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Meditation and mental calm MUSE is your personal coach

Unplug, give oxygen to your brain and regain peace of your senses after a busy working day. But even in the middle of the morning, at night, in the afternoon, in the evening. Little matter when and where. You just need a small smart object that connects to your smartphone via app. His name is Muse and represents one of the most curious and appreciated Internet of Things devices on the market: it’s like having a personal trainer at home for meditation and calm mental.

Meditation and mental calm to regain serenity and tranquility

Meditation has never been more simple and accessible. Muse revolutionized this world by helping people regain mental calm.
It is a headband that girds the forehead and that thanks to its sensors, detects the activities of the brain in real time, processes them and produces outputs aimed at improving personal meditation. Thanks to the sounds and waves it emits, Muse increases concentration, helping reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Meditation and mental care increase the quality of life, Muse actively improves it.

Unable to give up and stop activity

When embarking on a new path, you choose a hobby or sport, if not involved and motivated enough, you risk dropping out after the first few weeks. The developers of Muse have thought about this as well. They decided to implement and organize the app as if it were a real competitive path, marked by milestones and rewards to motivate users for continuous action. At the end of each session, you can view the summary charts of the session and the history of the activities undertaken. All meditation exercises and mental calm present on Muse are provided by professionals in the field. The account is personal, but can be shared with family and friends, as well as milestones achieved.

The benefits of practicing meditation and mental calm with Muse

Muse is the world’s first intelligent device that can provide accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain during meditation. It is scientifically proven that meditation and mental calm promote the relaxation of the human body by improving deep rest and modifying physiological and emotional responses to stress. Thanks to meditation, stress, anxiety and depression are fought and symptoms are drastically diminished. Muscles relaxed, heartbeat and breathing slowed, lower blood pressure. These are some of the best results that can be achieved with meditation and using Muse.

The IoT objects that care for the person’s well-being are numerous. They are all shared by cutting-edge technology and innovation. To discover other smart devices, discover our Healthcarecategory.

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