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Best Smart Light Bulbs Review

Every home gadget is getting smarter these days. Buying the smart light bulbs easily controllable by smartphones and voice commands is what you need to jump on the same boat. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to all the old lights in your house, this ultimate guide will be a productive piece of writing for you. 

The competition is increasing day by day, and this uptick produces better options to choose from! Let’s start the guide!

One might ask a question first: what do these smart light bulbs do in actuality? Well, a significant advantage of shifting to the “smart” side is the easy controlling ability. You can just clap or speak to turn the lights ON/OFF. Moreover, these smart lights can be connected to your smartwatch and fitness tracker to control them wirelessly. Isn’t it very convenient? 

Will Smart Light Bulbs cost you much?

When it comes to cost, these bulbs will be higher in price than the traditional ones. But one thing to keep in mind is their energy-saving feature. They are easy on electricity usage, but you can also turn them OFF with ease when not in use. This way, you’re going to save some money in the longer run. As per the Energy Saver, you can save $75 per year on the electricity bills if you’re replacing any five bulbs in your home. 

That’s one of the reasons people are investing much and transitioning towards a smarter home. The smart light bulb market value has reached up to 402.3 million USD and expected to double up by 2026. There are plenty of options to have smart light bulbs even under $20 by the Wyze, Philips, and more competitive brands. 

How To Buy The Best Smart Light Bulbs?

There are hundreds of brands in the market, and each one is trying hard to attract the audience. But don’t get trapped in the false claims. We’re here with our quick tips to follow that will surely help you pick a trusted and well-made product. 

Quick tips to follow while buying the smart light bulbs:

  • Compatibility: Make sure to buy the smart bulbs and lights fully compatible with the intelligent home assistants. This way, it’ll be much easier to control them via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. 
  • Brightness: Buy a smart bulb or light as per the lumens. Location and usage play an important part in knowing how much lumens you want! As per the researchers, to replace a 60W bulb, you need 800 lumens in the smart lights. 
  • Color Temperature: It is one of the most critical factors as a specific shade of light can change the whole ambiance. A bulb with a color temperature less than 2700K is more orange and becomes bluish at 5000K. 
  • Setup: Look for a brand that offers easy connectivity in these smart light bulbs. Check if they want a hub or a gateway for the initial setup. 
  • Wireless: There are plenty of options available in the market. Some rely on the wireless network, while others require a ZigBee with a gateway or hub. 

Now you know the basics of buying the best smart light bulbs, but with so many options flooding into the market right now, it’s not easier to choose the best one. Worry no more, as we’ve got your back as always. 

Here are some of the top-rated smart light bulbs of all time below to help you get the right deal. Let’s delve into further details. 

Best Smart Light Bulbs

1. SYLVANIA Smart+ wifi Light Bulb:


Smart Lighting:

When it comes to bringing your smart home light bulb experience to a new level, this SYLVANIA Smart+ wifi holds all the advanced features. There is no need to put much effort into the setup as SYLVANIA fits ten easy setup features on-board. You can also control them via voice commands and smart home devices, i.e., Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts.

Customize as you want:

One of the significant features of this SYLVANIA light bulb is that you can customize the settings you want. Thus, bringing in more versatility, these light bulbs can be tuned to the color temperature that you need at that time. Therefore, you can customize this bulb with millions of colors and 2700-6500K tunable white.

Easy Setup:

No hub or gateway is needed to set up this Smart+ wifi light bulb. You can easily set up the device using the free Smart wifi app from the SYLVANIA. You can create a schedule to turn these smart bulbs ON/OFF, create reminders, and group your lights as well. All this can be done over a 2.4GHz wifi network using the application.


  • Dimmable with app
  • 2700K to 6500K color temperature
  • Easy to use with smart homes
  • Up to 13.7 years of lifetime


  • Not compatible with Apple Home Kit

2. NITEBIRD 8W Smart Light Bulb:


Easy to Control:

This NITEBIRD smart bulb offers no hand control feature. You can just say what you want! Control the Nitebird light bulb via your voice over the Alexa and Google Assistant. You cannot just turn them ON/OFF, but these are also dimmable to some extent without any hub and gateway.

