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The Best Smart Wi-Fi Power Strips for a Smart Home

Ever thought of turning your home into a smart home? As technology has played a significant part in making lives more comfortable and making things simple, power strips are excellent examples of smart technology. You have power outlets in every room of your house; ever imagined controlling them from far? Well, after testing and reviewing, we have come up with some Best Wi-Fi Power Strips for you.

Bringing in an electrician who could rip out all your existing wires and replacing them will cost you a lot, so this is not a smart move at all. The power strips are simple and easy to use, which could work out for you in a less expensive way. All you need do is plug in what you need to control and monitor using an app.

Smart Wi-Fi Power Strips have become an essential part of our life now. You can adjust everything plugged into it, which may be a lamp, as you can change its brightness. Other items include heaters and fans also. Moreover, you can also limit your TV and video games’ usage if your children spend hours on them.

Which Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip can be best for your home? Here we have given a buying guide and listed the Best Wi-Fi Power Strip that is perfect for your family and meets your needs.

The Best Smart Wi-Fi Power Strips

1.Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (HS300):

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip is a smart surge protector that provides you with six smart outlets and three USB Ports used to remotely control different appliances, which may be expensive or more sensitive. The weight of this power strip is about 1.55 Pounds.

Moving on to the Kasa Power Strip setup, we didn’t have any difficulty setting it up; it is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is install the TP-LINK application, create your account by confirming it via email; after that, you will be able to connect it manually with Alexa. It also works with voice commands with Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa. Every outlet can be controlled through the Kasa Smart App and these voice commands.


  • You can control single outlets also without turning on/off the others.
  • It tracks the runtime for each outlet, letting you know how many hours your devices are on per day
  • Contains three USB ports so you can also charge your phone while on your desk.
  • It is less expensive than buying six different individual smart plugs.


  • Monitoring Energy
  • Voice Assistant
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smart Surge Protection
  • Based on IFTTT


The outlets are not childproof.

2. APC Smart Plug Surge Protector:

The APC Surge Protectors has made significant changes to homes over time by improving its features and making you live a smart life. The type of APC Surge Protector and power strip we tested is the APC PH6U4X32. We listed it as one of the best Wi-Fi power strips, as it is also called an Energy Saving Power Strip.

The APC Smart Plug has three smart power outlets and two smart USB ports that can be controlled independently by the APC App or Alexa; if you are a regular USB device user, you must know that it has 4 USB charging from which only two you can control via Wi-Fi.


  • The devices can be scheduled to automatically turn on/off while connecting to the Wi-Fi outlets.
  • It gives about 2160 Joules of surge protection so that your expensive electronic devices can be safe.
  • The APC surge protector comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • The Wi-Fi feature of this Smart APC Plug is notable as Alexa voice control also works through Wi-Fi.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Surge Protection
  • Controls Everything Over APC’S Home App
  • Can be controlled from far
  • Saves your space


  • Alexa is required
  • Some Plugs are not surge protected

3. POWRUI Smart Power Strip With 4 Outlet Extender:

POWRUI Smart Plug is an excellent outdoor surge protector that comes with 4 AC outlet designs. This power strip weighs about 1.1 pounds and also offers you a perfect waterproof design and fireproof material.

Looking at this power strip’s quality and design, it may be what you are searching for outdoors and best in use for indoors. The POWRUI smart power strip has all the features that a smart plug needs outdoors and indoors.

The POWRUI Smart Plug can be paired with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Amazon, making voice control better. Moreover, you can also control this power strip through the smart life application.


  • Devices can be scheduled to save electricity.
  • The four sockets can be controlled independently
  • Waterproof and fireproof material
  • Approval from IFTTT
  • Best pair with Google and Alexa


  • Setup is easy
  • Surge protection of about 1080 Joules
  • Amazing Outdoor power strip
  • High-quality product
  • Great timer functions


  • Sometimes, there is difficulty in maintaining connectivity

4.NOOIE Smart Power Strip:

The NOOIE Smart Power Strip is also a Wi-Fi surge protector having 4 AC smart Outlets and 4 USB ports used for charging. This smart plug weighs about 1.41 Pounds with a user manual, although the setup is relatively easy.

The NOOIE smart plug works through the voice commands of Google Assistant and Alexa. Furthermore, you can control your electronic devices from everywhere, even if you aren’t at home. All you have to do is connect the power strip to your Wi-Fi and install the free smart AppApp; the setup is simple and relatively painless.


  • It has superior surge protection and overload protection that means it can automatically break off when the current exceeds your electronic device’s limitation, preventing it from damage.
  • Every single outlet can be controlled independently.
  • You can set up a schedule for your devices to save electricity as the electronic device automatically turns on/off on the timers you set.
  • The quality of this Power Strip is high and is heat-resistant for long-term usage.
  • The NOOIE Smart Power Strip can be your trip partner as it is lightweight and won’t use much of your space.


  • Better Surge Protection
  • No Hub Required
  • Smart Control Over Wi-Fi
  • Child lock feature available


  • Doesn’t work with IFTTT

5.EVE Energy Strip:

The Eve Power Strip is one of the Best Wi-Fi Power Strip that only fits Apple users as it has no access to android at all. The smart plug setup is straightforward as you just have to get the Eve app installed on your apple phone; once you have done that, you can start using it by giving voice commands to Siri.

