scenic moment for you in no time.


  • Hands-free controls
  • 24-key IR Remote control
  • It can be cut after every 100mm
  • It can be controlled with iOS and Android


  • Do not work with 5.0 GHz

8. SONOFF RM433MHz Remote Controller:

Why do we like it?

SONOFF RM433MHz Remote Controller is what you need for excellent adjustability and easy controls over your remotely connected smart devices. All in all, this remote control is compatible with multiple SONOFF devices and serves comfortable operation ability onboard.

Features in Details:

No WiFi Needed:

There can be plenty of times you might get trapped into a no WiFi situation, and things can get messy. But worry not as SONOFF cares for its customers as no one does! This SONOFF RM433MHz lets you control your devices remotely without any WiFi connection.

Full Adjustability:

SONOFF brings you the versatility in controls as you can adjust multiple attributes with some simple clicks. The remote control lets you trigger the ON/OFF switch, but you can even change the light intensity or fan speed as well.

Easy to Pair SONOFF:

Have you accidentally forgotten all the SONOFF devices from your remote control? No worries! SONOFF brings in the one-key pairing feature, which lets you connect all the SONOFF devices around you in just a single click. The SONOFF devices which work under the frequency range of 433MHz are compatible with this remote control.

Magnetic Mount:

You don’t need to store it anywhere as it comes with a mount/stand. Place the mount on the wall and never look somewhere else for this remote control.

SONOFF Devices:

The remote control can be paired with BASICRF, BASICRFR3, Slampher, iFan03, D1, 4CHProR2, TX series, 433 RF Bridge, and more. 


  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Easy to control
  • Sleek and modern look
  • No WiFi needed


Works only with 433MHz frequency range

9. SONOFF S31 WiFi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring:

Why do we like it?

Many of you might be wondering why the electricity bill is rising consistently! No worries as we’ve got the solution to your problem. This WiFi Smart Plug has the energy monitoring technology certified from ETL and serves as a timer smart socket outlet. What else needs to monitor the home devices!

Features in Details:

Monitors the Power:

SONOFF S31 monitors the power consumption by keeping track of the real-time stats for the devices connected with this smart switch. It can measure current, voltage, and power in real-time and give you access to a 100-day history with the estimated electricity cost. Thus, you can have a calculated view of the usage data and price.

Voice-Enabled Controls:

Energy monitoring is not the only perk you can enjoy once you own the SONOFF S31 Smart Switch. It provides hands-free controls to monitor usage and trigger the ON/OFF switch via voice.

Smart Remote Control:

Apart from the voice commands, the eWeLink application helps you control the connected devices with a timer function. There is no distance limit as well to control the connected device with this Smart Switch.

Set Schedule:

There are multiple modes onboard which help you control the trigger switch of this WiFi Smart Plug. Regarded as one of the best SONOFF devices for Smart Home, this nifty gadget can set a countdown, timer, single, repeat and auto-turn ON/OFF mode.


  • 100-day history for energy usage
  • Works with voice commands
  • No distance limit
  • Schedule option


  • Difficult to install

10. SONOFF RF Bridge 433MHz WiFi Smart Switch:

Why do we like it?

This automation module switch features the 433MHz frequency range and uses radio frequency signals to simultaneously support and control multiple devices. The eWeLink application will let you have proper insight into SONOFF products connected.

Features in Detail:

Up to Four Devices:

A single automation module from the SONOFF can let you connect and control over four devices simultaneously on the 433 MHz frequency. These smart switches are better able to handle various devices in multiple modes as well.

433MHz Frequency:

This Radiofrequency Bridge helps you support up to 4 devices but within the frequency range of 433MHz. This RF-controlled switch enables you to control the device, including RF-controlled switches, RF-controlled doors, openers, sockets, and much more.

Up to 8 Schedules:

The SONOFF RF bridge supports up to 8 schedules and timers, which let you have a worry-free routine all day. There is no need to open the application and look for the status of the appliance. You can also set the timer in multiple formats, including countdown, loop, auto-turn ON/OFF, and more.


  • RF Bridge can add four devices
  • Schedule and timer
  • eWeLink app support


  • The frequency range is limited

11. SONOFF Micro 5V USB Smart WiFi adapter/Smart Switch:

Why do we like it?

Are you tired of standardized USB adapters, which is no less than a big junk piece now? If so, you’ll be delighted to see this SONOFF Micro 5V USB Smart Adapter. It’s nothing less than a nifty gadget that even shows “smartness” in charging smartphones.


Smart Adaptor Technology:

SONOFF Micro 5V USB Smart Adaptor can be regarded as one of the best SONOFF devices for smart homes, and there is no denying this fact. It is linked with the eWeLink application, which can control all the peripheral SONOFF devices in a single tap. Isn’t it convenient to hold controls on the same platform!