Remote Control Option:

NITEBIRD comes with a remote control option this time. You can turn the bulb ON/OFF and dim it whenever you want without putting in a lot of effort. Thus, even when you’re not at home, you can access the light switch over Wi-F via the smartphone app. This feature extends the overall safety and security from the intruders in your absence. Another smart feature in the bucket list is the grouping of bulbs via this intelligent app.

Schedule the Lights:

Next in the feature list of this NITEBIRD smart bulb is to set the timer to turn them ON/OFF. This modern attribute will serve in plenty of ways. You can save some cost on the electricity bills by not leaving the lights ON for the whole night, or you can turn them ON before coming home from the office.


  • 2700K color temperature
  • 80% less energy consumption
  • Supports grouping of bulbs
  • Easy to install


  • Customer complaint about lengthy setup

3. LUMIMAN Smart wifi Light Bulb:


Voice Control Commands:

The very first perk of having smart lights in your home is the hands-free control. All you need to do is to speak out loud the voice assistants will listen to your commands. This smart light bulb is easy to control via Alexa Echo, Echo dot, and Google Home. No need to place any hub in-between.

Control from anywhere:

Are you looking for something safe and secure? What if this LUMIMAN smart wifi bulb takes care of your home from intruders? You can turn this light ON/OFF from anywhere over the 2.4 GHz wifi connection via the smartphone app. You can install this free PlusMinus app on your smartphone and tablet as well.

Multi-Color Light:

You can create different light effects using these LUMIMAN light bulbs. Enjoy up to 16 million light colors, which are even dimmable to some extent using the application. You can also set the timer or countdown to save some power and undeniably beautiful color ambiance.

Versatile Bulb:

What’s unique about these light bulbs is their versatility and extensive use. You can utilize their 6500K bright light in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and more. Such radiant color temperature and 800 Lumens light is also best-suited for table lamps in café, bars, and bedrooms.


  • 16 million colors
  • Dimmable with every color
  • Schedule feature
  • Perfect as a room bulb or table lamp


  • Not for large spaces

4. AL Abovelights Smart Light Bulb:


Remote Control:

AL Abovelights bulbs are smart enough to be controlled over wifi. No matter wherever you’re and in which corner of the world, you can dodge the potential intruders trying to break into your house. Thus, this smart light bulb has the wifi technology on-board, which requires no hub or connection to create a secure connection. All you need is the free Smart Life application.

Control with your voice:

Long gone are the days when you have to stick your fingers physically onto the switches to turn the lights ON/OFF. There is no need to leave your cozy bed on winter nights now, as you can turn the lights ON/OFF with just your voice commands using Alexa, Echo, and Google Home.

Save energy:

This 9W bulb will save you much energy and comes in 810 lumens, which are somewhat more significant than the ordinary 9W bulbs. So, what else can be better than having more brightness and less power consumption? This smart light bulb is holding the E26 base that can easily fit in the place of a 60W incandescent bulb.

Extended lifetime:

AL Abovelights will never leave you in the dark! This ETL listed bulb comes with 35,000 hours of lifespan and a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • 16 million colors
  • 80% energy saving
  • Warm white color light
  • 35,000 hours lifespan


  • Fundamental application

5. Treat life Smart Light Bulbs 4 Pack:


White and Multicolored:

No need to spend money on every colored bulb! Here comes the Treat life multicolor smart bulb you can use for various occasions, including parties, weddings, and decorations. Enjoy having 16 million colors in a single light with an extensive range of 2700-6500K color temperature. This way, you can enjoy the colorful ambiance and create your light effects to record some visuals.

