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Best Home Energy Monitor To Reduce Electricity Bill

Are you fed up with increasing electricity bills? There can be plenty of reasons for this. Some top most includes a faulty appliance or an electricity leak! But how can you get rid of it? Worry no more, as we’ve brought a solution to this problem. Keep on reading to know more about the best home energy monitor out there! 

There is a smart electricity gadget that serves as a gateway to inner energy. What it does will be a lifesaver thing for you! It can connect directly to the meter showing some stats about energy usage. This way, you can have a clear view of how much energy you’re using. 

Also, this can be the first step towards an energy-saving home. Energy monitors are not of a single type. These smart gadgets come in a variety of shapes and features. Some of them are just providing an insight into usage, while others will guide you like a companion. It’s all up to you how you would love to opt for these nifty gadgets. Aren’t they smart!

Choosing the best energy monitor can be a tough one for you. The reason might include the availability of so many choices. It is also one of the major concerns as you’ll end up having some electricity issues once bought the wrong one. But we won’t let that happen to you! 

Here is the ultimate guide about the best home energy monitors, which will offer some advanced features and help you get the right deal.  

Why Would You Use These Home Energy Monitors?

Many of you might ask the same question: What are the benefits of using these smart and best home energy monitors? Well, keeping it simple, these gadgets will save you some pennies on the bills. But how? Let’s find out!

Suppose you’re having a large electricity bill at the end of the month and want to cut it short! 

You’ll start to guess at where the electricity is going. Thus, these home energy monitors will eliminate the guessing game and give you an insight into the heavy users. They directly connect with the electricity meter to know the energy usage. 

How Will You Buy The Best Home Energy Monitor?

Now you know the perks of having these gadgets! The problem arises when you try to buy them. Not all energy monitors come with similar build quality and features. But we’ve got your back as always! Here are some key features that you must look for while buying these energy monitors. 

Factors to consider before buying the best home energy monitors:

Type of Monitors:

Mainly, there are two types for these energy monitors. One goes for the individual appliance while the other is for the whole house. It is up to you how you want to use it! The household monitors will connect with the meter and provide full energy consumption data. The same goes for the individual one but a single appliance. 

Appliance Compatibility:

Every energy monitor has some options to connect! Similarly, every appliance is not the same when it comes to using electricity. It is better to opt for the best home energy monitor that goes with all types of devices. Some of them feature the detector option so that they can detect which type of appliance is connected. That’s how these gadgets will know the difference between a TV and a fridge! 

Mobile Application:

It is the era of technology! Everything is coming at your fingertips! Then why not these energy monitors? Buy one which connects with the mobile application. This way, you can have notifications and alerts. Also, an abnormal appliance can be identified by you right away! Isn’t it easy and life-saving for you?

Solar Ready Option:

The world is shifting to solar power now! It’s time for you to upgrade the gadgets! Opt for the best home energy monitor that comes with the solar-ready option. It will measure solar production as well as usage, therefore, it is deemed as one of the best solar home energy monitors. 


Last but not least is the installation! Most of you might be familiar with the circuit breaker and some essential wires. Hence, most of the home energy monitors have a do-it-yourself type option. This will also save you some dollars for installation. However, we recommend consulting an electrician if you’re not aware of these things. 

Top 10 Home Energy Monitors:

1. TOPGREENER Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring:


Optimize Energy Use:

You shouldn’t worry about the extra energy usage now! Bring this remote controlling feature to your list by buying TOPGREENER smart plug. It will keep an eye on the energy stats for the appliance you plug into it.

Group Usage:

This smart plug is the actual smart! It can be connected with the other plugs, and you can even use it in the group device for more advanced scene control. Also, it is fully compatible with the application that works with Android and iOS.

Voice Control:

You can buy a smart WiFi outlet to make it work with the voice assistant! There is no need to use your hands to control the appliances as it can listen and respond with the Alexa and Google Assistant. No hub is needed for this action.

