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Sternum The Cybersecurity Solution for IoT Devices

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, security has become a top priority for device manufacturers. Despite their best efforts to harden equipment and software against attacks, vulnerabilities still exist.

Sternum cybersecurity has developed a patented solution that guards IoT devices against even unknown vulnerabilities in real time. According to the company, this is the first solution of its kind to provide embedded protection and unparalleled real-time visibility for connected devices.

Embedded protection for IoT devices

Sternum Cybersecurity is a three-year old Israeli startup devoted to preventing cyberattacks on devices. Their autonomous cybersecurity platform makes IoT security and observability easy for device manufacturers and enterprises alike, by making the process of protecting data easy for everyone involved.

The company claims it can assist companies in detecting which hackers are trying to infiltrate their devices. Furthermore, it provides an attack simulation tool so users can test the effectiveness of various security solutions.

Kaspersky recently reported that the number of attacks against IoT devices had doubled over the past six months, raising serious security concerns as most IoT products are vulnerable to security breaches.

Sternum has developed a patented technology to address this problem, creating embedded protection for IoT devices. Their Embedded Integrity Verification (EIV) solution embeds self-protection features into IoT devices that can identify and prevent attacks in real time.

By doing this, companies can avoid playing catch-up with hackers as is often the case with traditional security approaches. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of device failure and reduces patching costs.

It also detects attempts from hackers to infiltrate devices, helping protect against ransomware and other malware threats. Furthermore, it has the capability of detecting threats before security researchers even notice them.

With the rise of IoT devices made by both small startups and large corporations alike, protecting these systems has become more crucial than ever before. This is especially true for the IoT industry which relies heavily on tiny sensors that can be attached to almost anything from cars and toasters to industrial robots and auto-welders.

Unfortunately, many IoT devices aren’t designed with security in mind and often ship with default passwords and third-party components that aren’t secure. That is why sternum cybersecurity sought out a solution that can block these attacks as well as those from malicious actors who don’t aim to compromise the device itself but instead attempt to exploit its weaknesses in more harmful ways.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility is an integral component of supply chain management and logistics, yet too many businesses fail to utilize this powerful resource. Real-time visibility can provide organizations across any industry with numerous significant advantages.

Shippers can quickly respond to customer and stakeholder inquiries, locate delayed goods and manage transactions in a straightforward yet efficient way. Doing so helps them stay ahead of their competition, boost efficiency levels and save money in the long run.

Data capture, categorization and delivery in real-time have never been more critical. It’s an integral component of the data-driven company mindset and can make or break your business.

With a comprehensive real-time visibility system, you can monitor your shipment’s status across all modes of transport and logistics partners. This provides valuable insights into both its location as well as its condition – temperature, humidity, light exposure and shock – from one convenient interface.

These insights are captured by dedicated GPS and telematics hardware onboard your freight, which then sends that data to a cloud-based visibility platform that is accessible for everyone to view.

This data can then be utilized to streamline processes and cut litigation expenses. Furthermore, it allows you to negotiate more advantageous contracts with carriers and assess their quality of services better.

Real-time visibility is a simple process that only takes minutes to set up and begin providing value. All you need is access to an reliable data source.

To make this possible, you need to build a comprehensive data model that collects, cleanses and loads all internal and external supply chain information. Doing so will enable automated analysis as well as predictive forecasting.

Once this is accomplished, you can begin creating a control tower for your supply chain. This network will enable rapid response to emerging trends and ensure that logistics run efficiently and smoothly.

Sternum cybersecurity offers a comprehensive, highly scalable endpoint security solution that blocks attacks in real-time. It works regardless of the operating system and safeguards both source code and third-party code alike – it can even be embedded into IoT devices for extra protection.

End the vulnerability management race

Companies facing vulnerabilities in their IT systems not only pose a risk to their operations, but can also compromise the security and privacy of company data. Therefore, it’s essential to identify and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

A vulnerability management program is a set of steps designed to detect and fix vulnerabilities in an organization’s information technology (IT) system. This process includes assessing risks, applying solutions, and reassessing the results after each assessment.

Most vulnerability management programs rely on software agents to scan and detect vulnerabilities. While these tools are effective, they also consume an excessive amount of time and effort for companies.

Another challenge lies in accurately scanning and identifying the correct assets, especially for organizations with multiple types of networks or devices. It is essential to determine who owns each asset and who has access to critical IT systems.

This process can be time-consuming and challenging to manage in large organizations, which is often why vulnerability management programs fail.

It is essential to analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities accurately. This can be accomplished with an intuitive interface and automated reporting features from a reliable solution.

Once vulnerabilities are identified, they must be addressed quickly. This can be done either by applying patches to applications or other forms of mitigation.

The best vulnerability management programs periodically assess their processes to gauge progress in securing IT systems. This helps them stay accountable for improving security levels over time.

Ideally, this should be done monthly to ensure the security of your organization remains strong and intact. Furthermore, encouraging IT employees to be honest with each other and their bosses about vulnerabilities they uncover is a wise idea.

No matter the size of your organization, implementing a vulnerability management program can help protect your systems. But in order to make it as efficient as possible, it’s essential to comprehend the various approaches this process may take.

End the blindness

Established in 2018, Sternum offers an industry-first endpoint security solution that has quickly earned itself a place on the shelves of many IoT manufacturers. Their patented technology provides an integrated view of an IoT device, including real-time security and visibility through enhanced integrity verification (EIV) and advanced detection system (ADS). Most importantly, Sternum doesn’t shy away from taking risks – especially by collaborating with industry giants such as Telit and Medtronic on series of innovative endpoint security solutions that are both cost-effective for users while giving peace of mind when managing costs.

It is no longer a secret that secure IoT devices are essential to any connected enterprise, yet security can often be challenging to achieve. At Sternum, we focus on educating IoT manufacturers and consumers on best practices for protecting their devices and data – making us your go-to solution to help safeguard your smartest gadget from malicious cybercriminals. To learn more about our company and our products/services, get in touch today.

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