The Eve power strip offers three outlets and weighs 1.74 pounds; It comes in a black color, which is quite attractive. The Eve Power Strip is a high-quality product designed with an aluminum frame. It contains LED lights to indicate the status. Moreover, it keeps check and balance on the current to prevent your electronic devices from damaging.


  • Energy-saving power strip as it saves your energy by turning off while on standby.
  • Directly connect and use through with connecting with Wi-Fi.
  • Tracks and monitors all the power consumption
  • Schedule your devices when out of the home to save energy
  • Easily controlled when you are not at home.
  • All three power outlets can be controlled individually.


  • LED Indicators.
  • Energy monitoring feature
  • The best Homekit installation app


  • Consists Only 3 Outlets
  • Supports Siri Only
  • App cannot be accessed on android

6. HeyValue Smart Power Strip:

The Key value Smart Power Strip has 4 Power outlets and 4 USB Ports for charging and can be used while traveling, at home, or in the office. The power strip provides an ample supply of home appliances, so you don’t have to come to a dark house as you can schedule your devices.

The Eve smart power strip works on Google Assistant and Alexa; both devices are sold separately. The setup is relatively easy as you just have to install the free Smart Life App on your smartphone or tablet and start using it.


  • No hub is required as it has a smart power strip
  • Surge protection that allows preventing the connected electronic devices safe during sudden enormous energy
  • Saves your energy as you can schedule every device
  • Control everything even when you are not at home
  • The power outlets can be used individually


  • Length of the power cord is good
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Google and Alexa voice control
  • Copper wire of high quality
  • Protection at low voltage
  • UL Certified
  • Price is good


  • No energy monitoring
  • There is no IFTTT

7.LINGANZH’S Smart Power Strip:

Linganzh’s Smart Power Strip is an affordable smart Wi-Fi power strip containing four power outlets but no USB Ports. This product weighs about 1.15 pounds, which is lightweight and has all the features to fit this price.

Moving to the voice controls, it supports Alexa and Google Assistant. It is relatively easy to set up by connecting it to the Wi-Fi. All you have to do is download the free family cloud AppApp from your Google Play Store.


  • All the power outlets can be controlled individually
  • You can handle all your appliances at home or from outside
  • You can set schedules to turn on/off your home appliances separately as each outlet can be controlled as needed.
  • An Energy Saving Power Strip


  • Affordable Price
  • IFTTT Supported
  • No Hub Required


  • USB Ports not available
  • No Flat Plug Head

8.VOCOlinc Smart Power Strip

VOCOlinc Smart Power Strip is a multi-outlet surge protector that weighs about 2.2 pounds. This power strip contains 3 Smart Power Outlets and 2 USB Ports with dual overloaded protection. It is also simple and easy to use; you have to connect it with Wi-Fi, download the free VOCOlinc app, or use the iOS Home app to control this smart plug.

The VOCOlinc Power Strip uses the voice command with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri; in this way, you can control a device from anywhere in your home or when out of the house.


  • Each outlet can be controlled individually, which means you don’t need to make sure others are plugged in or out
  • You can set the schedule for your home appliances to save electricity as they can be out turned on/off even if you are not at home.
  • Have LED indicators that let you know when connected to the Wi-Fi and show the outlets’ real-time status.
  • It Supports up to 1800W and is best for any room. Both the USB ports can be used for charging and can be controlled individually from the VOCOlinc app.
  • Surge Protection saves energy and prevents your devices from damage.


  • Easy Set-Up
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Surge Protector
  • No Hub Required
  • Amazing Features on the VOCOlinc App


  • Does not support input 220v AC.
  • USB cannot be controlled via iPhone.

Best Bluetooth Smart Plug:

Here are some of the Best Bluetooth Smart Plugs you can buy:

1- Philip Hue Smart Plug

2- GE Bluetooth Smart Switch Plug-in

The Best Wi-Fi Power Strip – Buying Guide:

For this guide, we looked through the long list of the Best Smart Power Strip. We also read a ton of reviews—what features they found especially useful, and what problems tend to occur to develop the following selection criteria.

Here are some things you we look out for in a smart power strip:

Schedule on Apps: Cheaper Smart Plugs may have cheaper apps, making it difficult to set the schedule on when to automatically turn on/off and additional customization, like individual days and Vacation Modes. It creates a lot of frustration, so; you should make sure you get a Smart Plug with better app control and schedules.

More Voice Controls: Some Smart Power Strips are only Siri supportive or maybe Alexa; if you are not likely to use them, you should look for a smart plug that supports Google Assistant, and Apple users can only use Siri.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: Look out for a Smart Plug that is easy to connect via Wi-Fi because they’re basically the easiest, affordable and you can even control some from anywhere. While Bluetooth models have a limited range and it mostly depends on how your home is built.

Surge Protection: Look out for a power strip with surge protection so that your home appliances can be prevented from damage.


After reading our reviews on the Best Smart Wi-Fi Power Strips, you may be able to choose the perfect one based on your use (Indoors and Outdoors). The mentioned power strips are among the best in the market with all the features you will need.

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