Control without Hands:

Not only charging smartphones, but you can control plenty of devices using this Smart Adapter. Connect your LED light strips with this USB-A adapter and turn them ON/OFF anytime with the voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

All USB-Enabled Devices:

You can control all USB Type-A-enabled devices via this smart adapter. USB fans, USB lamps, USB light strips, USB water pumps, and more- name the device, and SONOFF will get you covered.


  • Works with all USB devices
  • Compatible with voice commands
  • No hub required


  • QR code connection fails.

12. SONOFF S26 WiFi Smart Socket:

Why do we like it?

Compatibility issues are no more a thing to discuss now when you have the best SONOFF devices for the smart home in your arsenal. SONOFF S26 is now equipped with “Smarter Controls” and easy to use feature onboard, enabling you to enter the smart socket era.

Features in details:

Wide Compatibility:

SONOFF S26 has broad compatibility and versatile control over multiple devices. The smart socket lets you connect almost all the electronic devices but make sure the maximum voltage won’t rise above 10A. Thus, with a simple plug-in installation, you won’t regret buying this smart socket.

Check The Status:

Smart Sockets are not just meant to work with voice commands and applications but a lot more than that. You can check your home appliances’ status connected to this smart socket via the eWeLink application on your smartphone, tablet, or PC from anywhere in the world.

Away Mode is a Bliss:

SONOFF never stops to impress! The same is true for this S26 socket. This smart WiFi socket enables you to set an away mode, showing your virtual presence at home.


  • No hub needed
  • Compatible with IFTTT
  • Smart scene enabled
  • 10A maximum load


  • The material could have been better

13. SONOFF BasicZBR3 Zigbee Smart Switch:

Why do we like it?

SONOFF BasicZBR3 is fully compatible with the Zigbee and Smarthings hub that lets you control this smart switch via various platforms and sync them in no time. The remote control functioning via the hub app keeps the timer, scheduling, and sharing at your fingertips.

Features in details:

Works with Zigbee:

One of the topmost attributes that keep SONOFF in the spotlight is the Zigbee hub compatibility. This additional smart feature makes the BASICZBR3 a choice of many. Also, this feature handover the timing, sharing, and control functionalities to you via a hub.

More comfortable to Install and Use:

SONOFF BASICZBR3 brings in the easy-to-use ability along with the 5-minutes installation onboard. However, before installing, make sure to have the Zigbee hub in your hands, as it is a must-have thing. Moreover, the Zigbee hub lets you pair the device with Alexa using voice commands- a full setup in less than 5 minutes.

SmartThings Hub Compatibility:

Many smart switches are not compatible with SmartThings, but SONOFF has got you covered here. The device can also handle Amazon devices, including ZE39KL Echo Plus, Echo Studio, DW84JL 2nd Gen Echo Show & L9D29R 2nd Gen Echo Plus, and more. 


  • Works with Zigbee hub 
  •  Better controls 
  • Wide compatibilities 


  • It doesn’t support Philips Hue Bridge

14. SONOFF S55 WiFi Smart Socket:

Why do we like it?

SONOFF S55 WiFi Smart Socket will let you remotely control your electrical appliances. These Smart sockets are a way to schedule the devices for their ON/OFF time from your iOS and Android- everything is at your fingertips.

Features in Details:

Automatic Controls:

SONOFF S55 presents you with some relief from your worrisome routine. It gives better controls over the electrical gadgets and appliances without any distance and time boundary. With the timer and schedule feature onboard, things will be much easier.

Waterproof construction:

You’ll be pleased to know that this SONOFF S55can be used indoor and outdoor. The IP55 waterproof construction enables you to utilize it even in the garage, where it might get wet with rain.

Sharing Controls is Easy:

The eWeLink application holds the ability even to share the controls. Thus, all your family members can access the status of that particular appliance from their application.


  • Automatic scheduling
  • Share controls via the app.
  • ABS construction


  • Customers complain about poor waterproofing.

15. SONOFF Slampher R2 433MHz Smart Lamb Bulb Holder:

Why do we like it?

Plenty of smart switches and WiFi sockets have made their place in our list of best SONOFF devices for the smart home. It’s time to light on another trending gadget that amazes the users with its brilliant yet intelligent technology.

Features in Details:

Smart Bulb Holding Technology:

No matter if you have the smart light bulbs at your home or not! These smart light bulb holders let you control these lights the way you want. Thus, your ordinary bulb can work as a “smarter” one without any distance and time limitation.

