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JAWBONE UP: The smart motivator

Among the many fitness trackers in the trade Jawbone UP is undoubtedly one of the best in the category.

The wearable device is the right blend of IoT functionality, cool appearance and convenience.
The wearable technology is completely waterproof and has a system based on MotionX technology, i.e. the platform that tracks movement, created specifically on the biomechanics of the human body.
This Hi Tech accessory can be safely called a life companion, as well as a wearable motivator.

The bracelet has a simple and linear style, externally it is made of anti-allergic waterproof TUP, flexible, very practical and pleasant to wear.

At the bottom, the one in contact with the skin, these incredibly sensitive sensors are installed, so it is advisable to fasten it well to the wrist for the best possible detection.
The range includes the availability of eight colours and three different sizes, and is extremely light, after wearing it a couple of hours, we feel like we don’t have it on.

Let’s see how it is structured: on one end is the button to select the various modes and activate the features.

This button activates two LEDs, one represents the sun and the other the moon, visible in transparency. The opposite end is protected by a cap that sports a “Jawbone” engraving, here is a multi-purpose 3.5mm connector that is used to connect the accessory to the iPhone, iPad or mobile or tablet with Android operating system, the connector also serves to charge the internal battery, using the special USB adapter.

The modes of operation of the wearable motivator are predominantly four: day, night, workout and nap.

During the day Jawbone Up monitors our activities discreetly and quietly, will count for us the steps and if set to way, via the anti-laziness alert you will warn us that we are still at too much time.

With the night mode, sleep is monitored, the actual sleep time will be calculated and you can also set the alarm clock that will take care of waking up at the specified time and at the best stage of sleep with a vibration.

The training mode, as you can tell from the name, allows us to pay more attention to physical exertion and movements.
Finally, once started, it allows you to take a short break and wake up in the light phase of sleep so that you are really rested and relaxed

Jawbone Up works in perfect sync with the dedicated, strictly free application that allows us to collect, catalog and analyze the information stored by the bracelet .

It also allows us to set the wake-up time, the time of the anti-laziness alert and add the foods taken in the day. With regard to this last point concerning food traking it is envisaged the possibility to automatically capture the calorie information of the foods taken by performing a scan of the barcode of the various produced by smartphone, or by manually inserting the number of calories associated with each food based on a highly stocked given base made available by Jawbone.

Thanks to this system we can track our progress, steps taken, check or change the daily goals to be met and we can also take a look at our friends via the “team” feature.

Among the other advantages of the product we can observe: the battery life that has about ten days of autonomy, interoperability with other apps dedicated to fitness, also does not emit any kind of wave electromagnetic.
In short, after this report, we can issue a judgment on this product: Jawbone Up is amazing.

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