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Everyday life is filled with many moments of happiness and, at the same time, stress due to all the household activities that clog your mind.

Notion can help free-up your mind from intrusive thoughts relative to the micro-management of your own home, giving you piece of mind, and enabling you to spend more quality time with your family and at work.

Notion is a smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) device that offers several useful functions that allow you to monitor your home even when you are far away.

For example, Notion is able to detect simple daily events such as the opening of a front or garage door, if somebody is sneaking into your safe, or opening your secret chest to get a hold of your ‘precious’.  If such events are triggered, Notion will immediately send a notification to your smartphone through a free app that can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store. Notion can also send you alerts when the temperature in one room is too high or too low, if there is a water leak, when a space heater is on but the room windows are open causing energy dispersion, or if smoke is detected.

This smart device will revolutionize the way you interact with your own home, and it will enhance its security and energy efficiency.

The Notion App will give you an instantaneous picture of what’s happening around your home. Relevant information, such as ambient temperature, the opening of a door, water or gas leaks, etc. will be at your fingertips thanks to a sleek software interface that will keep you updated in real time.

 The Notion wireless device has a built-in, extremely durable double-sided tape that allows you to place it anywhere you like.

Notion comes also with several integrated sensors that can measure temperature, acceleration, light levels, water leaks, sound, and motion.

All of these features are packed in an ultralight device that weighs just 37 grams and has a diameter of just 5 centimeters. Notion is water and UV resistant, and can be powered by batteries.

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Every sensor can be easily connected through WiFi by using a modem that is included in the kit and is responsible to exchange and update information with the app.

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