Smart Features:

It has got some smart features as well, which includes the timer setup and remote controlling. You can set schedules or set the timer to turn the appliance ON/OFF automatically. Also, featuring the 15A power plug, it can be used for heavy-duty devices as well.


  • Durable design
  • Fire resistant
  • Handles up to 15A
  • Works with TOPGREENER app


  • build quality can be improved

2. Gen 2 Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy Monitor:


Easy to Install:

All you need to do is to inspect the panel before installation! This Emporia Vue monitor can go into the circuit panel via the clamp-on sensors. Once detected, it’ll keep an eye on the energy stats 24/7. It’ll monitor the real power consumption to prevent leakage and extra energy cost. This feature makes it the best home energy monitor for a circuit.

No More Guesswork:

You might be guessing about the appliance, which is using high energy. No more guesswork now! Bring this Gen 2 Emporia Vue smart home monitor, which comes with 50A sensors. This way, you can use it for heavy-duty purposes. You can measure the energy stats for an AC, furnace, water heater, washer, dryer, and more.

Save Power:

Get insight and a real understanding of power usage! This smart monitor will give you real-time stats and guide you about the next step to choose the right action.

Real-Time Energy Stats:

This Emporia Vue monitor is considered to be the Best Home Energy Monitor 2020 for many people because it provides you with real-time stats. But how? This gadget connects with the smartphone via an application and transfers the actual data. Vue sensors are in continuous work to update the stats every second.


  • 24/7 energy monitor
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi compatible
  • Accurate to ±1%
  • ITE certified
  • Three-phase option available


  • Bulky hardware

3. Sense Energy Monitor:


Efficient and Informed:

This Sense Monitor is not just the tracking of electricity! It’s a complete guard of your home. It can detect the light turning ON/OFF pattern and check for any abnormal behavior in your home. If someone leaves the light ON in the basement, it’ll guide you about that too. Hence, it is much more than an energy monitor but an energy saver for you!

Control from Anywhere:

Remote controlling is one of the most noteworthy features of this Sense gadget! You can have real-time data for your appliances regarding electricity use and control them via the application. The application works with the iOS and Android platforms.

No More Worries:

We care for your homes! Thus, don’t worry about the disaster with the appliances. You can set the custom notification for different appliances in your home, including the well-pump or flat iron. This way, you’ll be informed in time for the action.

Whole House Device:

This device is not just for a single appliance but for the whole house. It senses the consumption and will send the notifications as per the need. Notifications will inform you of any changes. A home comparison option will then rank your house as well.


  • Easy to install
  • Solar monitoring
  • 400A split service
  • 2% Accuracy


  • No device identification

4. Eyedro Home Solar & Energy Monitor:


Solar Monitoring:

Things are not just confined to home energy monitoring now! Bring this Eyedro monitor home, which is also compatible with solar power. It’ll utilize the EYEFI-2 and its 2x 200A sensors to lower the cost of electricity usage and shift solar power. It supports the concept of Net Metering. The setup includes the module and North American Power Adapter.

Real-Time Cost:

This Eyedro monitor will not sense the energy usage but come up with the real-time cost as well. You can see the changes in your consumption with the real-time stats on display to alter your home devices. It works with Smartphones, web apps, and Amazon Echo.

Reliable Source:

You can have a visit to the official website of Eyedro to know about the causes of your excess bills. This device is not just accurate but a reliable source to trust when it comes to electricity stats. You can also change the cost per unit for your billing. However, it only works with a single phase.


  • Dual sensors
  • EYEFI-2 and Solar net metering
  • 2x 200A sensors
  • Over ten years of data


  • Only a single phase

5. Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy & Solar Monitor:


Plug and Play Option:

Easy installation is not just the theory for this Emporia Vue! It is supporting the actual plug and play option for all the home appliances. You can simply connect it with the 120V output in your home and then follow the instruction to plug in the instrument. The Vue meter then shows the stats for your consumption.

