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Precise weather forecast with NETATMO

Life today has become much faster and more hectic than in the past. Programming everything by considering all possible variables, including atmospheric conditions, is a real necessity. How many times to plan even just an exit with friends would we have wanted to have accurate weather forecasts?


Nowadays, developed technologies and innovation make it possible to have precise weather forecasts. Science has made numerous discoveries and computer science has allowed leaps and bounds to be made. But why rely on one of the many apps related to weather or television and radio, when we can have our own personal weather station thanks to Netatmo?

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Check the external environment and consult your personal weather station for accurate weather forecasts

Netatmo’s personal weather station consists of two cylinders, one for the exterior and one for the interior. Elegant, discreet and minimal design, they are easily integrated into any home decor. Netatmo provides real-time measured weather information to your home. It also allows you to know different parameters. From temperature to external humidity, from air quality outside your home to barometric pressure. Why all that? To have accurate weather forecasts. Thanks to Netatmo’s internal module, you can also analyze useful information about the rooms of your home: temperature, humidity present, overall air quality. The smart device provides information about the amount of CO2 present in the house and consequently signals when and how much to air the house to make it healthier.


House with garden? Flowering balcony? No problem, the personal weather station can be matched with the rain gauge. This IoT object provides real-time data on falling rain and previous rainfall events. Offers accurate precipitation data allowing you to accurately dose plant watering or garden watering.


Why not complete our personal weather station with the anemometer? It ensures precise and reliable measurements thanks to ultrasonic technology. Signals vary based on wind speed and direction. So you can configure the parameters of notifications sent to our smartphone to better customize the weather station.

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Additional Module

Large house or multi-storey? Why not have one or more internal add-on modules? This is a wireless accessory that allows you to have up to 3 additional modules and benefit from greater data control! Thanks to its design it can be placed in any room: living room, bedroom, children’s room. Each room has different features and for each one we would like a healthier environment, so with the right temperature, humidity and good air quality.

Thanks to Netatmo you can also have precise weather forecasts within your smartphone and improve the air quality inside your home, for you and those you love. If you’re interested in other interesting and functional smart devices, check out our smart home and smart device section.

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