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Get a Discount of 100$ off on Coursera Plus on Cyber Monday

Currently, you can get a discount on Coursera Plus by joining their Cyber Monday deal. You can even get a 14 day money back on your annual subscription. This is a great offer for students, military, and people who are looking for a specialization. Also, the profits from this promotion will be donated to Ukraine.

Offers for students

During Cyber Monday, Coursera offers a variety of deals. These deals provide you with the opportunity to improve your skills and learn more about topics that will enrich your life. Taking advantage of these deals will allow you to save money and earn a certificate.

Coursera is an online education platform that allows users to access a wide range of courses. It has partnered with various educational institutions and universities to offer the best courses to learners. Currently, Coursera offers over 180 specializations. This includes a variety of programs for the business world, the creative world, and other disciplines.

Coursera Plus is a subscription service that provides students with access to over 3,000 courses. The subscription costs less than $1 a day and it gives students the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion for all the courses they take. In addition, Coursera Plus offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Coursera also offers a special referral program. This program allows students to send unique referral links to friends and family. When a friend signs up using the link, they receive 50% off the entire purchase. This offer is available for the first month of a new subscription.

Coursera also offers a wide variety of discounts and coupons. These are handpicked by experts and are sure to work. You can browse these coupon codes and find the one that best suits your needs.

In addition to these coupons, Coursera also offers special deals on selected courses. You can earn a professional certificate in a variety of topics by signing up for courses during the Cyber Monday sale. You can also take advantage of the Coursera Cyber Monday deals, which give you the opportunity to perfect a specific skill.

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Offers for military

Whether you’re a veteran, a student, or just a regular consumer, there are some good Coursera Plus Cyber Monday deals for you. They’re not quite ready yet, but you can expect some deep discounts.

Coursera Plus is an annual subscription that gives you access to over 7,000 courses. It costs about $399 a year. You can get a seven-day free trial. It’s not quite as good as the regular subscription, but it’s worth a try. You’ll receive access to over 90 percent of the catalog, plus a Capstone Project. You’ll also get certificates of completion.

Coursera is the largest online learning platform in the world. With over 150 governments and educational institutions in 29 countries, Coursera has a lot to offer. You can enroll in courses on topics that interest you. You can also take professional certifications. They even offer free elective courses.

Coursera offers an exclusive discount for military personnel. You can receive a Coursera Military Discount for the cost of a one-month subscription. They’ll send you a special code that you can use on their site. Alternatively, you can speak to a representative via live chat on their Contact Us page.

Coursera Plus also has a special holiday sale. They’re offering up to a 73% discount on their monthly plan. That’s a pretty good deal, especially for students. The site doesn’t sell physical products, but you can get them shipped for free. You can also check out their outlet items.

While Coursera doesn’t offer a loyalty program, they do have a discount program for students. They offer a referral program, and you can also send a special link to a friend. That friend will get 50% off their first month of courses.

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Offers for specializations

During the Coursera Cyber Monday sale, you can take advantage of some great specializations. For example, if you’re looking to get certified in cyber security, you can sign up for the IBM Cyber Security Analyst certificate. This course covers basic cyber security concepts like incident response protocol and defence tactics.

You can also sign up for the MacQuarie University specialization in Excel techniques. You’ll learn how to use Excel for business. The specialization can be completed in a matter of a few months.

You can also use the Coursera Plus subscription to get access to a wide range of courses. The course catalog includes over 3,000 Coursera courses. If you sign up for the Plus subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to these courses for just one dollar (USD) per month.

Coursera Plus offers a wide range of courses including Professional Certificates, Specializations and Projects. These programs offer gradable assignments, and users can learn from the best professors in the world. You can also receive certificates of completion.

The Coursera Plus subscription also includes access to the Capstone Project, a project that helps you to integrate all of your knowledge from the Coursera Plus courses into a single project.

During the Coursera Cyber Monday sale, a free trial of a week is offered to new subscribers. In order to receive the free trial, you need to create an account on Coursera and select a course. You’ll receive a promo code by email.

Coursera has more than 2,000 courses from top universities worldwide. You can choose from a range of programs, including masters, professional certificates, computer specializations and more. It’s a great way to learn online at an affordable price.

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Offers for a 14-day money-back on their annual subscription

Using Coursera Plus Cyber Monday offers can be a great way to save money on the annual subscription. This platform offers a variety of courses to help you gain new skills, earn a degree, and learn a new language. However, these offers are only available for a limited period of time, so don’t wait until next year to claim yours!

Coursera Plus is an online educational platform that offers more than 7,000 courses and degrees. Subscribers can also earn certificates, which they can share with their resumes and CVs. Coursera Plus offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can get a full refund within the first 14 days of your subscription.

Coursera Plus also offers free courses to college students. These are available in computer, coding, digital art, cooking, and more. Coursera Plus also offers a full selection of MOOCs from leading universities.

Coursera Plus Cyber Monday offers are available for a limited time, and can be claimed right now. If you missed the deal, you can still save up to $309 by purchasing an annual subscription. Whether or not you get your discount, it’s a great deal.

The Coursera Plus platform has a large catalogue of courses, which is taught by world-renowned experts in their fields. Coursera Plus is a leading educational platform that offers more than 7000 courses and degrees. It offers hands-on learning, accredited certificates, and gradable assignments. The Coursera Plus website also features a community that allows users to discuss and show off their work.

Coursera offers a variety of discounts and savings throughout the year. Some of these discounts include a special discount for military and veterans. The company also advertises savings on its social media pages.

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Donates profits to Ukraine

Despite a slow start to the year, the Ukrainian economy has bounced back with a bang. Although there’s still plenty of pain to go around, there’s no shortage of reasons to celebrate. The recent inauguration of President Putin has boosted spirits in the Ukraine, and has rekindled hopes of a reborn Eastern Europe. A slew of aid agencies including UNICEF and the World Bank have flung themselves into the fray, and are helping to alleviate the suffering of the nation’s citizens. Some of the aid has been allocated as grants and donations, but many of the funds have been spent on war-related expenses. A new wave of volunteer firefighters and medical professionals are also aiding the cause.

Some of the more notable contributions have been made by private sector institutions, with philanthropy coming in on several fronts. The American Red Cross has been the benefactor of over $16 million in charitable donations, while other groups have thrown their weight around as well. Some companies are even going the extra mile by giving their employees an opportunity to donate money to the cause.

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