dispositivi intelligenti per la salute e il benessere

The scopes of application of smart objects belonging to the Internet of Things are multiple.  IoT products in Health Care are true smart health and wellness devices that help doctors and patients manage different pathologies.

IoT and Healthcare

Not all of the scientific community agrees on the introduction and use of new technologies to support traditional medicine. In fact, the benefits of using smart devices to monitor patient health is a real evolution of the doctor-patient relationship. The number of wearables users, on the other hand, is rising sharply. Sportsmen with smartwatches and fitness bands, IoT objects that measure vital parameters, record daily activities and remember to take pills, are examples of smart applications. Highly technological and innovative, these smart devices have very high potential, facilitating the management of pathologies, diseases or simply monitoring of the state of health and physical well-being of individuals. The evolution of these intelligent objects is constantly becoming. To date it is already possible to have direct access to your own analyses, communicate with your doctor, facilitate the prevention and management of diseases.

The 3 Purposes of Smart Health and Wellness Devices

Making progress in discoveries, especially in the medical and technological fields, is the prerogative of all scientific communities. The world of the Internet Of Things, in reference to Health Care, aims to promote the well-being and health of individuals, to improve the care experienceand reduce running costs. This is not simply a support for medicine, but an evolution of smart devices. This supports individuals during their daily physical activities and represents real support in the management of pathologies and diseases. This is a clinically significant innovation, based on the behaviour of men and women and collaboration between patient and intelligent device.

Smart devices, perfect for different tasks

Intelligent devices for human health and well-being, are objects that in addition to performing their practical function, allow you to be part of different communities. Here we exchange information and advice. Thanks to IoT smart objects, many vital parameters can be monitored. Pressure, number of heartbeats, kilocalories consumed, body temperature, oxygen and blood sugar are classic examples. The models of wearables for healthcare are very many. Bands for the garment, for the back, for the ankles, but also smarwatches, clips and clothing are examples. Each of these smart devices, connected to a smart device, can record and assess the physical and health status of individuals. The data collected are then transmitted directly to your doctor and archivable so that you have a historical always at hand, or better, click.

The patient at the heart of Health Care

The combination of medicine and IoT technology leads inexorably to changing the doctor-patient relationship. The latter is found to be active and participatory in the care and well-being program of itself. You don’t need to be connected to all smart health and wellness devices. Simply choose the one most in line with your needs. Each smart product also has precise characteristics, to be known to be able to take advantage of all the potential of the object. Crucial, for example, to know the type of connection required. From Z-Wave to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi to Ethernet and still 3G/4G/5G are some of the options possible. In addition to your device, you must own a smartphone, tablet, PC or any other device to store, download, manage and monitor all your data.

Cloud Technology and the Internet of Things: Is it good to trust? Protect, reliability, and respect for the privacy of smart health and wellness devices

While on the one hand, many users blindly believe in smart health and wellness devices, on the other hand there are those who suspect it. Reliability and respect for privacy guaranteed by these smart objects. Many apps provide a monthly fee to have full control of the parameters and functionality of the device. Thus no data can be shared with third party companies or be sold for market research and similar. The user has full control of their data and will personally decide when and with whom to share the results obtained.

Smart Health and Wellness Devices: our articles

In our blog we dedicated a section to the description of some interesting IoT objects related to the field of Health Care. But the selection doesn’t end here: there are a lot of pages where we describe IoT Health Care products.
* [Image from The rise of consumer health wearables: promises and barriers – Lukasz Piwe – David A. Ellis – Sally Andrews – Adam Johnson

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