Solar Monitoring:

Solar monitoring is such easy now! The concept of solar net monitoring is in the air now, and the Emporia Vue is making a vouch on it. This device can measure how much energy your solar panels are producing right now. Then, it’ll measure the consumption as well as transfer to the grid.

Smart Home Hub:

Next up is the smart home hub feature of this intelligent home energy monitor. It is one of the ZigBee devices that can read the home’s whole data by working as a hub. The entire setup works wirelessly via the AMI meter. Hence, you can call it the best smart energy home monitor.


  • 2-phase + 3-phase
  • AMI meter compatibility via SCE
  • Plug-and-Play
  • 24/7 analyzing


  • Data visualization could have been better

6. Aoycocr Timers for Electrical Outlet:


Voice Control Option:

Aoycocr features the perfect voice control functionality, which lets you keep your hand free. No need to physically get up and turn the appliances ON/OFF. When your hands are full, in the middle of the task, simply ask Alexa or Google Assistant to change the status of lights.

Schedule as per Need:

Get rid of intruders from entering your home! But how? This Aoycocr timer has got its name from this unique feature. It has a countdown or timer option to turn the lights ON/OFF. You can also apply the same to other home appliances such as lamps, fans, humidifiers, and more. It’ll also save you some pennies on the bill when the Christmas lights automatically turn off in the night.

Monitor Usage:

Another useful feature to save some cost on the electricity bills is Energy Monitoring. The Smart Life App also enables you to control the appliances from anywhere anytime.

Sleek Design:

Aoycocr brings a new sleek form factor into play! This smart plug can stack two mini smart plugs in the same outlet. Isn’t it a convenient feature to use many appliances at the same time?


  • No hub is required
  • Timer functionality
  • Plug-and-play feature
  • Sleek form factor


  • Tricky to connect sometimes

7. Samsung Smart Things WiFi Plug:


Easy Control:

Smart things need to have easy control! This SAMSUNG WiFi plug can offer enough smart functionalities to be your first step in transitioning towards the smart home. First of all, it provides the plug and plays feature that makes your life easier- no need for complicated setups. It can be controlled via SmartThings Application by which you can turn the lamps and electronics ON/OFF.

Monitor the Energy:

One of the noteworthy features of this smart plug is energy monitoring. It can make use of its specialized technology to monitor the energy units consumed through the outlet.

Voice Control Feature:

This smart plug offers you brilliant voice control features via the Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa. Say out louder what you want to do with the lights or fans, and all the voice assistants will listen to you. You can set the routine and schedule the ON/OFF feature for appliances to save energy costs.

Space Saver:

The stackable space saver design makes sure you get all the space you need to plug in the appliances. Thanks to the sleek and compact look as it allows you to stack multiple SmartThings Plugs in a single outlet!


  • Instant Plug-in
  • Stackable space-saver design
  • No hub needed
  • Strong polycarbonate material


  • No Apple Homekit

8. BN-LINK WiFi Smart Plug Outlet:


No More Hands:

Keep your hands free and still turn the appliances ON/OFF with just your voice! Hence, perfect for your parents, older people, and even kids, this smart plus won’t let you touch anything which involves electricity. Moreover, it is not convenient to access hard-to-reach areas. That’s where this BN-LINK smart plug comes into play! It can be controlled via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Easy and Convenient:

Next up is easy to use the feature for this BN-LINK WiFi smart plug. You can turn the electronics ON/OFF from anywhere using the application. Moreover, there is no hub required for connectivity purposes.

Smart Schedule:

You can make a schedule of appliances to turn them ON/OFF at your convenience. This Smart Plug offers heavy-duty usage for high-power appliances. This way, you can save some cost on the electricity bills by turning the lights ON at dusk while turning them off at sunrise.   

Secure Connection:

The whole setup requires a 2.4GHz of WiFi network for connection. You can make use of AP mode if you’re having trouble in connection.


  • Hands-free operations
  • Schedule functionality
  • Flexible operation
  • No hub required


  • A blue light remains ON always.

