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Sensational Services To Digitalize Daily Life

So far, consumers’ digital experience has been limited to audio and video. The Internet of Senses will introduce a multi-sensory experience that transcends the conventional digital world. Consumer experience will upgrade incredibly as the sense of taste, smell, and touch enhance audio-visual content. Such sensational services will surpass the current flat screen media experience. As a result, users will be able to experience a real-like digital world in their everyday life. Previously, developments of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Brain-Computer Gateway have already taken initial steps towards sensational services. The next decade of sensational services will probably change the complete outlook on the Internet of Senses.

Life In A World With Sensational Services

Fragrance materials, haptic feedbacks, heating/cooling materials, or simple motors creating motions are already here. Digitalization of senses has already begun with these components and their integrations. Various wearables, VR devices, AR glasses, and brain-computer interfaces are introducing the consumers to technological potentials. Moving forward with the Internet of Senses, maybe one day, users could taste food or beverages shown on a video. 

Similarly, there are countless ways through which these different senses together can create new experiences. Sensational services would change the daily lives. A user can smell an item just by thinking about it. Or one can experience a real-like travel adventure sense, all while physically sitting at home. Maybe, users can also experience digital touch and could hold historical items in their own hands. 

Virtual Environments With The Internet Of Senses

Working from home will be exactly like working onsite, and so will be any virtual experience. Users may even be able to hold/move objects, smell the surrounding, feel the temperature, and discuss with colleagues just as they experience physical reality. Employers will be able to create digital workstations where employees can hand over files, pat on a coworker’s back, and have digital coffee breaks at work.

Moreover, virtual environments can include digital malls, libraries, museums, jungles, or even oceans. Users can try any clothes online to feel the fabric, style, fit and can receive an instant review from their loved ones. With the help of sensational services, these virtual environments would be grand. The Internet of Senses will be efficient to create a virtual environment with respect to time, cost, and quality of experience.

Sensational Services: Both Sides Of The Coin

Consumers understand that there are both pros and cons to a technological revolution like sensational service. On the one hand, there are consumers who expect online and offline spaces to intervene as one while creating a Merged Reality. On the other hand, some consumers are afraid of addiction and dependency on the Internet. There are consumers who demand strict privacy regulations. While the same users also agree that such a wide-scale data collection service will compromise their privacy. 

However, these are not the only concerns pertaining to Sensational services. In the longer run, such technology will end up having psychological and physical effects on the consumers. The only way to identify all challenges is by experiencing them. As such, consumers would need to wait and keep an eye on the Internet of Senses’ steady progress.

Sensible Conclusion

There is no doubt that the way the Internet of Senses can solve a handful of problems makes this concept vital. As sensational services grow, users will be able to feel any period or any place with the surrounding ecosystem. Sensational services can grow overnight the same way as the Internet of Things did if the implementation is correct. Issues such as privacy, communication, bandwidth, and storage are still subjected to research. However, consumers are sure that at this rate, companies will be able to address these challenges within the next decade.

The Internet of Senses will set the same stage for any group of individuals. The users will be able to experience anything over the Internet with the Internet of Senses. It is up to users to decide which experiences they wish to fulfill and observe. Finding the right content here is as important as the ability to experience them. Soon enough, there will be many companies that will dedicatedly work for the development of sensational services. The next decade of the Internet will be focused on the consumer demands towards digitalized daily life.


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