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Having a smart home: TRIBY interacts with HomeKit

Today we are talking about a smart item for all music lovers. Triby, the smart speaker signed by Invoxia. Well, yes, for those who want to accompany the time spent in the house with good music, well spread, Triby is the perfect solution. A state-of-the-art audio speaker, ideal for having a smart home. In this article we try to better understand the technical characteristics and additions of this French product.

The best audio speaker for a smart home

Automated, connected home automation These are the three adjectives that best identify the home of the future. A trend that has been taking hold in recent years, well accepted by everyone, young and old. Because you know, the world of the Intenet of Things is increasingly recognized and appreciated by everyone. Triby is a new audio speaker made by the French company Invoxia. It does not merely spread music in all home environments, but connects to internet radio, Spotify and AirPlay. It also serves as an intercom between home apps and devices, but most importantly. It boasts dedicated controls for controlling HomeKit devices, Apple’s system for smart homes.

The features of Triby

Let’s see together what the main features of Triby are. It features two built-in speakers and a passive radiator managed by 3D algorithms that create wraparound sound effects with the right mix of ups and downs. Triby offers you the opportunity to listen to music in any where, indoor and outdoor spaces. Triby is compact and easily transportable from room to room, balcony or garden. The battery can last up to 12 hours offering streaming music with WiFi, and up to 3 weeks when used with basic functions.

Having a smart home: Triby interacts with HomeKit

Thanks to this smart audio speaker, you can easily control HomeKit devices as well. You can decide the intensity and tone of the lights and lamps, or remotely control all devices connected to your Apple system. Triby features 5 preset keys, capable of activating up to 15 HomeKit scenes. Adjusting temperature and humidity levels will also no longer be an issue. A single smart item to have a smart home.

The novelties don’t end there. Triby also offers voice control with Alexa, thus also providing information on the latest news, weather conditions and the information sought. Thanks to its App, Triby is the perfect device for listening to music and communicating with other devices in the home.

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