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What matters most in the lives of all of us is our health. It doesn't matter if you're young, adult or old. The cardiovascular system is undoubtedly one of the most important. Its good functioning guarantees an optimal state of health. The world of the Internet of Things presents numerous smart devices dedicated to man's physical and mental well-being. Technology and innovation allow common and traditional medical control devices to be connected to the most modern and advanced devices, from tablets to smartphones. Thanks to QardioArm, conceived and designed by the QardioYou can easily measure your blood pressure at any time of the day, from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

QardioArm: measure blood pressure accurately, anytime, anywhere

QardioAr is an intelligent device capable of monitoring blood pressure levels. A quick and easy way to keep all your vital parameters under control at all times, sharing them with experts and family members.
Measuring blood pressure with QardioArm is quick and easy, as well as being a precise, clinically accurate smart device. All QardioArm owners use it every day, several times a day.

The Qardioarm app

The app designed for QardioArm is compatible on both iOS and Android systems. The QardioArm monitor intuitively illustrates all measured values using colour scales recognized by the World Health Organization. In order to obtain the most detailed and thorough clinical picture possible, QardioArm calculates and proposes the average derived from 3 previous measurements. There is also a reminder function: useful to never forget to take basic daily routine measurements, to be recorded and shared with your doctor.

Measuring blood pressure anytime, anywhere

With its modern design, the shape of QardioArm is linear and compact, easily transportable even in a handbag, it is always and immediately ready to be used. This way you can measure your blood pressure wherever you are and at any time.
QardioArm boasts a monitor that can be paired with up to six smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth, allowing you to share, even in real time, all the data collected with both your doctor and your closest loved ones.
Thanks to the slide show and image scrolling function, relaxation during the measurement is encouraged. The photos are also customizable with your own.

A clinically proven health smartdevice

There are many intelligent health and wellness devices. We have dedicated to them aentire section. Among the strengths of these devices there is certainly the simplicity of use, the possibility of sharing and being clinically tested. These are smart devices that boast the highest accuracy and precision, being tested over and over again. Easy to use and transportable everywhere, QardioArm and other intelligent objects are a concrete example of the positive contribution and contribution of technology to human health.

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