9. Maxico WiFi Smart Socket:


Energy Monitoring and Saving:

This Smart WiFi socket enables you to monitor as well as save energy costs. This made-in-Italy smart socket analyzes the energy consumption for whatever appliance you plug in it. You’ll get the real-time stats for energy consumption and calculate the cost of the energy bill. Simplify your life by saving some value on the bill!

Timer Functionality:

An application comes along with these smart WiFi plugs, which offers complete control over the home appliances. The application also allows you to use the schedule option by which you can automatically control the devices whenever you want.

Easy to Install:

No need to configure anything before you plug in this smart switch! Simply download the application on your smartphone and control various sockets at the same time. The connection requires 2.4 GHz of WiFi to work smoothly.

Remote Control:

WiFi socket allows you to switch the appliances ON/OFF via the iOS and Android applications. Moreover, there is also a physical button to control the status of the switch.


  • Real-time energy consumption
  • Easy to configure
  • Timer functionality
  • No hub required


  • No WiFi 5.0 GHz support

10. TECKIN Smart WiFi Socket with Energy Monitor:


Energy Metering

One of the most noteworthy features of this TECKIN smart WiFi socket is the energy metering! The whole setup works alongside to measure energy consumption and long-term recordings. This way, you’ll be at ease to know the status of faulty appliances as well as the ones with heavy electricity use.

Smart Controls:

Smart switches need smart control! This TECKIN smart plug features the same as its Mobile Application. Not only is the mobile app, but it is fully compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. There is no need to turn the switch ON/OFF physically.


Another feature that improves the controls further is the programmable switching! There is a specialized ON/OFF switching by which you can conserve the maximum amount of energy. Also, the device can be connected to Siri for better controls.

Flexible Connectivity:

The device offers you the brilliant 16A of current support with a 3680W of power. Hence, you can use it for all heavy appliances at your home with a 2.4GHz of WiFi remotely. Use this smart plug for lights, fans, decorative lighting, water heater, dehumidifier, and more.


  • Max 16A current support
  • Set timers
  • Device sharing enabled
  • Remote controlling


  • The absence of WiFi will turn them off. 

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandPowerHub RequiredConnectivityControls  
1.TOPGREENER Smart Plug with Energy MonitoringTOPGREENER15A, 1800WNo2.4GHz Wi-FiAlexa and Google Assistant 
2.Gen 2 Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy MonitorEMPORIA ENERGY50A SensorsNo2.4GHz Wi-FiSmartphone Application
3.Sense Energy MonitorSense400A SensorsNo802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi BluetoothSmartphone Application
4.Eyedro Home Solar & Energy MonitorEyedro2x 200A SensorsNoWi-FiSmartphone App + Amazon Echo
5.Emporia Vue Smart Home Energy & Solar MonitorEMPORIA ENERGYNoZigBee ProtocolSmartphone Application
6.Aoycocr Timers for Electrical OutletAoycocr15ANo2.4GHz Wi-FiAlexa, Google Home Assistant 
7.Samsung Smart Things Wi-Fi PlugSAMSUNG15ANo2.4GHz Wi-FiAlexa, Google Home Assistant, Bixby 
8.BN-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug OutletBN-LINK15ANo2.4GHz Wi-FiAlexa, Google Home Assistant
9.Maxico Wi-Fi Smart SocketMaxico16ANo2.4GHz Wi-FiAlexa, Google Home Assistant
10.TECKIN Smart Wi-Fi Socket with Energy MonitorTECKIN16ANo2.4GHz Wi-FiAlexa, Google Home Assistant + Smartphone App


We hope that this guide has answered your question regarding what is the best home energy monitor?

In a nutshell, smart home energy monitors are the need of every house now! The reason for their fame includes the convenience level and transitioning towards the smart home. 

You can save some power costs by bringing these energy monitors at home with their advanced features, including real-time stats, voice controls, and timer functions.

If you’re a fun-loving person then you might want to glance at some smart Alexa Devices too. Here’s a link to an extensive guide on Alexa Devices.

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