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Simultaneous translations with Bragi: how to interact seamlessly in all languages!

The dream of so many has finally come true! Multifunction wireless headphones were born. Much more than just earbuds, the Bragi exclusive Dash Pros are integrated with the iTranslate app that lets you have simultaneous voice translations. A real revolution, especially for those who are not grasped with languages, but want to interact with people of different nationalities from their own! In fact, the German company had already developed a pair of headphones with bluetooth, but decided to implement the functions and improve functionality. Let’s discover the details of the Bragi Dash Pro together.

Simultaneous music and translations anytime, anywhere

The Bragi Dash Pro earbuds are the highest level wireless. With really cool features and features. Audio quality is greatly improved compared to previous versions, as is Bluetooth connection. The autonomy of smart headphones is also noteworthy: it can be up to 5 hours of use. Not only music, but also simultaneous interaction and translations. That’s right! Thanks to the integration with iTranslate, through the app, you can get translations of entire phrases and speeches spoken to the microphone in real time. And here is that interacting with people who don’t speak our language is no longer taboo. Thanks to these smart earbuds, every language barrier is finally broken down.

Comfort on all occasions

Thanks to Bragi’s smart headphones, playing sports while listening to music is no longer complicated. Ergonomic and comfortable, the smart Dash Pro earbuds allow you to practice any activity without the hassle of dangling wires. Thanks to their waterproofing, they are also perfect during swimming, up to a meter deep.

The technical features of the Dash Pro earbuds

With 4GB memory, Bragi’s smart headphones can store up to 1000 songs. Dash Pro earbuds consist of 150 micro-components, a 32-bit processor and 27 sensors that can optimize listening. Thanks to the latter, you can also activate different functions with simple gestures and movements of the face or fingers. Worthy of note is the very useful function that allows the user to completely isolate themselves without hearing any external noise.
In addition to the design, Bragi’s team members focused on the fit of the Dash Pros. The latest version, in fact, fits perfectly with the anatomy of the auditory system. In short, there are no more reasons not to accompany training and sports sessions with your favorite music.

Dash Pros are an example of how technology, innovation and artificial intelligence are the protagonists of everyday life. If you’re curious to find out how many smart devices can help in everyday gestures, read our articles.

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