Control from Anywhere:

Turn on the lights if you’re late from the office in the evening! You can access the light switch over the standard 2.4 GHz wifi connection from anywhere at any time. Not just this, but gone are the days when you need to leave your cozy bed to turn ON/OFF the lights simply. Also, you can create schedules, set the countdown timer, and more for your convenience.

Various Occasions:

This 9 watts bulb comes with a brightness of 800 lumens, which is ideal for every room type. Not just for everyday use, but the various color compatibility makes it a perfect choice to create a color scene around you at nights or Halloween parties.


  • 16 million colors
  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • 30,000 hours lifetime
  • FCC certified


  • Doesn’t work with 5GHz wifi

6.NiteBird A19 E26 8 Watts Smart Light Bulb:


Multicolor lights:

These RGB smart light bulbs do not just have the white light, but they can provide you with the 16 million color options. You can choose the color as per the ambiance and mood. Moreover, if you’re not finding the right one for you, let’s leave it on the pre-programmed DIY scene on-board. This way, you can match your room’s light on various occasions.

Dimmable Settings:

Are you tired of bright lights in your room? Let’s make it cozy with these Nitebird A19 bulbs. You can schedule these to turn ON/OFF at a specific time and enjoy the brightness level in sync with the mood and ambiance. Thus, this dimmable brightness setting will yield a softer warm light and create a relaxing atmosphere as you like.

Easy to install:

This 8W bulb can be installed in the pre-installed output lines having a base size of E26. It can easily replace a 75W incandescent bulb to save more than 80% of energy. You just need to fit the bulb into an E26/27 socket and screw tight it.

Easy Controls:

Enjoy the remote controlling feature for these modern styled RGB pattern lights via voice commands or app control. Both the methods employ the 2.4GHz of wifi connection, and there is no further need for hub and gateways.


  • Dimmable property
  • Eight different scenes
  • Remote and voice-controlled
  • 80% less energy consumption 


  • Poor wifi connection

7. Philips Hue White A19 LED bulb:


Simple to Start:

The initial setup is mostly the only thing that can put hurdles in your transformation towards smart homes. But not with this Philips Hue now! This A19 bright colored LED smart light comes with easy installation and operational setup. All you need is to touch the button on your smartphone via the application, and the whole room will light up with these Hue White LED bulbs.

Join Up to 10:

You can add up to 10 bulbs together and create a whole new ambiance when they turn ON/OFF in sync or separately. You can connect up to 10 Hue bulbs using Bluetooth devices or ZigBee gateway with the Hue app.

Easy Controls:

You can just control the bulb devices using your voice commands. Philips Hue can connect directly with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Not only this, but the fun begins when this Philips Hue works with all versions of Echo devices.


  • 22 years of lifespan
  • Energy Star certified
  • Support Hue hub for ten bulbs
  • Works with echo devices


  • Can’t save colors 

8. OHLUX Smart wifi LED bulbs:


Voice Controlled:

OHLUX smart wifi brings you the easy to control nifty and smart light bulbs, which are easy to get into the smart life. These A19 E26 LED bulbs can be controlled via voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Moreover, you can not only turn them ON/OFF using the remote-controlled app or voice. Gone are the old school days, and now you can adjust their brightness and color temperature!

Group Controls:

There’s no way you’re going to dislike this OHLUX smart wifi LED. One of the primary reasons for their fame is the versatile group controls. You can connect the bulbs using the Smart Life application, and the timer function will turn them ON/OFF on the countdown. Moreover, you can set the timer as per the sunset or sunrise, so you won’t need to leave the lights ON the whole day.

RGBCW Multicolor and Dimmable:

These LED smart lights come with the RGB multicolor pattern scheme, including more than 16 million colors. You can choose what you like.


  • 0-100% adjustable brightness
  • 600 lumens brightness
  • 90% energy saving
  • RGBCW dimmable option


  • Only for a small area

9. TECKIN Smart wifi Light Bulb:


Improved Safety:

Are you looking for something to keep an eye on your house while you’re away? If so, you can vouch for this smart wifi LED bulb by TECKIN. You can access the lights using the Smart Life app via your smartphone. This way, you can get rid of all the potential intruders and let them know that someone is at home.

