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The Netatmo Home Weather Station | Ultimate Review

Netatmo has designed and built a sophisticated and intelligent system to accurately establish the atmospheric conditions of the days to come and monitor internal and external environmental data.

Unpredictable weather, seasons that no longer exist, desire to plan, but uncertainty until the last minute. If you are also looking for clear and precise information on the weather of the days you need to plan for the trip out of town, if you have a garden and want to know whether or not it is appropriate to irrigate the lawn and water the plants, if you are a person who prepares his outfit the day before, then the Netatmo home weather station is the solution for you. A complete smart device, simple to install, easy to use, perfect for knowing the weather conditions.

All the accessories of the smart home weather station

The team of experts has also thought of a set of useful and functional accessories for different purposes.

The rain gauge

A useful tool that provides valuable information in real time on the rain that has fallen and on the amount of water accumulated. Thanks to the rain gauge of the Netatmo home weather station, you will know perfectly when and how much to water the outdoor plants and water the lawn in your garden.

The anemometer

It is the accessory that measures and provides information on the wind. It uses advanced ultrasound technology ensuring accurate and reliable data on wind speed and direction. Connected directly to the Netatmo App, in the event of gusts of wind, you will receive notifications directly on your smartphone. Thanks to 4 ultrasonic transducer sensors, the anemometer guarantees detailed and reliable information.

The internal add-on module

A smart device that can be placed anywhere in the house thanks to the wireless connection. The additional module of Netatmo’s home weather station is able to process and provide precise data on the internal temperature, humidity level and CO2 level present in the room where the sensor is present. To get a complete picture of the environmental data of your home, remember that you can integrate up to 3 additional modules to your weather station.

All the data and information necessary to know in advance the external and internal conditions of your home can be consulted with a few clicks directly on the Netatmo App. In this way, moreover, you will have the possibility to remotely manage the functions of the Netatmo home weather station. A cutting-edge solution, simple to use, but complex in its implementation. A real intelligent object that will simplify your daily life and allow you to comfortably manage all internal and external environmental factors.

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