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Take advantage of these specializations and courses on IoT.

An Introduction to Programming The Internet of Things Specialization

This is a Specialization where you get hands-on experience. It is creative and very useful. Register and invite your friends.

I can say that the course Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems, for example, explains very clearly what a Thing is and it gives the example of an IoT Refrigerator. It was a very interesting example since I remember that I actually saw a video on YouTube about a Tech Fair where they showed this type of product. It is interesting how a refrigerator can communicate when you are running out of a product and it can even order new ones for you. An IoT Refrigerator can do many things.
This course explains what an IoT Refrigerator has to have in order for it to be considered as such.

This Specialization has 6 courses:

Course 1: Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems

Course 2: The Arduino Platform and C Programming

Course 3: Interfacing with the Arduino

Course 4: The Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming for the Raspberry Pi

Course 5: Interfacing with the Raspberry Pi

Course 6: Programming for The Internet of Things Project

Internet of Things Specialization

In this specialization, you learn about IoT products and services like devices for sensing, actuation, etc. You have labs where you can practice what you have learned.

This Specialization has 6 courses:

Course 1: Internet of Things: How Did We Get Here?

Course 2: Internet of Things V2: DragonboardTM Bringup and Community Ecosystem

Course 3: Internet of Things V2: Settings up and Using Cloud Services

Course 4: Communication Technologies

Course 5: Internet of Things: Multimedia Technologies

Course 6: Internet of Things Capstone V2: Build a Mobile Surveillance Platform

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

This is course 2 in the Cybersecurity Developing a Program For Your Business Specialization.

We cannot deny the importance of Cybersecurity and the increasing role it has regarding IoT since we will have more devices connected and that will have to function without errors and at real-time.

This is a very important course that you should take just to have a very good understanding. You can study the whole specialization or just individual courses.

This course goes directly to the most important points like trends, complexities, and more. Some parts might be difficult but do not give up. Take notes, watch the videos several times, and go to the forum if you have questions.

It also gives you an idea on the areas that you could do more research on in order to build a very sustainable business.

The connected home is a very interesting topic.

Week 1: Welcome to Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

Week 2: IoT and the Industrial Sector

Week 3: IoT and the Connected Home

Week 4: IoT and Consumer Wearables

Introduction and Programming with IoT Boards

This is a course that is very good for senior undergraduates, graduates, and engineers. It is very broad since it covers several IoT development kits as well as general concepts.
In the first week, you learn about the four types of industrial Revolutions which is very important in order to understand the difference with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Now the Fourth Industrial Revolution is very different from the previous ones and there are things that are not clear about how they will impact our lives. There is an interesting book you can read about this which is called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” by Klaus Schwab. You can buy it on Amazon: Click Here.

Another book you can buy on Amazon which can give you extra information is “Shaping the Future of the Fourth Revolution” by the same author. Click Here.

Week 1: Introduction to IoT

Week 2: Networking Technologies for IoT

Week 3: IoT Programming with Arduino

Week 4: IoT Programming with Raspberry Pi

Week 5: IoT Programming with ARTIK Board

Internet of Things: Multimedia Technologies

This is a very interesting course where you create an application with Python. You learn about Codecs and how to apply them.

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Codecs

Week 3: Computer Vision and our Application

Industrial IoT on Google Platform Specialization

This is a different course. It is also hands-on and you Will be doing part of your work on a website called Qwiklabs.

”This course covers the entire Industrial IoT network architecture from sensors and devices to analysis. The course discusses sensors and devices but the focus is on the cloud side. You’ll learn about the importance of scaling, device communication, and processing streaming data. “

Week 1: Welcome to Industrial IoT on GCP
Foundations of GCP Architecture
Sensors, Devices, and Communication
Google Cloud IoT Platform

Week 2: Creating IoT Data Pipelines
Analyzing Data with BigQuery
Analyzing IoT Dataprep and Data Studio
Deprecated Lesson


These are my tips and I truly recommend you to take steps today. Enroll in the specializations or courses and share the links with your friends and/or colleagues.

Prepare yourself for a new career or just get the cutting-edge skills.

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