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Smart device for horses: no worries thanks to CONNECTED HORSE

The animals are now full-fledged family members. Whether a dog, a cat, a canary or a horse, their state of health is a cause for concerns and warnings. The world of the Internet of Things offers a smart device for horses. A smart device to constantly monitor your quadrupedal and figure out if something is wrong. Let’s delve into the highlights of Connected Horse.

Goodbye worries thanks to horse smart device

A constant check, 24 hours a day. This is the mission of Connected Horse, the smart device for horses able to pick up unusual behaviors, symptoms of disease, weight changes. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether a few hundred feet away or thousands of miles away. Thanks to Connected Horse and the App connected to it, you will know in real time how your quadrupedal is doing and what it is doing.

Discovering Connected Horse

This is a lightweight, small sensor placed inside a durable case aimed at monitoring the health of your horse. Thanks to the wireless connection, the sensor can continuously send equine health data. The Connected Horse App analyzes and processes them using complex mathematical algorithms and the principles of artificial intelligence. Detailed and specific reports on the health of the horse, visible to you and authorized persons. All information about the behavior of the quadrupedal is then stored and interrogated by any device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The nature of data monitored by the horse smart device

Connected Horse notes key figures on the horse’s health status. Temperature, pulsation and breathing will always be under control. At any time, you will have the chance to find out what your four-legged friend is doing, as well as learn about the number of steps taken and the type of activity done. In case of anomalies, you will immediately receive a notification with all the details. Data analysis is based on the clinical history of your horse, as well as the average general characteristics of its fellow men. Connected Horse is an absolutely non-invasive and discreet horsepower smart device. Simple to arrange, set and use every day. And it’s just one of many IoT smart devices. Many more exist, especially for cats and dogs. Here you can find some!

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