Easy and Efficient:

You can easily screw up the ordinary bulb in this holder, which is compatible with the E27 screw base. Slampher R2 is more comfortable to install with the existing wiring and saves much cost while shifting towards the smart home setup.

LAN Control/Remote Methods:

There are plenty of ways by which you can keep your hands on this smart gadget. You can turn it ON/OFF via remote control over WiFi in the frequency range of 433MHz using the radiofrequency. However, having no WiFi connection is still not a problem with LAN controls.


  • Works with Alexa
  • Can make ordinary bulbs smarter
  • Two control methods


  • Setup instructions are too complex.

16. SONOFF D1 WiFi Smart Dimmer Switch:

Why do we like it?

The last but not the least nifty and smart gadget from the SONOFF is this smart dimmer switch which serves its functionalities for LED lights, mini-modules, and much more.

Feature in Detail:

Multiple Adjustability Option:

This light switch dimmer is way smarter than the smart light bulbs themselves. These are well-equipped with four levels of brightness and customizable options, which can be best controlled via the eWeLink application. You can also set schedules and timers for some creative fun at your night party.

Day and Night Mode:

This smart dimmer switch has a sunrise and sunset sensing beams which measure the light intensity and trigger the ON/OFF switch accordingly.

Works Remotely via RF:

Almost all the SONOFF devices are equipped with RF technology, and so is this one! You can dim the brightness level or turn the lights ON/OFF via an RF 433MHz remote control without WiFi.


  • Works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Best for night parties
  • Sunrise and sunset mode


  • The RF range is 15-20 meters

Comparison Chart:

ProductsMax Power/ FrequencyHubCompatible withWhat’s Unique?
Sonoff TX T2 Smart Light Switch2A/GangNot RequiredAlexa and Google HomeFCC Certification, 1 Gang, Good for CA & US wall switches
Sonoff Basic Smart Remote Control2200 watts/10ANot RequiredAlexa & Google Home Assistant, IFTTTABS construction, Easy installation, Perfect for 97% appliances
SONOFF Mini R2 10A Smart WiFi Wireless Light Switch10ANot RequiredAlexa & Google Home Assistant, IFTTTSmart Home Automation Solution
SONOFF 4CH Pro R3 Wi-Fi Smart Switch8800 watts/ 110VNot RequiredAmazon AlexaRF/APP/Voice/LAN Control
SONOFF 1080P HD Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera5V/1ANot RequiredAlexa and Google Assistant2-Way Audio, Remote Monitor
SONOFF TH16 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Smart Switch2200 watts/10ANot RequiredAlexa and Google AssistantSmart remote control switch, smart scenes
SONOFF TH16 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Smart Switch3500 Watts/15ANot RequiredAlexa and Google AssistantSmart remote control switch, Set time schedules
SONOFF L1 LED RGB Dimmable Smart Light StripNot RequiredAmazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant30LEDs/m, ≥300lumens/m, IP65
SONOFF RM433MHz Remote Controller12V Alkaline batteryNot RequiredPowerful Compatibility, 433 communication protocol
SONOFF S31 Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring1800WNot RequiredAlexa & Google Home Assistant, IFTTTEnergy Monitoring ETL Certified, time schedules
SONOFF RF Bridge 433MHz WiFi Smart Switch433MHzNot RequiredAlexa and Google HomeIntelligent WiFi Remote RF Controller, support 8 schedule
SONOFF Micro 5V USB Smart Wi-Fi adapter/Smart Switch5V/ 433MHzNot RequiredGoogle Assistant , Amazon AlexaFast charging, smart controls
SONOFF S26 Wi-Fi Smart Socket10A/220VNot RequiredAmazon AlexaWide Compatibility & Voice Control, Energy Saving
SONOFF BasicZBR3 Zigbee Smart Switch10A/220VZigbee hub/SmartThings HubAlexa and Google Home, SmartThingsHands-free Voice Control, Works with SmartThings Hub
SONOFF S55 WiFi Smart Socket15ANot RequiredAlexa & Google Home Assistant, IFTTTABS material, IP55
SONOFF Slampher R2 433MHz Smart Lamb Bulb Holder450W/ 2ANot RequiredAlexa and Google HomeLAN Control Feature, easy and efficient way
SONOFF D1 Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch150W/1ANot RequiredAlexa and Google HomeAdjust Light Brightness


There are plenty of brands trying their luck in the Smart Devices category, but no one can outclass the brilliance and elegance of SONOFF devices. These are equipped with countless smart attributes, including the WiFi controls, RF remote, classy outlook, and easy to mount ability with a perfect match to your walls. Pave your steps towards the smart home setup with these Best SONOFF devices for the smart home.

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