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Traveling the Metaverse with holoride’s In-Car XR

There’s a new startup company that wants to revolutionize the way people are entertained in cars.  holoride, a tech-entertainment startup based in Munich, Germany, is using extended reality (XR) technology to create immersive experiences for vehicle passengers.

holoride wants to revolutionize in-car entertainment and turn vehicles into moving theme parks. The startup, founded by former Audi employees, uses XR technology that syncs a car’s data like acceleration and steering, traffic data, as well as travel route and time, with the content playing on passengers’ VR headsets in real-time. This allows passengers to maximize their riding experience, whether that’s playing one of their favorite games, using the tech for productivity, edutainment, or even well-being. In fact, holoride’s localization technology reduces motion sickness, making it easier for passengers to enjoy audio-visual content in the car.

The unique concept was developed after holoride CEO Nils Wollny, along with co-founders Daniel Profendiner and Marcus Kuehne, spent years working for the German premium car manufacturer Audi. “We developed an idea during our time at Audi of incorporating VR into cars to enhance the riding experience,” Wollny said. After getting a team together, they began to develop their idea further. “Audi loved the idea, so we worked closely with them to develop this new VR solution that could operate within Audi vehicles. They saw it as a unique differentiator, and it helped us to have such a reputable partner to get our company off the ground.”

The company is currently working on two main cases: firstly, working with partners like Unity and Schell Games to create content that can be synced with the VR system. The second case is about product design. “We are looking at both the hardware-side of things like car integration, as well as what kind of software experience you can create by combining content with VR,” continued Wollny.

holoride believes time is precious and a person’s commute shouldn’t waste it. “Our mission is to turn transit time into valuable time, making people on the go happier, smarter or even more productive,” said Wollny.

One of holoride’s founding missions was to create less nausea for passengers: In addition to creating a truly immersive XR experience, their technology also reduces symptoms for individuals who are prone to motion sickness when consuming audio-visual content in the car. This is done by synchronizing what you see and what you feel with almost no latency – in fact, 3x more people reported having no symptoms of motion sickness at all when using holoride’s technology.

holoride turns everyday journeys into hyper-immersive experiences and has lots in store to take their mission further in 2022.

To stay up to date on the latest holoride news, visit or connect with them through their social channels like Twitter and YouTube.

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