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Enhance sleep: SLEEP NUMBER

Rest is important for everyone. Men, women, children and the elderly. Sleeping well means recovering all energy and regenerating the body. However, it is not always easy to find the correct position, the perfect temperature and a mattress that fits perfectly into our body. To improve sleep, the world of the Internet of Things offers a truly revolutionary and innovative product: the Sleep Number 360. Designed by the company of the same name, it ensures a very high quality of sleep.

Improve sleep in a smart way

The Spleep Number 360 mattress is equipped with a sophisticated system consisting of numerous air chambers. Quest allow it to quickly adapt to the shape of the body. Built-in sensors detect posture during rest and change the height of all different parts of the bed in order to improve sleep. This smart mattress is also perfect for those who are snoring. Once heavy breathing is detected, the mattress rises to allow you to regain the optimum position. Goodbye also to cold feet thanks to the possibility of heating the affected area. For those who usually wake up at night to go to the bathroom, the smart mattress also has small lights.

A mattress and an app to sleep serene and improve sleep

The different parameters of the mattress are easily set directly through an app. Here, you can set your rest hours, as well as monitor your sleep trends. Analyses of this data will suggest the ideal time at bedtime allowing yourself to be embraced by Morpheus. In addition, you can set the smart awakening, thanks to which you will be awakened during the lightest phase of sleep. Breathing, movements and heart rate are the main parameters taken into account by Sleep Number 360.

Accuracy of analyses with increased integrations

In order to receive a more detailed and accurate report, Sleep Number can also be connected with other smart devices. A practical example are the Fitbit wearables and the Nest thermostat. In this way, both the hardness of the mattress and the temperature of the mattress will be perfect.
Thanks to this smart mattress, rest will be even more pleasant, but above all healthy and rejuvenating. No longer want to get out of bed thanks to the comfort of Sleep Number.
A perfect solution to improve sleep in a smart way.

The world of the Internet of Things is able to support every daily action. Smart devices are absolutely innovative and technological objects able to accompany us in the most common, but fundamental, actions.

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