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Wireless Payments, With NYMI BAND Goodbye Password: Heartbeat Needs

Our everyday life is invaded by an infinite number of secret codes and passwords. All fundamental, all to remember. Sometimes you forget a few figures and panic. To simplify our hectic lives, the world of the Internet of Things is thinking about it. Among the many smart devices on the market, there is also a smart device that will allow you to make any kind of payment without swiping the credit card and entering the pin code. Nymi Band is the wireless payment bracelet that uses the beating of your heart as a security key.

A simple hi tech bracelet to make all wireless payments

Designed and developed by a team of experts at the University of Toronto, Nymi Band boasts a biometric identification sensor of one’s heartbeat. The frequency of your heart is in practice the key to identification and authorization of payments to be made. Goodbye pin code to remember! Simply pair one or more cards to your profile and pay by bringing the smart bracelet closer to your reading device.

All the security of normal credit cards, indeed maybe even more!

The security of wireless payments made through the Nymi IoT bracelet complies with all the parameters used for classic credit cards. In addition to payment via pos in different physical stores, thanks to Nymi it will also be possible to pay online orders. Underpinning Nymi’s incredible innovation, is ElectroCardioGram, a sophisticated system that identifies and detects personal biometric data. ECG wave signals, in fact, exhibit unique characteristics of each individual’s physiology.

Design, lightness and practicality

Nymi is a simple silicone bracelet, available in different colours. However, it contains state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated technology based on biometric data. Once the user’s heartbeat track is verified, the smart device activates a Bluetooth 4.0 connection that can unlock any type of device from smartphone to tablet. The input depends on the action you take: wireless payment or identification for activation of online services. The Nymi bracelet is compatible with major operating systems: Android, iOS, OS X and Windows.

In addition to the online payment function, Nymi lends itself perfectly to office life. In fact, it can be integrated with any device: from the elevator, to the opening of doors with personal recognition, to access in programs reserved for a small number of authenticated users.

Nymi is a good example of how the world of the Internet of Things is evolving, taking huge leaps and bounds and developing increasingly cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Smart IoT devices are now starting to take root in all markets, representing a good support for everyday life.

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