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How Much Does a PlayStation 5 Weigh?

The PlayStation 5 is a monster console, and it is extremely heavy. Luckily, Sony has done something to make the Digital Edition lighter. It is now the lightest PlayStation console ever created, and this article will tell you why. Also, we’ll talk about the size and price of the console.


The PlayStation 5 is one of the most popular gaming consoles. It’s also one of the biggest. At launch, the Disc Drive Edition weighed nearly nine pounds and the Digital Edition was a smidge more than eight pounds. However, Sony has worked to reduce the weight of the new version of the PlayStation to make it easier to carry.

Sony has begun shipping PlayStation 5 consoles to the media and a video game reviewer named Geoff Keighley has weighed the new PS5 in its retail box. The gaming console is currently 14.7 pounds or 6.7 kilograms. Additionally, the box contains a bunch of PlayStation 5 goodies, such as a DualSense controller and the HD camera. 

The standard PS5 weighs 4.5 kilograms and the digital version weighs 3.9 kilograms. The PS5 box itself can weigh up to 15 pounds, depending on the overall packaging. The digital version of the PS5 is only a bit cheaper, with 667GB of SSD. This should be enough storage for most gamers.

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The PlayStation 5 is huge compared to other consoles. In fact, it’s so large that it’s bigger than Xbox One. Luckily, there are ways to measure the size of a PlayStation console so that you can prepare accordingly.

The size of the PlayStation 5 has been the subject of much debate. While many players complain about its size, Sony’s designers have come up with ways to minimize its size. One way is to implement dual cooling fans, which would reduce the size of the console. This would also make it slimmer. This way, it would be able to fit into a smaller space and still provide the same cooling performance.

The PlayStation 5’s packaging is a bit large. It measures approximately 18.5 inches wide by seven inches deep. The box is much smaller than that of the Xbox Series X console, which is 11.5 inches high, 18.5 inches wide by 4.9 inches deep.


The price of the PlayStation 5 has risen dramatically in some regions. In addition, Sony has announced that it is focusing on improving its supply chain for PS5, so that more units are available in all markets. The company also announced new features and accessories such as the PSVR, which is due out in early 2023, and the DualSense Edge premium controller.

While the price hikes for the PS5 are not as dramatic as those of the Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch, they are still significant. The increases are expected to affect sales in certain markets, but will not have a significant impact in the US. This is due to the high level of pent-up demand for the new console.

The price of the PlayStation 5 remains a concern for many gamers, but many people are willing to spend the extra money to get a better console. The new console will offer faster game play, more memory, and a solid state hard drive. It will also feature a graphics card capable of ray-tracing.

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When the PlayStation 5 launched, it was one of the heaviest game consoles on the market. The Disc Drive Edition weighed 9.9 pounds while the Digital Edition weighed 8.6 pounds. The new PS5 models, however, are slightly lighter – 13 percent lighter compared to the launch version.

Sony released new models of the PS5, and it is now starting to arrive on store, the updated PS5 hardware manuals show a decrease of 200 grams for the Digital Edition and 300 grams for the Disc Drive Edition. However, it’s not known exactly what changes have been made to the hardware.

The PlayStation 5 weighs around 8.5 pounds. Its physical size is smaller than the Xbox 360, which is why it’s deemed as a more portable option for gaming. Although the PlayStation 5 is slightly smaller than its predecessor, it’s still surprisingly thick and durable. It measures 390mm by 104mm by 260mm, which is 15.4 inches by 4.1 inches in size.

The standard edition of the PS5 has a disk drive and thus weighs 0.6 kg more than the digital edition. The standard edition of the PS5 is designed to be placed vertically or horizontally, but it’s also possible to stand it on its side and use it horizontally. Its box is made of recyclable materials, and it can be recycled.

New base screw

Sony has quietly introduced a new PS5 model that weighs a few hundred grams less than the original version. The manufacturer hasn’t disclosed why this change has been made, but it has made the new PS5 models easier to handle. They now have a new base screw that doesn’t require the use of a screwdriver and a new grip on the top of the screw.

The PS5 Digital Edition console will now weigh just 3.6kg, down from 3.9kg. Sony has not explained why the weight has been lowered, but it is likely due to a smaller heatsink.

Sony will also introduce new features, including removable M.2 SSD storage. This will be made possible through an upcoming software update. The update is now available for beta testers. Other improvements will include 3D audio support through the built-in speakers, an improved UI, and a way to identify PS5 and PS4 compatible games.

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Weight difference with previous model

The latest PS5 model from Sony has been released, but it is still unclear exactly how much lighter it is than the previous model. The new PlayStation is said to be lighter by around 300 grams. It also has a thinner, lighter body. Sony has been updating the PS5 consoles since its launch in 2020, with the last change taking place last year.

One Australian gaming website first reported on the difference between the PS5 models, and it was true. Both models are thinner and lighter than the original PS5. As of this writing, the PS5 Disc Version weighs almost the same as the PS5 Digital Edition. Sony explained that the weight reduction is because of a change in the heatsink. This new feature has reduced the overall weight of the console by about 300 grams.

The new weight reduction may also be a factor in the price hike. Inflation rates in different countries have increased the cost of gaming consoles, and the new PS5 is expected to be more expensive outside the US. Regardless, a smaller PS5 may help Sony save on manufacturing and shipping costs.

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