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Veronica Chiaravalli is Founder, CEO, CINO, and CRO (Chief Robotics Officer) at Emerging Technologies Sweden. She's a Space Pioneer, Visionary Executive Leader, Space Entrepreneur, Exponential Innovator, Visionary Exponential Entrepreneur, IIEC-Certified Trainer, IIEC-Certified Executive, IIEC-Certified Expert in IoT, IIEC-Certified Expert in Immersive Technologies, and IIEC-Certified Expert in Exponential Technologies offering online services and solutions to global grand challenges. Among the services she offers are customized and innovative online training programs, research, and innovation work with Space projects, speaking services, 3D Artist Cert. Training, and articles on Space, emerging technologies, exponential technologies, innovation, and visionary leadership. Besides her work at Emerging Technologies Sweden, she is also working with Space Projects as a volunteer for The Mars Society and The Moon Society. She is also one of the Editors of the upcoming book: "A Pioneer's Guide to Living on Mars" written by Peter Kokh. Her areas of expertise are: Space, Immersive Technologies, Augmented Intelligence, IoT, Robotics (Human-Robot Space Exploration & Innovation), Digital Twins, Emerging Technologies, and Exponential Technologies. She spoke at Purdue University several times on entrepreneurship, her work with global challenges (gender & knowledge gaps), and the future impact of emerging technologies and exponential technologies. Visit her website at http://www.exponentialtechs.com Feel free to connect with her via LinkedIn. Here is one of the latest interview: https://ebullient.com/podcast/veronicachiaravalli/ Click on the right where it says Watch Video.

NETATMO WELCOME riconosce il volto di chi entra in casa

Installare una telecamera di sicurezza è la soluzione migliore per controllare ogni movimento all'interno o all'esterno della nostra abitazione e scoraggiare eventuali ladri. Ad oggi le...