spazzolino con intelligenza artificiale

The Internet of Things is the future. You can’t hear about anything else now. Not only in the industrial sector, but also in everyday life, in everyday gestures. Even the most repetitive, like toothwashing. Well yes, even talking about hygiene and personal care, you can talk about smart objects. A perfect example is Ara, the toothbrush with artificial intelligence. Made by Kolibree A truly one-of-a-kind device. Suitable for adults, but especially children, it connects via bluetooth to your smartphone.

Ara, the simple and compact artificial intelligence toothbrush

Unlike its smart colleagues, Ara is a toothbrush with artificial intelligence with an eye-catching design, but above all compact and functional. Inside, microchips and sensors have been installed that detect and store all the data necessary to provide valuable information about one of the activities underlying daily hygiene. Day after day, Ara records the movements carried out during washing operations by the user, managing to understand which areas of the mouth are treated more carefully and which are more neglected.

A toothbrush and an app for proper oral hygiene

Ara syncs with its downloadable app on your smartphone. From here you can easily consult all the data processed and understand where to improve for a perfect smile. In addition to the basic functions, Kolibree’s development team also thought of the little ones developing curious and interactive functions to educate children in oral hygiene. The Ara app is transformed into a real interactive game: the better you are at brushing your teeth, the more points you collect to overcome the different challenges.

The toothbrush with artificial intelligence that makes a difference

When Kolibree’s team developed Ara, he thought about the primary needs of parents and children. He designed a simple and clean design toothbrush with a perfect grip for young and old. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, it connects to its app where durability, frequency and dental cleanliness data is recorded and analyzed. On the app you can consult Ara’s processing and figure out where you’re wrong to clean your teeth. A fast, reliable and intuitive method to ensure unparalleled oral hygiene.

Some technical information

The Ara artificial intelligence toothbrush connects with Bluetooth 4.0 built into the Kolibree app. Battery life is approximately 2 weeks. You can also activate offline mode in order not to communicate any data. The teeth and gums are protected thanks to the gentle mechanisms of rotation and vibration. Smart, fun and connected. Three adjectives that perfectly summarize Ara’s personality.

In addition to the toothbrush with artificial intelligence developed by Kolibree, many smart devices for hygiene and body care exist commercially. In our Healthcare section, you will find our insights!


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