Sound Control:

This unique feature is the reason why you should buy this TECKIN smart light! Connect it with the Google Assistant, and you’re good to go. Just ask the Google Assistant to turn them ON/OFF, dim or bright, and it’ll do it within seconds. Moreover, the RGB feature helps you get the right color in your place by choosing 16 million.

Save Energy:

You can also save some energy using these bulbs. Employ the energy-saving LED technology in your house by replacing the ordinary bulbs with these durable and long-lasting pieces.


  • 30000 hours of a lifetime
  • 60% less energy consumption
  • Ideal for parties and occasions
  • Multicolor bright light


  • Annoying hum at max intensity

10. Meross Smart wifi LED bulb:


Replace the old ones:

You don’t need to pay extra bills when you’re this Meross LED bulbs on-board. These 9W powerful LEDs are here with the E27 base, which can easily replace the 60W incandescent bulbs. This way, you can save up to 78.3% of the energy compared to the old ones.

Schedule the lights:

That’s another convenient feature that plays the role of a feather in the cap. You can also adjust the timings and schedule the lights as per your needs or habits. Also, make sure to have the right amount of brightness to avoid an irritating feeling in the eyes.

Multicolor and Adjustable:

Being dimmable and adjustable are the two more factors that can help you eliminate old incandescent bulbs. You can entirely change the room’s atmosphere by bringing these Meross 9W smart wifi bulbs that need no hub to be installed.


  • Modern LED technology
  • Less than 0.5 watts of standby power
  • Dimmable option


  • A bit difficult to install

Comparison Chart:

ProductsColor TemperatureWattageDimmableCompatible withConnectivity
1.SYLVANIA Smart+ Wi-Fi Light Bulb2700-6500K9 WattsYesAlexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
2.NITEBIRD Smart Light Bulb2700K8 WattsYesAlexa, Google Home, Siri 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
3.LUMIMAN Smart WiFi Light Bulb6500K7.5 WattsYesAlexa and Google Home Assistant 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
4.AL Abovelights Smart Light Bulb2700K9 WattsYesAlexa, Echo, Google Home & Siri 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
5.Treatlife Smart Light Bulbs 4 Pack2700-6500K9 WattsYesAlexa, Google Assistant 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
6.NiteBird A19 E26 8 Watts Smart Light Bulb2700K8 WattsYesAlexa Echo Google Home and Siri 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
7.Philips Hue White A19 LED bulb2700K9.5 WattsYesAlexa & Google Assistant, Echo devices 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/  Hub needed for ZigBee
8.OHLUX Smart Wifi LED bulbs2700-6500K7 WattsYesAlexa & Google Assistant2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
9.TECKIN Smart Wifi Light Bulb2800k-6200k 7.5 WattsYesAlexa & Google Assistant2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed
10.Meross Smart Wifi LED bulb2700K-6500K 9 WattsYesSmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/ No hub needed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Why these bulbs or LEDs are called smart

A. There is plenty of reason for this tag. A few of them include their easy to control ability over voice commands, remote access over wifi, energy-saving technology, and intelligent RGB features.

Q. How to install the smart light?

A. It’s more than easy to transform your house into a smart home using these lights. Just screw the new bulb into the suitable port as mentioned on the bulb and connect it to the wifi for easy access.

Q. What is the lifespan of smart light bulbs?

A. The lifespan varies from brand to brand. But 90% of the smart LED bulbs are more efficient and durable than ordinary incandescent bulbs.


Smart light bulbs are taking over ordinary bulbs due to being more user-friendly and intelligent. Are you looking to transform your everyday living into something modern? If so, keep your hands on these smart and stylish LED bulbs and get rid of various tensions!

You can also consider the LIFX smart lights and Philips Hue Colors if you want buy excellent smart light bulbs!


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